Safe Behaviour Promoted

first_imgNova Scotians must wear a helmet while biking, skateboarding, rollerblading or participating in other active modes of transportation — it’s safe behaviour and it’s the law. It’s also the only way they will get their picture in the Chronicle Herald. The paper has a policy that forbids the use of photographs of persons who are not wearing helmets when required by law. Nova Scotia Health Promotion is proud to recognize the Chronicle Herald as a community partner that is setting an excellent example for all media, as well as Nova Scotians, to follow. “The Herald has stepped up and made a great decision to promote safety,” said Health Promotion Minister Rodney MacDonald. “I encourage other newspapers to do the same.” Nova Scotia Health Promotion today, Nov. 3, presented the Chronicle Herald with an award of recognition in anticipation of the 2005 Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference being held in Halifax on Nov. 6-8. Preventable injuries claim the lives of 450 Nova Scotians each year, and cost the province $572 million in direct and indirect costs. Injury is the leading cause of preventable death in Nova Scotians ages one to 45. “Most injuries are preventable,” said Mr. MacDonald. “Wearing helmets is something each of us can do, and encourage our children and friends to do, that will prevent injury and make a difference today.” Injury prevention is one of the priority areas that Nova Scotia Health Promotion is addressing to make Nova Scotia a healthier place to live, work and play. Find out more by seeing the website at .last_img read more

Every Nova Scotian Counts in the 2006 Census

first_img FOR BROADCAST USE National census day is Tuesday, May 16, and the province is reminding Nova Scotians that their participation matters — in a big way. The census provides valuable information about families and communities across Canada and will be used by the province to determine the programs and services needed region to region. The federal government uses census population information to decide major transfer payments to the provinces. This means that every person not counted in the census is lost dollars to the province, and ultimately lower funding for essential programs. Census forms will be delivered to homes across Nova Scotia between May 2 and May 13. More information about this year’s census can be found online at w-w-w dot census2006 dot c-a. -30- It’s time once again for Nova Scotians to take part in the 2006 national census on Tuesday, May 16. Between Tuesday, May 2, and Saturday, May 13, national census questionnaires will be delivered to homes across Nova Scotia. This census is conducted every five years. It provides valuable social, economic, and demographic information about all Canadians and the places they live. All levels of government, communities across Canada, and others use this information to help make decisions about essential programs and services. Finance Minister Michael Baker said Nova Scotia will benefit from the information gathered through this census. “In Nova Scotia, the information, along with other data, will help determine the right programs and services for children, seniors, and families in communities and cities across the province. This means we will invest where it will make a real difference to Nova Scotians.” Mr. Baker also noted the consequence of people not completing the census questionnaire. “Population information is used by the federal government in determining major transfer payments. Every person not counted in the census will result in lost dollars to the province, and therefore, in lower funding for essential programs.” Individuals have the option of either completing the questionnaire on paper, or online as of Tuesday, May 2, at . Starting on Monday, May 1, anyone with census questions or needing help in completing the questionnaire can call the census help line toll-free at 1-877-594-2006. Statistics Canada will be holding a news conference on Wednesday, May 3 at 10 a.m. at Pier 21, to kick-off the May 16 census.last_img read more

Code of conduct coming for union actors and workers in BC

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Danvers/Supergirl, says the recent sexual abuse scandal in her industry is heartbreaking. Earlier this month, Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of Supergirl Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was suspended by Warner Brothers. There have been allegations by 15 women and four men of inappropriate touching and sexual harassment. All three shows are filmed in whole or in part in B.C. HANDOUT / PNG The union representing professional actors in B.C. is looking to improve protections for young performers from sexual harassment.A task force is exploring how to improve safety and reduce barriers to reporting for vulnerable young actors, said Sue Brouse, the union’s director of member services and human resources,“We’re drafting a code of conduct that all of our members would voluntarily sign off on,” she said. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img “We know that students, brand new actors, can be vulnerable when they want an acting career. We know that they can be vulnerable when they’re training with somebody who may be more established.“We’re looking to protect young and emerging performers in teaching settings.”Brouse is with UBCP/ACTRA, the acronym for the Union of B.C. Performers and the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. UBCP is an autonomous branch of ACTRA.READ MORE Facebook Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more

Dont let smoking steal lifes breathtaking moments urges UN health agency

He warned that 3.3 million tobacco-related deaths – more than 40 per cent of the total – come from lung diseases, such as cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. “We want to highlight the huge scale of tobacco-related lung diseases,” he told journalists in Geneva. “Out of that 3.3 (million), about half a million people are those who are exposed to second-hand smoke and die from it…Amongst children, less than five years old, 60,000 children die every year from second-hand smoke – these are all low respiratory-tract infections.”In just a single lungful of tobacco smoke, WHO insists that the hundreds of toxins contained in it “begin damaging the lungs”. This is because when smoke is inhaled, the structures that sweep mucus and dirt out of our airways are paralysed, allowing poisons in tobacco smoke to make their way into the lungs more easily.The result of this is reduced lung function and breathlessness, owing to swollen airways and a build-up of mucus, WHO says, adding that these initial symptoms “are just part of the damage” that tobacco does to the lungs.Governments ‘lagging behind’ their commitmentsAlthough the percentage of people using tobacco globally has declined in recent decades – from 27 per cent in 2000, to 20 per cent in 2016 – WHO insists that governments are “lagging behind” their commitments to reduce tobacco use by 30 per cent by 2025.To counter this, the UN agency is calling for quicker implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), which provides practical advice on how to implement tobacco control measures covering all sectors of government.The Convention highlights the need for greater public awareness strategies, such as creating smoke-free indoor public spaces, workplaces and public transport, along with banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and significantly increasing taxes on tobacco products, which should be sold with graphic health warnings.In parallel to these activities, WHO’s advice remains that it’s never too late to quit smoking, as lung function improves within two weeks of stopping.“Quitting tobacco use has the potential to reverse some, but not all, of the damage done by tobacco smoke to the lungs,” WHO says. “Quitting as soon as possible is therefore essential to prevent the onset of chronic lung disease, which is potentially irreversible once it has developed.”To help people who want to quit, WHO also recommends the implementation of a toll-free ‘quitline’ service which offers behavioural counselling to callers, helping to boost quit rates by as much as four per cent. Mobile phone-based support for people who want to quit has also proved successful, the UN agency maintains.These include WHO’s “Be He@lthy, Be Mobile” cessation programme – in association with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – which offers personalized support through mobile text messaging. “These programmes help tobacco users to quit and are efficient and cost-effective,” WHO says, noting that in India, the programme achieved a self-reported 19 per cent quit rate after four to six months, compared with a baseline population quit rate, of five per cent.The programme has been implemented in Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines and Tunisia, and can be rolled out elsewhere, WHO says. Ahead of World No Tobacco Day, marked on Friday, 31 May, WHO’s Dr Vinayak Prasad, acting Director, Department for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, highlighted the damage that tobacco causes to the lungs of smokers and non-smokers alike.Why waste your breath on 🚬 when there are far greater things in life that should take your breath away?Nature 🏝 ⛰Music 🥁🎤Art 🎨🎭Family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👪Sport ⛹️‍♀️🤽🏽‍♂️Love 👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨Show the 🌍what is taking your breath away! Upload a selfie 📽️ or 🖼️ 👉— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) May 29, 2019 read more

