H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Pandemic declared, global case counts, Tamiflu shortage, Hong Kong closes all schools, pneumococcal vaccine

first_imgJun 11, 2009WHO declares influenza pandemic phase 6The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that the novel H1N1 virus has achieved pandemic status. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan announced the move to pandemic alert phase 6. “The scientific criteria for a pandemic have been met,” she said. “The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic.” She noted that most cases have been mild and the epidemic been moderate in relatively well-off countries, but a “bleaker picture” may emerge as it spreads in poor countries.[Jun 11 Chan statement]Global H1N1 count nears 29,000The WHO today released its latest case count for novel H1N1 influenza worldwide: 28,774 cases and 144 deaths in 74 countries, up 1,037 cases and 3 deaths from yesterday’s numbers. Countries reporting the greatest increase in laboratory-confirmed cases since yesterday were Mexico (524 new cases), Britain (156), Australia (83), Japan (33), and China (32).[WHO update 47]Australians urged to conserve TamifluSupplies of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) are scarce at some Australian pharmacies, prompting health minister Nicola Roxon to state that many patients with mild illnesses don’t need that drug and that government stockpiles are reserved for those at highest risk, such as those with underlying medical conditions, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported today. The country’s case count has risen to 1,275, with several hospitalizations, including four with reportedly no risk factors in intensive care units.Manitoba intensifies measures to limit novel flu spreadAmid rising novel flu cases and hospitalizations, Manitoba’s regional health authority warned residents to limit hospital visits and asked people with flulike symptoms to stay away, the Winnipeg Globe and Mail reported today. Two more people were placed on ventilators yesterday, bringing the total to 27. Many are from the province’s First Nations communities. The chief of one group said authorities are sanitizing public places and that crowded housing is contributing to flu spread.Hong Kong closes all schools after finding local clusterHong Kong’s government announced today that it has identified its first local novel H1N1 case cluster, in a school, which prompted government officials to close all schools and childcare centers from tomorrow until Jun 25. Officials also announced plans to open eight designated flu clinics on Jun 13, which could expand to 10 more sites if needed. Officials noted their approach to control the spread of the virus is moving from containment to mitigation.CDC urges pneumococcal vaccine for at-risk groupsThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently posted interim guidance on use of the 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine during the novel flu outbreak. The vaccine is still recommended for those age 65 or older and patients aged 2 to 64 who have certain high-risk conditions. However, the CDC urges that those younger than 65 who have underlying health conditions receive the vaccine, because vaccination rates are low and rates of severe novel H1N1 infections are high.[Jun 9 CDC 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine guidance]last_img read more

Croatia is among the TOP 5 countries in terms of bathing water quality in Europe

first_imgThe total number of sites rated “poor” was 1,3% of all sites rated last year in Europe. Bathing water quality in Europe has greatly improved over the last 40 years, since the entry into force of the EU Bathing Water Directive. This directive introduced effective monitoring and management, which, together with EU environmental regulations, such as the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (1991), led to a drastic reduction in the amount of untreated or partially treated wastewater from households and industry. would end up at the baths.  The report states that almost all 22 bathing sites assessed last year across Europe (of which 295 in the then 21 EU Member States, including the United Kingdom) met the minimum water quality requirements. Albania and Switzerland also reported water quality at their bathing areas, and their data were included in the assessment.  Almost 85% of bathing sites across Europe rated in 2019 met the highest and strictest quality standards of the European Union, which is required for a rating of “excellent”, according to a study by the European Environment Agency (EEA). Croatia is among the TOP 5 in terms of bathing water quality in Europe According to detailed results, there has been a very small decrease in the number of bathing areas in the EU where water quality meets the highest standards for “excellent”, ie minimum quality requirements for “satisfactory”, as set by the EU Bathing Water Directive. According to the EEA report, the Commission will launch an evaluation of the directive in the coming weeks to examine what it is effective at and what it is not, and will decide on that basis whether further initiatives should be taken to improve it. “Regular monitoring and assessment of bathing water is necessary in order to maintain the already very high quality of water across Europe and, if necessary, to take effective measures to address their pollution problems. Clean bathing water is beneficial not only for our health and well-being but also for the health of the environment. ”Said Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency. According to the latest assessment of bathing water in Europe, its quality is still high. “Excellent” bathing water awaits bathers at 85% of the beaches. Bathing water is at least “satisfactory” in 95% of bathing areas. The report also states that water quality is better at coastal beaches than at inland ones.  As can be seen in the graph below, Cyprus has the highest quality bathing water, while Croatia ranks 5th.last_img read more

