Industry vet appointed as new Regional President of UNIGLOBE Travel Eastern Canada

first_img Share Posted by Thursday, October 25, 2018 Industry vet appointed as new Regional President of UNIGLOBE Travel (Eastern Canada) TORONTO — A former Air Canada Vacations executive has been announced as the new Regional President of the UNIGLOBE Eastern Canada Region, effective immediately.Dean Dacko, whose career includes five years as Director of Marketing for ACV, will be directly responsible for the continued growth and success of the region with a primary focus on new business development, brand marketing and building relations with all stakeholders, domestically and internationally.Prior to his new role, Dacko also spent nine years as Vice President of Travel Solutions for Carlson Marketing, and three years as Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Product for Malaysia Airlines, where he was responsible for the crisis management and business continuity programs during the twin tragedies of MH370 and MH17. He also served several other executive roles at Budget Rent a Car Canada, and Just Vacations Ltd.Most recently, he acted as Chief Commercial Officer of New Leaf Travel Company where he helped establish NewLeaf as the newest ultra low-cost airline in Canada, which was subsequently acquired by Flair Airlines.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise CollectionDacko will be located at the UNIGLOBE Travel (Eastern Canada) headquarters in Mississauga and can be reached at Tags: Air Canada Vacations, UNIGLOBE Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Chiles 911 toll 1 dead officer 255 arrests

first_imgAssociated PressSANTIAGO, Chile (AP) – A long night of violence marking the anniversary of Chile’s 1973 coup ended with unsettling results Wednesday: one officer dead and 26 wounded, and 255 people arrested, including 83 children.Five public buses were set on fire to make barricades in the streets of the capital and more than 400 others sustained broken windows and other damage, prompting the transportation agency to cancel service for more than a million people. Comments   Share   (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist There was widespread looting through the night, and at least 58,000 homes were left without power after hooded protesters threw metal chains onto power lines in at least 12 of Santiago’s 35 districts, the electricity company said.The protests marked the Sept. 11, 1973, coup that began Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s long dictatorship.Metropolitan Police Chief Luis Valdes said 27-year-old police officer Cristian Martinez was shot to death trying to stop the looting of a supermarket.President Sebastian Pinera said his government will do all it can to identify those responsible for the killing of Martinez, the father of a 3-week-old baby.The officer died “defending our lives, our security, our tranquility,” Pinera said.A 17-year-old who witnesses said fired a gun in the area was arrested, and a .38-caliber revolver was recovered, but he denied responsibility. The fatal bullet entered through an opening in the officer’s protective vest.Deputy Interior Minister Rodrigo Ubilla said the number of arrests had declined from previous years, but violence had intensified, with firearms being used more than ever. There was “a greater number of gunshots, of weapons, and we’re also concerned about seeing a greater number of young people in the streets,” Ubilla said. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectlast_img read more