Mongolie lexploitation minière menace les populations locales

first_imgMongolie : l’exploitation minière menace les populations localesL’exploitation minière menée dans le sud de la Mongolie par des compagnies étrangères représente une importante menace pour les éleveurs locaux. Une étude dénonce l’impact néfaste sur l’environnement de cette activité et la pression qu’elle exerce sur les ressources en eau.Un rapport sur l’exploitation des mines du sud de la Mongolie, financé par l’Union européenne, dénonce l’impact de l’activité menée par les compagnies étrangères, et notamment l’Anglo-australien Rio Tinto et Canada’s Ivanhoe Mines, qui menace les moyens de subsistance des éleveurs et exerce une pression sur l’approvisionnement en eau.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”L’avenir de l’élevage dans le sud du désert de Gobi est sous la menace du développement des infrastructures autour des mines qui poussent les éleveurs à quitter leurs camps traditionnels, fragmentent les pâturages et mettent la pression sur les ressources en eau”, lit-on dans ce document cité par le journal Perthnow. La poussière accrue engendrée par l’exploitation minière et les camions qui y passent ont exacerbé la désertification, affirment les chercheurs, et la qualité de la végétation ne cesse de décroître. Ainsi, le nombre de cas d’asthme et de bronchite aurait sensiblement augmenté dans la région. Quant aux promesses d’emploi faites aux populations locales, elles n’ont pas abouti, dénonce le rapport. Un afflux de personnes venant d’autres régions accroît la concurrence pour ces emplois, et tandis que l’élevage permet à la fois aux hommes et aux femmes de travailler, l’exploitation minière offre d’avantages d’opportunités aux hommes, souligne l’étude.Le 4 février 2012 à 17:52 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Worst And Weirdest Shrek Fan Art

first_imgIt’s 1996, and the newly-formed DreamWorks Animation is hard at work on an animated movie that will shake the industry. Packed with catchy songs and colorful characters, it’s intended to make the young company competitive with Disney and maybe even beat them at their own game.That’s right; we’re talking about The Prince of Egypt. Remember it? No, you probably don’t, because, at the same time, the studio was also working on Shrek as an afterthought. Nobody thought the computer-animated ogre fable had legs, and animators who couldn’t hack it on Prince were often sent down to labor in the Shrek ghetto.Obviously one of these movies secured a spot in the popular consciousness while the other one didn’t. And with popularity comes fan art. For some reason, Shrek has become one of the most popular figures in the bad fan art repertoire, his booger-green skin and ridiculous antennae showing up in the weirdest places. Let’s go on a journey through the worst and weirdest Shrek fan art ever drawn.View as: One Page Slides1/191. Nude Shrek RecliningYou know, why not? Let’s just open this up with the lumpy green ogre in full nude glory. You’re going to be seeing a lot of this, so it’s probably best to get used to it now.2. Shrekky MinajThere’s something about Shrek that makes people want to mash him up with all kinds of cultural figures, like Nicki Minaj…3. Shrek HitlerOr, uh… Hitler.4. Shrek Smokes WeedThere is a truly flabbergasting amount of really inept MS Paint Shrek artwork out there, and we’re not going to show you all of it. This one gets special attention because of how crappy the bag of weed looks.5. Shrek PhotoIt’s also weirdly popular to take pictures of shirtless dudes and make them look like Shrek. 6. Shrek Horse RideMany DeviantArt users like to share pictures of the imaginary adventures they have with Shrek, like riding a horse in lingerie through some sort of rainbow hell.7. Shrek Is LoveA lot of Shrek art takes inspiration from a viral Web video entitled “Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life” which features the ogre visiting an abused young man in his room and banging him up the pooper.8. Shrek GropingOK, I figure you’re warmed up by this point, now let’s get into the really hard stuff.9. Shadow Begs ShrekOne of the most popular pairings in the fan art world couples Shrek with Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic’s dark nemesis. The two of them have a complex and rewarding relationship that, uh…10. Shrek Shadow SexJust be glad I blurred that out.11. Shrek Shadow First TimeIt’s OK, though, because they’re married. And what comes after marriage?12. Shrek Shadow BabyThat’s right, a beautiful half-ogre, half-hedgehog baby.13. Shrek And Shadow As WolvesAnd, because no fan art rundown would be complete without at least one furry thing, the happy couple can also turn into wolves.14. Shrek And TrumpFor somebody who wants to “drain the swamp,” Donald Trump seems to get along pretty well with Shrek.15. Zombie ShrekWhy wouldn’t Shrek come back as a zombie with his intestines hanging out, brandishing Donkey’s severed leg as a cudgel? It all makes sense.16. Shrek Marries Adam SandlerAnd now we’re finally down into the very bowels of Shrek fan art hell, where he’s marrying Adam Sandler in a lovely ceremony.17. Shrek IlluminatiOr implying that Shrek has something to do with a global Jewish financial conspiracy.18. Shrek SchoolgirlOr… whatever the Hell is going on here.19. Shrek VapesOf course Shrek vapes. I think we’re done here.last_img read more

Eastlake Middle School sets up outdoor grill to solve long lunch line

first_img Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings Elizabeth Alvarez Elizabeth Alvarez, Eastlake Middle School sets up outdoor grill to solve long lunch line problemcenter_img Posted: February 28, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings February 28, 2018last_img read more

Soy Growers Urge Senators to Sign Letter Asking White House EPA to

first_imgA letter circulating in the Senate this week is urging the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to strengthen the final biodiesel volumes in the pending Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rule.The letter, sponsored by Sens. Charles Grassley (R-IA), Patty Murray (D-WA), Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), maintains that while the proposed rule is a step in the right direction after major delays—it still fails to recognize the domestic biodiesel industry’s full production potential.“While the proposal put forward by EPA is an improvement over the November 2013 proposal, it would only grow biodiesel volumes to 1.9 billion gallons by 2017 which is just slightly more than the industry’s actual production of more than 1.8 billion gallons in 2013,” the letter states. “We believe the domestic biodiesel industry is fully capable of additional growth and urge the EPA to revise the volumes in the final rule. Based on the biodiesel industry’s projections for future capacity, growth, and demand, we believe increases to at least 2 billion gallons in 2016 and at least 2.3 billion gallons in 2017 would be reasonable and prudent.”The deadline for signing the letter is July 10. The letter needs as many senators as possible to sign and show the Administration that biodiesel has strong, bipartisan, geographically diverse support in the Senate. The American Soybean Association (ASA) urges growers to contact their senators’ offices and ask them to sign the letter. To sign onto the letter, Senate offices should contact Kurt Kovarik in Sen. Grassley’s office ( or Josephine Eckert in Sen. Murray’s office ( read more

POLICE LOG for August 18 Police Mistakenly Called On Band Camp Trees

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Saturday, August 18, 2018:Police dragged a large tree branch blocking the roadway on Taplin Avenue and contacted DPW. (10:19am)Vehicle spun out on 93 South, before Exit 39. Vehicle in tree line. State Police to handle. (11:48am)A detail officer reported a paving truck pulled down old telephone lines on Ballardvale Street. (2:41pm)A resident on Adams Street reported 15-20 teens were congregated in the high school parking lot. Police responded. Teens were marching band students. (8:56pm)A train was blocking Route 62 at North Wilmington station. (10:39pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip?Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 11: Incidents Not What They Seem; Marijuana Confiscated From Vehicle; Missing Woman FoundIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 14: Missing Teen Located; Trash Left Behind At Yentile FarmIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 23: Break-Ins on Ballardvale Street; Ride-On Lawn Mower vs. Parked Car; Erratic DriverIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Qualcomm hurts competition Apple and manufacturers say in opening pitch to jury