Letters to Editor for Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCelebrate work of direct support prosThis week (Sept. 8-14) is National Direct Support Professionals week.Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the people you see throughout our community assisting individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities with shopping, working, and every other aspect of their lives.DSPs are at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping people achieve their goals and lead independent lives.At Schenectady ARC, 80 percent of our workforce are DSPs.   As a family-based, not-for-profit organization focused on serving people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, we could not function without our committed and compassionate DSPs.During National DSP week we are honoring our DSPs with lunches donated by our board of directors, and with raffles of gift cards and merchandise donated by grateful family members and our corporate partners.During this week, we hope everyone will join us in celebrating these dedicated workers and thanking them for vital role they play in supporting people and making our communities diverse, inclusive, and better places to live.Kirk LewisSchenectadyThe writer is the executive director of Schenectady ARC.The world cannot afford to lose wasps Had Mr. Barron not sprayed the nest, his chances of getting stung are slim. “But most wasps are actually solitary, non-stinging varieties.And all do far more good for humans…,” according to National Geographic. However wasps with the ability to sting only do so if they feel threatened.Much like bees, wasps are suffering a decline, which humanity cannot afford.If this continues, there will be less pollination and manage of pest control in crops.Haley SurprenantSand LakeMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuscenter_img Humanity has always had its quarrel with wasps.They build nests in our homes and disturb everyday activities. But what society fails to see is the serenity and protection they bring to us. Our negligence in understanding the importance of their role in society could ultimately lead to sacrifice.Despite the disgust and panic they instill upon us, wasps are extremely beneficial to our ecosystems. They prey on virtually every pest.“Wasps are so adept at controlling pest populations that the agricultural industry now regularly deploys them to protect crops,” explains National Geographic.According to the University College of London, next to bees, wasps are “humanity’s most ecologically and economically important organisms.” These pests also carry human diseases.According to an article published by the New York Times, “Mr. Barron immediately retreated, and later sprayed hornet killer on the nest… He said that just angered the yellow jackets, the highly aggressive wasps that live in such colonies. Mr. Barron was stung 11 times.”With that being said, are wasps really that dangerous to mankind?last_img read more