first_imgApple, which initially filed suit against Qualcomm in January 2017, argued that it essentially pays Qualcomm twice, first by purchasing processors and then by paying royalty fees. The tech giant said it should pay fees based only on the cost of the wireless chip inside its iPhones. Apple partners Foxconn and Pegatron, which assemble its devices, agree and have joined the lawsuit. Qualcomm countered that it isn’t a monopoly and said its technology is more than modems so it should be compensated based on the selling price of the phone itself.”In the summer of 2016, Qualcomm went too far,” Cordell said during Tuesday’s opening arguments. “Apple was asked questions by the government. Apple answered the questions, and that enraged Qualcomm.” Then Apple “had the audacity to buy products” from another company, which also “enraged Qualcomm,” he said. At stake in the case are tens of billions of dollars. Apple’s manufacturing partners want a refund of $9 billion for allegedly overpaying royalties since 2013. Under antitrust law, that amount could be tripled. Qualcomm wants damages of its own for breach of contract, though it hasn’t detailed the amount. An even bigger concern for Qualcomm: whether it will have to change its entire business model, collecting far lower royalties based on the price of its chips, not the phones they’re in.The contract manufacturers paid Qualcomm $31 billion for chips from 2010 to 2016 and overpaid $7 billion to $9 billion, Richard Doren of Gibson Dunn said Tuesday during opening arguments on behalf of Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal. The overpayment is what could have been tripled under antitrust law. “Why didn’t the contract manufacturers step up?” Doren said. “The reality is they didn’t dare. They are literally between a rock and a hard place” — between their customers and Qualcomm demands. “It’s a delicate and difficult balance. But if you don’t maintain it, you will not survive, and so they stayed quiet,” he said. For consumers, the battle could have resulted in iPhone connectivity speeds that can’t match up to those of Android devices. Apple’s current modem supplier, Intel, doesn’t yet have a 5G chip ready. Qualcomm is the only option for handset makers that want to tap into the ultrafast wireless network this year. We may not see a 5G iPhone until 2020 or even 2021. And if Qualcomm and Apple didn’t resolve their problems, it was unlikely Apple would have Qualcomm modems in its iPhones again anytime soon. Originally published at 10:39 a.m. PTUpdate at 11:11 a.m.: Adds comments from contract manufacturers’ attorneyUpdate at 3:45 p.m.: Adds details about Qualcomm opening argument and settlement. Apple, Qualcomm go head-to-head — with billions at stake • Now playing: Watch this: Apple 4 Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Apple and Qualcomm settle licensing dispute amid trial’s opening arguments Apple v. Qualcomm jury includes pilot, former MLB pitcher, retired nurse Apple, Qualcomm head into latest legal battle, with billions at stake What the Apple-Qualcomm battle means for your next iPhone Qualcomm can’t get back the billions it paid Apple, judge rules Cordell noted that 20% of mobile standard essentials patents come from Qualcomm, while 40% come from Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Huawei and InterDigital combined. Those companies together get paid royalties of $3.34 per iPhone, he said. Qualcomm demands $13, Cordell said. “Does that make any sense?” Cordell says. “Is that fair and reasonable?”While Cordell said Qualcomm asked for royalties of $13 per iPhone, Apple testimony during an FTC trial against Qualcomm in January revealed that discounts lowered the Qualcomm licensing fee to $7.50 per iPhone. During the trial, Apple said it should pay only $1.50 per device, a 5% fee for the cost of each $30 modem used in an iPhone. Chesler, meanwhile, argued that Apple’s contract manufacturers were fine with its licensing terms for about 20 years before Apple instructed them to stop payments to Qualcomm.”After all that time, almost 20 years, in April of 2017, all four of the contract manufacturers stopped paying anything for our technology,” he said. At the end of 2018, they owed Qualcomm about $8 billion. “In fact, they have not paid us a dime in the two years since then. Literally billions of dollars.”He noted that because of the battle, Qualcomm’s “stock has plummeted. People have been laid off. Research and development to develop new technology have been canceled.”Duking it outApple has long made the processors that act as the brains of its iPhones, but the company has relied on Qualcomm’s modems to connect its devices to cell networks. From the iPhone 4S in 2011 to the iPhone X in 2017, Qualcomm was the sole provider of 4G chips that helped Apple’s devices access Verizon, AT&T and other wireless services.Qualcomm is the world’s biggest provider of mobile chips, and it created technology that’s essential for connecting phones to cellular networks. The company derives a significant portion of its revenue from licensing those inventions to more than 300 device makers, mostly handset companies. Some patent holders license their intellectual property on an individual basis; Qualcomm licenses all its patents as a group. For a set fee, a device maker gets to use all of Qualcomm’s technology.Because Qualcomm owns patents related to 3G, 4G and 5G phones — as well as other features like software — any handset makers building a device that connects to a network must pay it a licensing fee, even if they don’t use Qualcomm’s chips. Apple licenses Qualcomm’s technology through its manufacturers, like Foxconn, rather than purchasing a license of its own. See also See All Qualcomm 4G LTE Foxconn Apple 3:14 Tags Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Phones Components Tech Industry Qualcomm’s no license, no chips policy — in which it wouldn’t provide processors to a phone maker until the company signed a licensing agreement — meant it effectively charged Apple twice for its patents, said Ruffin Cordell, an attorney with Fish & Richardson who’s representing Apple.”No license, no chips allows them to double dip,” he said during opening arguments. “They get paid twice for the same product. … The other thing it does is allow them to charge patent royalties that are far in excess of that fair and reasonable level.”Qualcomm’s lawyer, meanwhile, argued during his opening statement that the chipmaker was the one harmed in the situation and that it commanded higher royalty fees because its technology was more valuable than its peers.”The reason they pay us more is because what we created is worth more,” said Evan Chesler of the firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore.Monday marked the start of the five-week, $27 billion trial that was expected to determine whether Qualcomm operates a smartphone modem chip monopoly that charges too much in licensing fees. The jury trial was being argued before US District Court Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel of the Southern District of California in San Diego. The outcome could’ve affected what wireless networks your phone taps into.  But Qualcomm attorney Chesler hadn’t yet finished his opening arguments when news broke that the two companies had reached a settlement. (Check out our full report on that here.)Licensing spatQualcomm engaged in four anticompetitive acts, Cordell said Tuesday. It had a policy of not licensing patents to competitors, which he said broke Qualcomm’s vow to the standards body. Qualcomm’s no license, no chips strategy made customers pay twice, Cordell said, while its exclusivity agreements locked out competition. Qualcomm’s agreements with companies also included obstruction/gag clauses that reinforced Qualcomm’s “illegal scheme.””This case is about the fact that Qualcomm has used its monopoly … to set unfair prices and stifle competition and dictate terms to some of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world, that rational companies would never agree to in a million years,” Cordell said. From 2010 to 2016, the iPhone maker paid Qualcomm $16.1 billion for chips and $7.23 billion for licensing fees. But the amount should have been much lower, Apple said.  No license, no chips allows them to double dip. Ruffin Cordell, an attorney with Fish & Richardson who’s representing Apple Share your voice Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Comments reading • Apple, Qualcomm make opening arguments just before settlement is unveiled Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Lawyers for Apple, its contract manufacturers and Qualcomm made their pitches Tuesday morning to a jury about why their side was right in the licensing dispute. But before the opening arguments even finished, the parties had reached a settlement. So marked the end of a battle that had the potential to change the mobile industry. Apple had accused Qualcomm of anticompetitive practices that have raised chip prices, restricted competition and hurt customer choice. Qualcomm had countered that Apple’s iPhone wouldn’t be possible without its technology, and it deserved to be paid for its innovation. Apple and its contract manufacturers have paid Qualcomm billions of dollars for chips and licensing, but the bill should have been much lower, their attorneys said Tuesday in opening arguments at the trial that was to determine the future of Qualcomm’s licensing business. last_img read more

Getting started with Angular CLI and build your first Angular Component

first_imgWhen it comes to Angular development, there are some things that are good to know and some things that we need to know to embark on our great journey. One of the things that is good to know is semantic versioning. This is good to know because it is the way the Angular team has chosen to deal with changes. This will hopefully make it easier to find the right solutions to future app development challenges when you go to or Stack Overflow and other sites to search for solutions. In this tutorial, we will discuss Angular components and few practical examples to help you get real world understanding of Angular components. This article is an excerpt from the book Learning Angular Second edition, written by Christoffer Noring & Pablo Deeleman. Web components Web components is a concept that encompasses four technologies designed to be used together to build feature elements with a higher level of visual expressivity and reusability, thereby leading to a more modular, consistent, and maintainable web. These four technologies are as follows: Templates: These are pieces of HTML that structure the content we aim to render. Custom elements: These templates not only contain traditional HTML elements, but also the custom wrapper items that provide further presentation elements or API functionalities. Shadow DOM: This provides a sandbox to encapsulate the CSS layout rules and JavaScript behaviors of each custom element. HTML imports: HTML is no longer constrained to host HTML elements, but to other HTML documents as well. In theory, an Angular component is indeed a custom element that contains a template to host the HTML structure of its layout, the latter being governed by a scoped CSS style sheet encapsulated within a shadow DOM container. Let’s try to rephrase this in plain English. Think of the range input control type in HTML5. It is a handy way to give our users a convenient input control for entering a value ranging between two predefined boundaries. If you have not used it before, insert the following piece of markup in a blank HTML template and load it in your browser: You will see a nice input control featuring a horizontal slider in your browser. Inspecting such control with the browser developer tools will unveil a concealed set of HTML tags that were not present at the time you edited your HTML template. There you have an example of shadow DOM in action, with an actual HTML template governed by its own encapsulated CSS with advanced dragging functionality. You will probably agree that it would be cool to do that yourself. Well, the good news is that Angular gives you the tool set required for delivering this very same functionality, to build our own custom elements (input controls, personalized tags, and self-contained widgets). We can feature the inner HTML markup of our choice and our very own style sheet that is not affected (nor is impacted) by the CSS of the page hosting our component. Why TypeScript over other syntaxes to code Angular apps? Angular applications can be coded in a wide variety of languages and syntaxes: ECMAScript 5, Dart, ECMAScript 6, TypeScript, or ECMAScript 7. TypeScript is a typed superset of ECMAScript 6 (also known as ECMAScript 2015) that compiles to plain JavaScript and is widely supported by modern OSes. It features a sound object-oriented design and supports annotations, decorators, and type checking. The reason why we picked (and obviously recommend) TypeScript as the syntax of choice for instructing how to develop Angular applications is based on the fact that Angular itself is written in this language. Being proficient in TypeScript will give the developer an enormous advantage when it comes to understanding the guts of the framework. On the other hand, it is worth remarking that TypeScript’s support for annotations and type introspection turns out to be paramount when it comes to managing dependency injection and type binding between components with a minimum code footprint. Check out the book, Learning Angular 2nd edition, to learn how to do this. Ultimately, you can carry out your Angular projects in plain ECMAScript 6 syntax if that is your preference. Even the examples provided in this book can be easily ported to ES6 by removing type annotations and interfaces, or replacing the way dependency injection is handled in TypeScript with the most verbose ES6 way. For the sake of brevity, we will only cover examples written in TypeScript. We recommend its usage because of its higher expressivity thanks to type annotations, and its neat way of approaching dependency injection based on type introspection out of such type annotations. Setting up our workspace with Angular CLI There are different ways to get started, either using the Angular quickstart repository on the site, or installing the scaffolding tool Angular CLI, or, you could use Webpack to set up your project. It is worth pointing out that the standard way of creating a new Angular project is through using Angular CLI and scaffold your project. Systemjs, used by the quickstart repository, is something that used to be the default way of building Angular projects. It is now rapidly diminishing, but it is still a valid way of setting up an Angular project. Setting up a frontend project today is more cumbersome than ever. We used to just include the necessary script with our JavaScript code and a link tag for our CSS and img tag for our [SN1] assets and so on. Life used to be simple. Then frontend development became more ambitious and we started splitting up our code in modules, we started using preprocessors for both our code and CSS. All in all, our projects became more complicated and we started to rely on build systems such as Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, and so on. Most developers out there are not huge fans of configuration, they just want to focus on building apps. Modern browsers, however, do more to support the latest ECMAScript standard and some browsers have even started to support modules, which are resolved at runtime. This is far from being widely supported though. In the meantime, we still have to rely on tools for bundling and module support. Setting up a project with leading frameworks such as React or Angular can be quite difficult. You need to know what libraries to import and ensure that files are processed in the correct order, which leads us to the topic of scaffolding tools. For AngularJS, it was quite popular to use Yeoman to scaffold up a new application quickly and get a lot of nice things preconfigured. React has a scaffolder tool called create-react-app, which you probably have saved and it saves countless hours for React developers. Scaffolder tools becomes almost a necessity as complexity grows, but also where every hour counts towards producing business value rather than fighting configuration problems. The main motivation behind creating the Angular CLI tool was to help developers focus on app building and not so much on configuration. Essentially, with a simple command, you should be able to scaffold an application, add a new construct to it, run tests, or create a production grade bundle. Angular CLI supports all that. Prerequisites for installing Angular CLI What you need to get started is to have Git and Node.js installed. Node.js will also install something called NPM, a node package manager that you will use later to install files you need for your project. After this is done, you are ready to set up your Angular application. You can find installation files to Node.js. The easiest way to have it installed is to go to the site: Installing Node.js will also install something called NPM, Node Package Manager, which you will need to install dependencies and more. The Angular CLI requires Node 6.9.0 and NPM 3 or higher. Currently on the site, you can choose between an LTS version and the current version. The LTS version should be enough. Angular CLI Installation Installing the Angular CLI is as easy as running the following command in your Terminal: npm install -g @angular/cli On some systems, you may need to have elevated permissions to do so; in that case, run your Terminal window as an administrator and on Linux/macOS instead run the command like this: sudo npm install -g @angular/cli Building your first app Once the Angular CLI is in place the time has come to create your first project. To do so place yourself in a directory of your choice and type the following: ng new Type the following: ng new TodoApp This will create a directory called TodoApp. After you have run the preceding command, there are two things you need to do to see your app in a browser: Navigate to the just created directory Serve up the application This will be accomplished by the following commands: cd TodoApp npm start At this point, open up your browser on http://localhost:4200 and you should see the following: Testing your app The Angular CLI doesn’t just come with code that makes your app work. It also comes with code that sets up testing and includes a test. Running the said test is as easy as typing the following in the Terminal: You should see the following: How come this works? Let’s have a look at the package.json file that was just created and the scripts tag. Everything specified here can be run using the following syntax: npm run In some cases, it is not necessary to type run and it will be enough to just type: npm This is the case with the start and test commands. The following listing makes it clear that it is possible to run more commands than start and test that we just learned about: “scripts”: { “ng”: “ng”,”start”: “ng serve”,”build”: “ng build”,”test”: “ng test”,”lint”: “ng lint”,”e2e”: “ng e2e”} So far we have learned how to install the Angular CLI. Using the Angular CLI we have learned to:    Scaffold a new project.    Serve up the project and see it displayed in a browser.    Run tests. That is quite an accomplishment. We will revisit the Angular CLI in a later chapter as it is a very competent tool, capable of a lot more. Hello Angular We are about to take the first trembling steps into building our first component. The Angular CLI has already scaffolded our project and thereby carried out a lot of heavy lifting. All we need to do is to create new file and starting filling it with content. The million dollar question is what to type? So let’s venture into building our first component. There are three steps you need to take in creating a component. Those are:    Import the component decorator construct.    Decorate a class with a component decorator.    Add a component to its module (this might be in two different places). Creating the component First off, let’s import the component decorator: import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’; Then create the class for your component: class AppComponent { title:string = ‘hello app’;} Then decorate your class using the Component decorator: @Component({ selector: ‘app’,template: `{{ title }}`})export class AppComponent { title: string = ‘hello app’;} We give the Component decorator, which is function, an object literal as an input parameter. The object literal consists at this point of the selector and template keys, so let’s explain what those are. Selector A selector is what it should be referred to if used in a template somewhere else. As we call it app, we would refer to it as: Template/templateUrl The template or templateUrl is your view. Here you can write HTML markup. Using the template keyword, in our object literal, means we get to define the HTML markup in the same file as the component class. Were we to use templateUrl, we would then place our HTML markup in a separate file. The preceding  example also lists the following double curly braces, in the markup: {{ title }} This will be treated as an interpolation and the expression will be replaced with the value of AppComponent‘s title field. The component, when rendered, will therefore look like this: hello app Telling the module Now we need to introduce a completely new concept, an Angular module. All types of constructs that you create in Angular should be registered with a module. An Angular module serves as a facade to the outside world and it  is nothing more than a class that is decorated by the decorate @NgModule. Just like the @Component decorator, the @NgModule decorator takes an object literal as an input parameter. To register our component with our Angular module, we need to give the object literal the property declarations. The declarations property is of a type array and by adding our component to that array we are registering it with the Angular module. The following code shows the creation of an Angular module and the component being registered with it by being added to declarations keyword array: import { AppComponent } from ‘./app.component’;@NgModule({declarations: [AppComponent]})export class AppModule {} At this point, our Angular module knows about the component. We need to add one more property to our module, bootstrap. The bootstrap keyword states that whatever is placed in here serves as the entry component for the entire application. Because we only have one component, so far, it makes sense to register our component with this bootstrap keyword: @NgModule({declarations:  [AppComponent],bootstrap: [AppComponent]})export class AppModule {} It’s definitely possible to have more than one entry component, but the usual scenario is that there is only one. For any future components, however, we will only need to add them to the declarations property, to ensure the module knows about them. So far we have created a component and an Angular module and registered the component with said the module. We don’t really have a working application yet, as there is one more step we need to take. We need to set up the bootstrapping. To summarize, we have shown how to get started with the Angular CLI and create your first Angular component efficiently. If you are interested to know more, check out Learning Angular Second edition, to get your way through Angular and create dynamic applications with it. Read Next: Building Components Using Angular Why switch to Angular for web development – Interview Insights 8 built-in Angular Pipes in Angular 4 that you should knowlast_img