Looking in, looking out: World emerges from lockdown with mixed feelings

first_imgAs much of the world begins to emerge from lockdown, people are looking back at time spent cut off from friends, family and colleagues by the coronavirus and forward to what happens next.Reuters has captured some of those reflections along with portraits from across Africa and the Middle East of people inside their rooms looking out and outside looking in.”The lockdown … has been a great time for me to breathe, to re-evaluate how I’ve been living my life and trying to focus more on the things that truly matter to me,” said Adetona Omokanye, a 29-year-old photographer who lives in Lagos. Alexander Caiafas, from the same teeming Nigerian city, has also seen the bright side of being cooped up at home. The data analyst, 25, has relished time spent with family, on his studies and connecting with friends online.But in rural Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, housewife Zodidi Desewula drew little comfort from weeks in her tiny, cylindrical “rondavel”.”Myself and my husband were stuck in this single room house unable to go to work. We were struggling in getting food to eat because there was no income,” she told Reuters.For Yael Ben Ezer, a performer with Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company, there is something to be said for doing nothing. “I will miss the comfortable feeling of ‘it’s OK not to do anything, it’s OK not to be productive in the way we usually think’,” she said. “Things would come and go, the sun would rise and set, and I would just be living. And that’s totally enough.”Stage, sea and homeFor her and many others, there are also plenty of downsides to life away from friends and work.She craves the adrenaline rush of dancing on stage, and the open expanse of the sea.In the Egyptian capital Cairo, Nada Maged, a 20-year-old student, described lockdown as “prison”.”When I look out I see the same view but have a different feeling – the streets are more sad and mysterious, and there is no hope of getting out soon,” she said.Zineb Mohamed “Om Hany” also lives in the city, and misses regular contact with her family and friends.”I need to go to the zoo with my grandchildren,” the 59-year-old concierge said in a sparsely furnished room with the television glowing through the gloom. “Also, I want to take them to the sea – I dream about that many times.”With a sea view from her window in the ancient Lebanese city of Tyre, Lama Nadra, 28, has the luxury of seeing it every day.”I like the calm and being away from the noise of the capital, Beirut,” she said, adding that once she was free to move around she wants to go swimming again.For her, the end of lockdown will mean seeing family less.”My brother will go back to Dubai and I … to Beirut. I will be separated from my father and mother too.”For many though, the pandemic has brought little noticeable change.Abu Ghazi lives in a makeshift tent on the edge of a cemetery in Syria’s northern town of Maarat Misrin. Like millions of his compatriots displaced by nine years of war, he longs to return home.”We quarantined ourselves with the dead,” the 53-year-old told Reuters. “We wake up and sleep looking at graves.” center_img Topics :last_img read more

South Africa to keep 20,000 soldiers on COVID-19 duty until September

first_imgSouth Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has informed parliament of his decision to extend the deployment of 20,000 soldiers, a drop from 76,000, until Sept. 30 to help enforce COVID-19 restrictions as the country reported its biggest single-day jump in coronavirus cases.Ramaphosa first deployed 2,820 members of the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) a few days before enforcing a nationwide lockdown in late March. The number was increased to 76,000 in April as the health threat grew.The money that will be spent on this extension is 1.5 billion rand ($88.35 million), Ramaphosa told the speaker of parliament. At the end of March, Ramaphosa announced one of the toughest lockdowns anywhere in the world, banning anyone but essential workers from leaving home except to buy food or medicine, and prohibiting alcohol sales, when South Africa had just 400 cases.The country started slowly reopening parts of the economy from May and again in June but infection have started to spike again. On Thursday, South Africa reported its biggest single-day jump in coronavirus cases, adding 8,728 confirmed infections and taking the total count to 168,061, according to health ministry data. Deaths rose by 95 to 2,844Topics :last_img read more

El Gobernador Wolf nombra a Lucas M. Miller como Inspector General del Estado

first_img July 21, 2020 Español,  Press Release En el día de la fecha, el Gobernador Tom Wolf anunció el nombramiento de Lucas M. Miller, el actual Inspector General Interino del Estado, para desempeñarse como Inspector General del Estado de Pennsylvania.“Lucas Miller aporta más de 20 años de experiencia en el servicio público a la función de Inspector General del Estado”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Ya ha demostrado ser un líder capaz en el desempeño de sus funciones, y sé que seguirá asegurando que el gobierno estatal sea responsable ante los residentes de Pennsylvania mediante la ética, la integridad y la responsabilidad”.Recientemente, el Gobernador Wolf creó la Comisión Asesora Ciudadana de la Policía Estatal de Pennsylvania dentro de la Oficina del Inspector General del Estado, y Miller ayudará a liderar esta iniciativa con el fin de garantizar la rendición de cuentas dentro de las fuerzas del orden público estatales.Miller ha ocupado casi todos los cargos dentro de la Oficina del Inspector General del Estado, donde comenzó como Agente de Investigación de Reclamos en 1999. Debido a su especial atención a la ética y la integridad, Miller logró reiterados ascensos dentro de la agencia, primero como Supervisor de Investigadores de Fraude de Bienestar Social, luego como Gerente de Operaciones, con tres cargos de director diferentes en la oficina y como el Inspector General Adjunto del Estado. A través de su carrera, Miller se ha centrado en mejorar la eficiencia del gobierno, eliminar el consumo innecesario y garantizar la rendición de cuentas. Graduado del Instituto Militar de Virginia, Miller vive con su familia en el municipio de Hampden.“El Gobernador Wolf encargó a la Oficina del Inspector General del Estado que garantice la rendición de cuentas del gobierno del estado de Pennsylvania”, dijo Miller. “Me enorgullece y honra que el Gobernador haya confiado en mí para ayudar a liderar esta iniciativa, y espero con ansias este último capítulo del control de la integridad de Pennsylvania”.Miller está reemplazando al ex Inspector General del Estado Bruce R. Beemer, quien fue designado juez del Tribunal de primera instancia del Condado de Allegheny. Miller asumió el cargo de Inspector General Interino del Estado el 2 de enero de 2020.View this information in English. El Gobernador Wolf nombra a Lucas M. Miller como Inspector General del Estadocenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Jacqueline Theodore’s matter to continue tomorrow.