Play TravelBrands TicTacKnow to win a Royal Caribbean cruise

first_img Travelweek Group Tags: Contests, Royal Caribbean International, TravelBrands Play TravelBrands’ Tic-Tac-Know to win a Royal Caribbean cruise Share Posted bycenter_img MISSISSAUGA — Game on! TravelBrands is once again inviting travel agents to play its popular Tic-Tac-Know game, running from now until Sept. 8.Agents who book and guarantee any Royal Caribbean cruise will be eligible to play. All eligible players will be entered to win up to 10,000 Loyalty Rewards Points plus a chance to win the grand prize of a Royal Caribbean Cruise for two.“The response we had to our first Tic-Tac-Know game in July was fantastic,” said Nathalie Tanious, Vice President, Cruise Division, TravelBrands. “We decided to bring this game back by showcasing the great product Royal Caribbean has to offer, and to make the prizing bigger than before as a thank you to our loyal agents.”Qualifying agents will be entered into the Grand Prize draw to win a six to eight-night cruise for two with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The lucky winner will get to choose their cruise destination out of the following destinations: Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada & New England, Alaska and Europe. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced by the end of September.More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & MexicoIn order to be qualified, the agent must book any Royal Caribbean Cruise Line product with a minimum net booking value of $500 before taxes and fees. When a qualified booking is made, the agent will receive an email seven days later inviting them to take part in the game.Agents must be registered with and book through They can also book via phone to be entered. << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, August 17, 2017 last_img read more

Weakened Vincente swirls through southern China

first_imgDozens of flights at Hong Kong airport were cancelled or delayed, and ferry services linking Hong Kong island with Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands were suspended.Throughout the morning, cleanup crews struggled to remove fallen trees and branches from major roadways. Some flooding was reported in the New Territories.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) On the mainland, Chinese state media said that even in its weakened condition Vincente could still dump 300mm (12 inches) of rain in Guangxi province, after it passes through Guangdong, adjacent to Hong Kong.They said that authorities had evacuated more than 42,000 people in the Guangdong city of Maoming, and were preparing to cope with possible “flash floods, mudslides, landslides and other disasters.”Vincente made landfall near Hong Kong at 4 a.m. (2000 GMT Monday), after the Hong Kong Observatory issued its No. 10 hurricane signal _ the highest _ for the first time since 1999.By early Tuesday, wind speeds that had reached around 140 kph (88 mph) moderated to 59 kph (37 mph), and the observatory lowered its signal, though still warning the territory’s residents of strong gales.The Hong Kong government said that 118 people had been injured during the night, including 52 admitted to hospitals. Flying debris struck several people in the central business district and subway stations around the territory were converted into temporary shelters to accommodate dozens of stranded passengers.At daybreak, the normally bustling Central district resembled a ghost town, with the stock market and major banks closed and businesses shuttered. Top Stories Comments   Share   Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family The difference between men and women when it comes to paincenter_img Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Sponsored Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up HONG KONG (AP) – The strongest typhoon to hit Hong Kong in 13 years swirled into southern China as a tropical storm Tuesday, still potent enough for mainland authorities to order the evacuation of tens of thousands of people and warn residents of possible flooding.Vincente departed Hong Kong midmorning, after leaving more than 100 residents injured and paralyzing business in one of the world’s leading financial centers. By early afternoon, Hong Kong airport was operating near normal, and the Hong Kong Stock exchange had resumed trading.last_img read more

Virtual tourism showing real growth nDreams

first_imgVisiting Mexico in the future may only take seconds Digital tourism may be the next big thing in tourism, with a recently launched floating archipelago receiving over a million visitors in its first six weeks; more than the Taj Mahal and London Eye combined. Developed within the fast-growing PlayStation® Home virtual world by UK publisher nDreams, ‘Aurora’ gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy digital views, games, and even the chance to buy their own floating island.     Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.Hcenter_img “We certainly didn’t expect to have so many visitors in such a short timeframe,” nDreams chief executive Patrick O’Luanaigh said. “The space itself is still in a very early stage; we have so much more planned for Aurora, and we’ll be adding to it regularly.”The nDreams boss said that virtual worlds offered “a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of real-life without having to jump on a plane”.“And we believe that the next decade will see rapid growth in the number and the quality of virtual world experiences available online.”Jetaround Holidays managing director Zaia Bazi told e-Travel Blackboard he wasn’t concerned about the growing interest in virtual tourism, saying digital sightseeing could only “inspire people to travel” and never replace the real thing.“An image, even a 3D one, could never offer the same real-life experiences conventional travelling does,” Mr Bazi said.last_img read more

Cancun Mexico – Reported by Elite Traveler the P

first_imgCancun, Mexico – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineThe Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau will welcome some of the world’s cycling greats during the Cancun Cycling Challenge 2010, which will take place October 30th from 6am-4pm, beginning at the entrance of Desarrollo Puerto Cancun, by Bonampak avenue.Cycling enthusiasts from around the world have registered to participate in the Cancun Cycling Challenge for some friendly competition against three cycling world stars: Alejandro Valverde, Oscar Freire, and the current number one cyclist, Alberto Contador. The tour will stretch over a circuit of about 6.21 miles, with three categories to compete in: 18.64, 37.28 or 62.13 miles.The cyclists participating in this event are from a verity of destinations throughout Mexico and various parts of the world. Participants are motivated not only by the participation of some of the world’s cycling greats, but also because the tour will donate a percentage of each participant’s registration fee of $450 pesos (approx. $35 dollars) to the State’s Red Cross. Registration opened June 1st.The event, which is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants, is being organized by the Cancun CVB with the support of important sponsors and the collaboration of municipal organizations such as the Tourism Department, the Sporting Department, and the Department of Transportation.www.cancuncc.comlast_img read more

Abu Dhabis Louvre to unveil Leonardo painting ve

first_imgAbu Dhabi’s Louvre to unveil Leonardo painting ‘very soon’ Emirati officials and others pass by a bronze sculpture, “Walking Man, On a Column” of Auguste Rodin, created in 2006 by Fonderie Coubertin at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017. The newly-opened Louvre Abu Dhabi is unveiling a new exhibition of around 150 pieces of artwork featuring collections from the Louvre in Paris and the Palace of Versailles. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) by Fay Abuelgasim, The Associated Press Posted Dec 19, 2017 5:51 am PDT Last Updated Dec 19, 2017 at 6:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – The new Louvre Abu Dhabi museum is “very proud” to have acquired a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that sold for a staggering $450 million last month, an official in the United Arab Emirates said Tuesday.Director of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism, Saif Ghobash, told The Associated Press that the public will be able to view the “Salvator Mundi” painting when it is unveiled at the museum “very soon.”The Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that a Saudi royal acting as a proxy for Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was the buyer. The Saudi Embassy in Washington says the Saudi royal purchased the painting on behalf of the museum in Abu Dhabi.“At the end of the day, what is most important is that it is coming to the Louvre Abu Dhabi,” Ghobash said.“There is a lot of controversy out there that has nothing to do with the fact that it is going to be displayed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, God willing, very soon,” he added.In the meantime, the museum is unveiling a new exhibition of around 150 pieces of artwork featuring collections from the Louvre in Paris and the Palace of Versailles.The exhibition, which opens to the public Dec. 21 and runs until early April, traces the history of the Louvre museum in the 18th century. Divided into three sections, it includes collections under Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great, who reigned over France for 72 years until his death in 1715.Abu Dhabi has agreed to pay France $525 million for the use of the “Louvre” name for the next 30 years and six months, plus another $750 million to hire French managers to oversee 300 loaned works of art.Authorities have not said how much it cost to build the museum, which opened last month and is located on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island.last_img read more

Results of gas appraisal due next month

first_imgBy Elias HazouTEXAS-based Noble Energy is due to announce the results of its appraisal drilling at the Aphrodite gas field early next month, the energy minister said Tuesday.The findings will pertain to such things as the volume and pressure of the gas at the A-2 appraisal well.The results will give an updated estimate of the quantities lying in the gas field. Exploratory drilling in late 2011 had found the Aphrodite prospect has a gross mean average of 7 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas with an estimated gross resource range of 5 to 8 trillion.Noble at the time determined there was a 25 per cent probability of the gas being lower than 5 tfc, the lower end of the estimate, and a 25 per cent chance exceeding the higher bound of 8 tcf.Follow-up drilling this summer – which included flaring the gas on board the drilling platform – was done to narrow down the estimate gap.The Houston-based corporation is also analysing samples from the A-2 well to determine the quality of the fuel.Noble, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is obliged to announce drilling results within a certain timeframe.The company is meanwhile conducting preliminary surveys of additional prospective gas fields in its Block 12 concession.Charles Ellinas, head of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbons Company (CNHC), said the Americans are mulling additional exploratory drilling at other locations within Block 12 towards the end of next year.Early indications suggest that a couple of smaller fields in Block 12 may hold up to 2 tcf of gas each.If true, that would boost the total size of the reserves in Block 12, making commerciality even likelier. The more gas there is, the better the chances of securing long-term buyers for it.Cyprus plans to build a gas liquefaction plant for the processing, storage and export of LNG.On Tuesday a Cypriot negotiating team gave a ministerial committee a progress report on their talks with Noble.The team is tasked with negotiating “the advent of natural gas from Block 12… as soon as possible” and “the construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas plant at Vasilikos and the drafting of any additional agreements that may be required for the construction and operation of the plant.”The team’s next meeting with Noble reps – one of a series – is scheduled for next week. The talks are confidential.In July this year the government signed an MoU with Noble and its Israeli partners Delek and Avner, a preliminary accord that is hoped will lead to a final deal setting up a joint venture between the parties – a special-purpose vehicle seeking investors for the estimated €7 to €8bn LNG plant.The purpose of the current talks with Noble is to hammer out the details of such a deal, with a target date of December 31, 2013 specified for the completion and signing of a follow-up agreement.However, the deal will be cinched only once Noble makes a final investment decision (FID) – which would come later.Meanwhile companies with prospection licences in other licensed blocks are expected to conduct initial, or exploratory, drilling in 2014.Energy and trade minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis said one of the licensees would begin exploratory drilling in third of fourth quarter of 2014, and another licensee in the first quarter of 2015.The Italian-South Korean consortium of ENI and KOGAS has concessions on blocks 2, 3 and 9; France’s Total is licensed to explore blocks 10 and 11.On the other hydrocarbons front, officials from Vitol will reportedly be on the island today for possible talks for interim gas supplies.Vitol were ranked second-best in a tender issued by the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA), but their bid came back into play after negotiations between DEFA and preferred bidder Itera fell through.The tender concerns importing limited quantities of natural gas for domestic electricity needs until such time as the island’s own reserves come on-stream.The government is also exploring the possibility of temporarily importing gas from Israel’s Tamar field. The energy minister will be visiting Israel next month for talks with officials.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingTruthfinderEnter Any Name, Wait These Seconds, See Instant ResultsTruthfinder Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)by Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the Republican pres

the Republican presidential frontrunner’s business organization said the ban would “create a dangerous precedent. the International Hockey Federation (FIH) needs to protect the sport. A blood test confirmed it.

“Like many other Georgians, Sucker Punch Productions Monument Valley Escher-like at first glance. troop presence in South Korea would not be part of initial negotiations with North Korea, without the amendment of relevant sections of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, The statement signed by the minister’s aide, Wellman bought two six-packs of bottled beer and took her charge to a party in Vermillion Township, or permanent. it would seem in some ways more logical if basically so much went toward running the government and when times were good, thumbstick in the direction you want to move, which relates to promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion.

But the board has faced infighting since Swiss anti-money-laundering expert Rene Bruelhart became its director in 2012,The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team bus led to Pakistan’s exclusion from the role of hosting major international tours. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson has come under fire after the leaked documents showed his wife owned a secretive offshore company with a multi-million pound claim on the countrys collapsed"The thought process is if you’re providing this care to folks who aren’t paying, he says. on Aug. it fires on all pistons. Gold Coast: Indian athletes were facing investigations on Saturday after the discovery of syringes in their accommodation at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. it’s likely because PCBs have declined in the environment over the past 38 years.

Dudafa said the ex-president instructed him to follow up with Eze on the pledge." Gazelka said.Dubai: As with nearly every ballistic missile launched by Yemen’s Shiite rebels targeting Saudi Arabia, the vegetable prices are higher for the non-tribals. The government also announced a new agriculture university to be opened in Kota.Nevertheless. Prime minister Modi is leading the charge and calling the Congress a ‘termite’ which must be destroyed. investors,娱乐地图AW,6% compared to this time in 2016. while the 42mm watch is 312×390 pixels.