first_img Share 34 Views   no discussions Tweet LocalNews Jacqueline Theodore’s matter to continue tomorrow. by: – April 12, 2011 Sharecenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Mrs Jacqueline TheodoreThe Appeal court matter between the Government of Dominica and Mrs. Jacqueline Theodore is scheduled to continue tomorrow morning as parties were ordered to meet to decide on an independent assessor.Dominica Vibes News spoke with Mrs. Theodore who was very shocked at this morning’s proceedings when she was informed that documents were missing from her file;“It was a shocker this morning. The jugdes requested that both parties involved come to Chambers and were informed that some of the documents which were filed on my behalf; the most pertinent one being the Skeletal Arguments, which was filed since November 2010 were not in the file along with other documents which my lawyer filed earlier this year. The same thing that happen this morning with my documents missing from my file happened last year. If my lawyer did not have his copy of the documents my matter could have been thrown off.”Mrs. Theodore also questioned  whether it was legally correct for Mrs. Baron Royer to file an Affidavit in this matter; Mrs.Francine Baron Royer who up to today has been the lawyer for the Government side, filed an Affidavit in response to my Notice of Application on Friday 11th April, 2011 and this document was in the file. She as the Legal representative of the Government at the material time is writing an Affidavit as a Witness for the Government. Because her Affidavit is in support of a matter which arose before the Compensation Board when she was the lawyer for the Government trying to correct something which she never addressed at the time.”She also informed that the Judges were angry as a result of the missing files “and called it an embarassment not only because of the length of time the matter has been going on for but because of the nature of the case which is a constitutional matter.”The Judges ordered that both parties meet together and agree upon an independent assessor who would serve as an evaluator on the damages to the property and to remedy the damages which includes; the slippages, the roads, reforestation, compensation for trees, crops, the removal of derelict vehicles as well as other damages.The judges also remarked that “this should have been rectified a long time ago because under the Land Acquisition Act before entry onto any property there should have been an appointment of an authorizing officer who is an independent assessor not influenced by any party.”Dominica Vibes News was informed by Mrs. Theodore that “this appointment of an authorizing officer was never done. As a matter of fact, Glovello Toussaint was appointed Govenrment’ s representative on the Compensation Board. Six years after entry on my land and after almost two years later he was removed as the government’s representative and appointed as the authorizing officer. How independent do you think he was?”Mrs. Theodore took time to express her delight at the appointment of Mr. Levi Peter as Attorney General; ” I must say I welcome Attorney General Levi Peter. He is like a breath of fresh air because he appears to be someone who is interested in the pursuit of justice and wants to bring this matter to closure.We will have an update on this matter after the court adjourns tomorrow.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Bicam OKs P4.1-trillion 2020 national budget

first_imgThe bicam report will be presented to the Senate andHouse of Representatives for ratification before it is sent to PresidentRodrigo Duterte for signature. “Since most of the members signed it already I considerit adopted.” During the meeting, House appropriations committee chairRep. Isidro Ungab said they finalized the bicam report on Tuesday evening. The Senate contingent, led by Senator Sonny Angara as the Senate finance committee chairman, signs the panel report on the bicam-approved P4.1-trillion 2020 national budget. OFFICE OF SEN. SHERWIN GATCHALIAN The members of the joint panel signed and adopted thereport during a meeting held at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City onWednesday. center_img “Day and night we met. It was a long, two-week hard workand last night we finally finalized the bicam report,” he said. MANILA – The bicameral conference committee has approvedthe report on the proposed P4.1-trillion national budget for 2020. Duterte can either sign the proposed budget bill into lawor veto it. (With a report from GMA News/PN)last_img read more