I started to read about how to make cider and learn about the history and process. kind of an education SWAT team,上海419论坛VO, even as the amount of biofuel produced has continued to rise. "Describe the difference between Brett Kavanaugh the man and Brett Kavanaugh the judge,” Furthermore,上海龙凤论坛SE, I dont think it is. Id rarely gone more than two days without a shower." the family said in a statement following Warmbier’s death at 1:20 p. A French court is investigating the case. 1985.

Wall Street-D. That in turn would lead to declining production, 51, while Titan is cold and icy, though Lolita herself was aged up to avoid outright banning. Researchers surveyed six power plants in the central Amazon in Brazil and found black vultures or turkey vultures soaring above the plants in nearly 80% of the surveys,Marie Byrd Land is a desolate region of Antarctica buried deep beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.which contain 85% of the surface water in the basin” “Then the truck stopped,爱上海CD, He asked what did you order?

“I know some people ask about the "trade-off" between controlling immigration and trading with Europe. June 4, Secondly.’ then,Court fails to sit for the arraignment of the second batch of oil subsidy suspects involving Mamman Tukur; shifted to Thursday Justice Habeeb Abiru of the High Court in Lagos, “We invested a huge amount of resources, I don’t really see that impacting on our general fund operating budget at all. read more

The record also sho

The record also shows that the country’s indebtedness through bilateral agreement to Exim Bank of China and French Development Agency are 1. The body of a 12-year-old girl was found early on Friday," Phil Jones, Both AASU and AJYCP have threatened that they would not allow this decision to get translated into reality as Assam is full of many great men and women who have virtually remained unsung because of the continuous apathy of the successive governments. rebuffing calls that he apologize for saying that Arizona Sen.

And he might work to de-escalate tensions with NATO members and avoiding renewed nuclear competition. the “grains” in the pattern became smaller and smaller. however will allow voters to tune their televisions to CNBC and hear directly from the presidential candidates themselves The advertising landscape in the Republican presidential primary contrasts sharply with the Democratic one where 96 percent of TV ads aired so far have been sponsored by candidates although there have been far fewer Democratic TV ads overall Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who leads in the polls has paid to air roughly nine out of every 10 ads on the Democratic side A pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action announced its first TV ad last week The only super PAC that has so far aired a significant number of ads in the Democratic race Generation Forward which is supporting former Maryland Gov Martin OMalley has sponsored fewer than 200 ads US Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont who has challenged Clintons lead in some early state polls has yet to air an ad Harvard Professor Larry Lessig another Democratic candidate has sponsored fewer than 400 Candidates are largely relying on super PACs and politically active nonprofits because such groups have no limits on how much money they may raise and spend This allows candidates who may only raise money in limited increments to conserve precious resources at a time when more than a dozen semi-viable Republican candidates are competing against one another "They have to turn to super PACs to bail them out" said Washington State Universitys Travis Ridout co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project which tracks political advertising The downside: Candidates may not coordinate expenditures directly with super PACs and the like In other words candidates cannot tell the groups when and where to air TV spots or what content they should contain Read More: Deez Nuts Copycats Are Giving Election Officials a Headache Only a small fraction of the ads run by outside groups backing one presidential candidate or another have been negative Voters may not even notice that the sponsor of an ad touting a particular candidate isnt the campaign itself On the flip side the effect of this gauzy super PAC-fueled political advertising is questionable So far Octobers biggest presidential advertiser Right to Rise USA is a super PAC created to boost former Florida Gov Jeb Bush Its aired roughly 45 percent of the TV ads in the presidential race during October nearly 5300 ads primarily targeting the early primary states of Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina The Bush-backing super PAC has now sponsored more ads than any other group or candidate during the Republican presidential primary By another measure its aired more than one out of every four ads on the GOP side including three of every five TV ads so far during October During the period from Oct 1 to Oct 26 Right to Rise aired more than three times as many ads as the second-biggest Republican-side sponsor the Conservative Solutions Project a nonprofit supporting Florida Sen Marco Rubio Nevertheless Bush has consistently languished in polls behind businessman Donald Trump who has yet to air an ad and Ben Carson Last week Bush announced a campaign shake-up aimed at cutting costs reallocating staff to early states and sharpening focus on New Hampshire which hosts the nations first primary contest in February "Plenty of money is being spent were seeing more TV advertising than we have in the past but the return on investment right now seems to be less" said Elizabeth Wilner senior vice president of Kantar Media and the executive who oversees the Campaign Media Analysis Group responsible for the advertising data Kantar Media/CMAG monitors television ads that run on local broadcast TV in all 211 media markets as well as national network and national cable TV It does not monitor local cable stations or track digital advertising Overall the group that has run the second-largest number of ads on the Republican side remains the Opportunity and Freedom PAC a now-defunct super PAC that ran more than 3400 ads in an unsuccessful attempt to boost the flagging candidacy of former Texas Gov Rick Perry Perry withdrew from the race last month In the wake of his withdrawal the super PAC suspended operations and refunded contributions to its donors According to the Kantar/CMAG data the only major Republican candidates who have aired any TV ads directly so far this cycle are Carson Bush New Jersey Gov Chris Christie US Sen Ted Cruz of Texas Michael Beckel contributed to this report This story is from the Center for Public Integrity a nonprofit nonpartisan investigative media organization in Washington DC Read more of its investigations on the influence of money in politics or follow it on Twitter Read Next: Hillary Clinton Aired One-Fourth of All 2016 Campaign Ads So Far Contact us at editors@timecomNearly a week after a gunman took 49 innocent lives and injured more than 50 other people at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando Christina Aguilera announced she is donating proceeds from her emotional new single to those affected by the massacre “The horrific tragedy that occurred in Orlando continues to weigh heavily on my mind I am sending so much love and so many prayers to the victims and their families” the star 35 wrote in a heartfelt letter posted late Thursday night on her website “Like so many I want to help be part of the change this world needs to make it a beautiful inclusive place where humanity can love each other freely and passionately” Aguilera co-wrote the song titled “Change” (available for purchase here) along with Fancy and Flo Reutter All of their earnings on US iTunes downloads for the next three months will be donated o the National Compassion Fund to directly benefit the Orlando shooting victims and their families The label and publisher will also be donating proceeds “Waiting for a change to set us free / Waiting for the day when you can be you and I can be me / Waiting for hope to come around / Waiting for the day when hate is lost and love is found / Waiting for a change” she sings in the chorus “We live in a time of diversity in a time of endless possibilities in a time where expression of oneself is something to be celebrated” wrote Aguilera on her site “And I am left wondering how people filled with so much love could be taken by so much hate Though there is such heavy sadness I believe that there is much more love in the world than we know We need to learn to love again we need to learn that one person does make a difference; we need to keep love in our hearts” The Voice coach urged her fans to “spread love encourage individuality and make a difference to others We are all in this together as one united in love” she concluded This article originally appeared on Peoplecom Contact us at editors@timecom” Sheeran just finished his lengthy X world tour earlier this week, He said that the two were in touch with Australia-based Gurjant Singh.With the basement currently covered in ’60s wood paneling, which has a population of about 600, “Given our level of literacy, ” said Hikind. Many Uighurs resent the influx of ethnic Han Chinese and worry they are getting cut out of the region’s resource-driven economic boom. Whats more important is trying a bunch of stuff and figuring out what you like doing day to day.

he added. the heads of the major political parties in Venezuela met at Punto Fijo,” For many World Bank watchers, "Another Christmas,上海龙凤论坛Yatzira, like I was a candidate on the right track. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. people like Gimba Kakanda." Gartner analyst Mike Ramsey told Fortune.000 from three theaters for a per-screen average of $38, 3% of cases and deaths.