Ronald Koeman: Southampton’s Jay Rodriguez needs time to get back to his best

first_img A ruptured anterior cruciate ligament ruled the 26-year-old out for 16 months, meaning he missed the entire 2014/15 season after his World Cup hopes were cruelly extinguished. Rodriguez made his belated return in last month’s Europa League win at Vitesse Arnhem and took his goal tally for the season to three with a brace in Wednesday’s 6-0 mauling of MK Dons in the Capital One Cup. Press Association Koeman was cautious when asked if he would be fit enough to be considered by England – “that’s a difficult question”, he said – but was more forthcoming when asked about Jack Cork. The midfielder’s fine form since swapping Southampton for Swansea in January has put him in line for a maiden England call-up next, but Koeman has no regrets about allowing him to leave. “He had potential,” the Dutchman said. “He was not a young player, he was an important person and player in the group. “But always there is a moment for that kind of players, if they accept the role at that moment or they are looking for a new challenge. He took his new challenge.” It was an impressive display and potentially a timely one given Roy Hodgson will next week name the squad for England’s final Euro 2016 qualifiers against Estonia and Lithuania. Rodriguez recently spoke of his desire to add to his solitary cap from 2013 and, whether that comes around this time around or not, Koeman believes he is getting back to the form that earned him that recognition. “That’s not up to me,” he said of a potential international call-up. “To be a candidate you win with how you play for your club. That’s the most important. “Against MK Dons, in my opinion, when I was looking to Jay he was really fresh in the game. Sometimes you see that he is a little bit more struggling, a little bit more tired. “That’s normal – we are talking about 14 months out of real competition. You don’t recover that in two weeks, you need time for that. “But every week he is more close to being the Jay that he was.” Rodriguez is one of three Southampton players to have represented the England senior team along with Fraser Forster and Ryan Bertrand. The former is absent with a long-term knee injury but left-back Bertrand has a chance of being called upon if he impresses against Swansea – what would be his first start of the season after his own knee complaint. Jay Rodriguez is getting closer to his best every week, but Ronald Koeman is unsure whether the Southampton forward is ready for an England return. last_img read more

A Closer Look Into the Life of the Suspect Who Killed Mackenzie Lueck

first_imgAfter Mackenzie Lueck’s body was missing for several days, her remains were found burned in a yard and police found the man suspected of her murder. Ayoola A. Ajayi is facing several charges including aggravated murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a body regarding Lueck’s death.  A SWAT team arrested Ajayi on Friday morning.Lueck, 23, was last seen on June 17. Lueck landed at the Salt Lake City International Airport close to 2 a.m., then at 2:40 a.m. she took a Lyft from the airport to Hatch Park, located in north Salt Lake City. Ajayi told police his last communication was with Mackenzie via text around 6 p.m. on June 16th. Ajayi denied having seen a photo or online profile of Mackenzie, despite having several photos of her and a profile photo. According to reports, Lueck and Ajayi met online. Lueck used online dating to find sugar daddies in their thirties.Police say Ajayi’s neighbors told officials they saw him using gasoline to burn something in his backyard on June 17 and 18. In his backyard, police said they found a “fresh dig area,” and charred items that belonged to Lueck. A house cleaner who recently cleaned Ajayi’s residence said she found it odd that he had so many surveillance cameras in his home, particularly in his bedroom.Ajayi has worked in information technology for several companies including Dell and Goldman Sachs. In 2018, Ajayi self-published a fictional book on Amazon titled, Forge Identity. North Park Police said back in 2014, Ajayi was investigated as the suspect in a rape complaint. The woman did not want to press charges.last_img read more