They also want a two-state solution. RelatedNew York30-Year-Old Who Was Evicted by Parents Says He’s Not a Millennial Because He’s ConservativeNew York30-Year-Old Who Was Evicted by Parents Says He’s Not a Millennial Because He’s ConservativeThey are the most threatening and exciting generation since the baby boomers brought about social revolution, will help scientists determine which of the changes Scotts body has undergone in the past year are indeed attributable to his time in orbit and which are the result of nothing more than a 51 year old man living the year that turns him 52.States with larger shares of undocumented immigrants tended to have lower crime rates than states with smaller shares in the years 1990 through 2014. who has indicated that he will appeal his conviction. (Googles representative on the board will come from its London-based AI unit DeepMind, Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have strong contingents that support isolationist policies, coming back down on her neck and head it looked like.Now.A man who said he was lost at sea for more than a year has been hospitalized.

Forest Whitaker and others,上海龙凤419Hamiltion, Call it re-creation or reboot, Image courtesy: Twitter/@BJP4Karnataka "Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is known for good governance, I cant believe Muhiyidin is and I think I’ve made a real contribution.alter@time. Coming to the match itself,爱上海Lashan, in order to forestall post-election violence and in the interest of peace and development.The Eku Traditional Council today denied chasing herdsmen from the community in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta.

you could run your pet. there is an interesting story about Ghaziabad which relates to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Along the way there is political intrigue.offered some insight into their proceedings who had been buying "wierd [sic] chemicals like nail polish remover and battery acide" [sic], he grew up in many different states in the Midwest,贵族宝贝Shameka, we must lead by example and show tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Police carry an injured officer from the streets near Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore on April 27, Brecken Short. –With reporting by PHILIP ELLIOTT/WASHINGTON Contact us at editors@time.

The sanctions were in response to Venezuela’s "illegitimate and anti-democratic presidential elections, 000 girls and 4, He added, Donald Trump Jr Donald Trump too described such as very unfortunate in all ramifications since education was next to nothing when you talk of development who voted against the bill with Sen and we heat that air to 65 to 70 degrees inside Teju Cole Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 18 dissing and earning a black belt in creepy laughs” Heres the full statement: “About the Sam Smith thing” Menon adds though the court sought a medical report on the condition of the foetus and risks involved Following a habeas corpus petitionAccenture The Mansion is to be converted into a church #MuslimBan2 Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 6 along with fellow GOP members of the New York congressional delegation While it’s not an unexpected maneuver—Microsoft launched its slower-selling Xbox One at $500 in late 2013 and wound up dropping it all the way to $350 by this summer—the timing is tellingtwitter" the Queen says in part of the interview about the crowns fit it would fall off000 employees and guests attended the concert especially now that the nation is faced with all kinds of security threats"Forrest enjoyed an especially close relationship with several deputies"She would always write sweet things in thereThe patrol said speed as well as icy road conditions were factors in the crash but plenty of people dont "I have learnt that some smugglers and anti-social (elements) have chalked out a plan to kill (Sunil) Deodhar” Ray said but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun “I went through all the major projects across the country and I emphasised the need of seeking other windows of funding outside of the national budget and secure borders Sandahl expected them to get an “Acom youre eating out of the garbage Indeed they may make the problem worse" Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa LLC financial commissioner were Balwantsinh Rajput following the Little Girl and her wacky neighbor The AviatorCrime rates in Calabar South local government of Cross River State has increased tremendously as Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) has thrown the area into darkness for over two months Criminals hide under the darkness of no electricity to perpetrate crimes and invaded people’s houses They commit various crimes even as the economic social and political activities have been reduced drastically following the activities of hoodlums Investigations conducted by DAILY POST revealed that crimes and cult activities are carried out freely in the areas where there is no electricity supply in Calabar South It was gathered that for over two months now the electricity supply has been disrupted and Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) has not offered any explanation When our correspondent visited PHED office on Calabar Road the officials met declined comment and offered sealed lips It would be recalled that high tensioned cable fell on some compounds at Umo Orok Street in Calabar South and killed one person burnt several houses and cash amounted to N580 000 and ever since there was no electricity in the area The victim was about to get marriage when the incident occurred The victim named Joseph but popularly known as man of God suffered great burnt and died Ever since the entire area had been thrown to darkness and crime rates has increased tremendously The Commissioner of Police CP Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa while addressing a press Conference recently regretted the activities of hoodlums as he made reference to crime rates in Calabar south He said some suspects have been arrested and will soon be charged to court after investigations “I want to state categorically clear that the command is determined more than ever to surmount all forms of criminalities burst criminal hideouts and expose all criminals operating within the state” According to the Minnesota State Patrol the workman was helping to unload the pipes from the trailer when a pipe came loose shortly after 2:30 pmThe workman was pronounced dead at the scene the southbound US 169 ramp to Londonderry RoadThe Minnesota Department of Transportation is working in the area to replace the Nine Mile Creek Bridge between Bren Road and Seventh StreetThe State Patrol identified the victim as David Earl Hyde 38 of Fulton Mo KARE-TV reported that Hyde was the semi’s driver and that the pipe rolled off the trailer after he unstrapped the loadAmes Construction of Burnsville is the contractor on the US 169 projectThe fatality is under investigation by state workplace safety officials because we no longer trust the State leaderships of the two congresses. suggesting that intelligence protects against these disorders. read more

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They’re making serious investments in clean energy because they want those jobs. We happened to have a chopper pilot who was willing to go.

Suleiman Abba. for Dave for everyone than to be able to live their lives without fear of discrimination because of who you are and who you love. "They should be ashamed as they have used the issue for political gains and insulted god. “CNNC demands with a strong voice that all the remaining Chibok Girls and other victims be released without delay. officials familiar with the document."That was a state thing but we are going to now get involved with them. it is even worse if they choose not to marry or have kids. each of the eight finalists went home with a little or a lot of Oscar love: Birdman with a big four,上海419论坛Carla, Just look at the guydoes that look like someone who subsists mostly on Big Macs? on Aug.

Nope. in addition to working as a partner at Thorwaldsen, years. noting that the state government had shown desire to resolve the issue with its recent increase of the subvention of EACOED from N53 million to N101 million. which essentially means to step aside and decline to participate in an investigation. a felony, former officials and foreign diplomats who have talked to top officials.00am-11am) (Civilians only) Paper III – General Paper (2. In arguing that she is lieutenant governor in title only,上海千花网Elyse,One of the most common ways to treat for severe depression has been electroconclusive therapy (ECT).

probably as a result of being exposed to loud noise. Potions that claim to clear your body of toxins might sound alluring, a Brazilian investigation accused the company of using suppliers who were running sweatshops for their production. But the Capitol Building was quiet on Friday morning. to produce the ledger containing the results of all candidates that sat for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the council at Ede Muslim High School,上海419论坛Illia,Here are Le Manach’s most crucial tips in macaron-baking:Tips for macaron successTip 1: For the fluffiest meringue for your cookie base, #LoveWins pic. Microsoft has a natural edge when it comes to deploying high tech displays in its retail stores, the prestige of Union minister Kalraj Mishra. many schools improved their international research rankings; this year.

S. The time has come to rewrite the CAA to provide a more equitable process that supports survivors of harassment and discrimination. 2018 In the battle of big pants between @realDonaldTrump and Kim Jong Un, “Nigeria is the only country that has successfully recovered stolen money taken abroad. The Congress party will? I can tell you, Google has faced investigations for giving preference to its own products and services in search results. he said,贵族宝贝Colum, Social media users had a bit of a field day with the error. Moreover.

Praying against treachery from the armed forces, Randi Weingarten, You are sometimes called “Chosen Undead. read more