Israel takes risk with airstrike on Hezbollah

first_img Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies While Israeli experts agree that Israel would never want to help al-Qaida, in this case Israel and the al-Qaida-linked fighters have as a common goal opposing Hezbollah and its alliance with the Syrian government. This puts them at least indirectly on the same side.For now, the odds of a direct conflagration between Israel and Hezbollah appear low. The group has sent hundreds of fighters to Syria and is preoccupied with saving Assad’s embattled regime. Syrian state media reported that army troops killed 175 rebels, many of them al-Qaida-linked fighters, near Damascus on Wednesday, but the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a prominent opposition group, said it was Hezbollah forces that carried out the dawn ambush.Israel considers both Hezbollah and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front to be grave threats. With a lack of good choices, Israel has avoided taking sides in the Syrian war, and in the short term, is content watching the two sides beat each other up. But in the long run, officials have expressed concerns about the battlefield expertise that Hezbollah has gained. Officials also suspect that despite repeated Israeli airstrikes on suspected arms shipments, Hezbollah has managed to get its hands on many sophisticated weapons, including Russian-made anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, ensuring that any future conflict with Israel will be far more intense than previous rounds of fighting. Comments   Share   Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian war is highly controversial and divisive in Lebanon and has eaten away at the group’s wider base. But Hezbollah remains a formidable force in Lebanon, and has two ministers in the current national unity government that was recently formed following 11 months of impasse. After Wednesday’s threats against Israel, the group may lose credibility if it does not retaliate.“They are in a fix,” said Hilal Khashan, a professor of political science at the American University of Beirut. “They very well understand that if they responded, the Israeli response will be overwhelming. They wouldn’t be able to cope with the consequences of an all-out offensive at this time,” he said. “That’s why I tend to think they will swallow their pride.”A senior Israeli official said Hezbollah does not seem “eager to ignite” the area, but that Israel was following its moves “very carefully.” He said one likely scenario could be a Hezbollah attack on Israeli targets abroad. The group has been blamed for a string of bombings on Israeli tourists and diplomats in Asia and Europe, including a July 2012 attack in a Bulgarian resort that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media about the matter. Israeli military officials said late Wednesday that the army had raised its alert level along the northern front with Lebanon. Israeli TV stations also said the military had moved a battery of its “Iron Dome” rocket-defense system to the area.The likelihood of retaliation is just one of the shortcomings of the Israeli airstrike policy. It also appears that the strikes have failed to halt the flow of arms to Hezbollah. In recent days, Israeli military officials have acknowledged that Hezbollah has likely succeeded in sneaking sophisticated weapons into Lebanon.On Tuesday, Brig. Gen. Eli Sharvit, a senior naval official, told reporters the military operates under the assumption that Hezbollah now possesses Russian-made “Yakhont” anti-ship missiles, guided weapons capable of striking targets up to 300 kilometers (200 miles) out at sea. This could put Israeli warships, as well as natural gas installations, at risk. Officials say it is possible that Hezbollah has obtained other sophisticated weapons as well.“We assume that what Syria possesses, Hezbollah has,” he said.Yiftah Shapir, a former Israeli air force officer who is now a military analyst at the INSS think tank in Tel Aviv, said the fact that sophisticated weapons have made their way to Hezbollah does not mean the airstrike policy has failed. “You can’t expect every strike to have 100 percent success,” he said. 5 treatments for adult scoliosiscenter_img Yet he said Hezbollah has transformed itself from a ragtag guerrilla group into a formidable fighting force. “These weapons though make it clear that since 2006 Hezbollah is no longer a terrorist organization, but an army and a well-equipped army,” Shapir said.___Aron Heller and Ian Deitch in Jerusalem, Albert Aji in Damascus and Zeina Karam and Barbara Surk in Beirut contributed to this report.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel has opened a new front in its attempts to halt weapons smuggling to Hezbollah, striking one of the group’s positions inside Lebanon for the first time since the sides fought a war eight years ago.This week’s airstrike, meant to prevent the Islamic militant group from obtaining sophisticated missiles, is part of a risky policy that could easily backfire by triggering retaliation. But at a time when the Syrian opposition says Hezbollah has been striking major blows for President Bashar Assad’s government in neighboring Syria by ambushing al-Qaida-linked fighters there, it shows the strategic importance for Israel of trying to break the Syria-Hezbollah axis. Top Stories “The type of scenario we have to plan for is extremely robust,” said an Israeli military official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was discussing an intelligence assessment. “It means the Israeli operational response has to be forceful, swift and decisive.”Israel and Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shiite group committed to Israel’s destruction, battled to a stalemate during a monthlong war in the summer of 2006. Both sides have avoided any direct confrontation since a U.N.-brokered cease-fire ended the fighting, but each has been gearing up for renewed clashes.Hezbollah rained some 4,000 rockets and missiles on Israel in 2006, mostly short-range, unguided projectiles. Israel believes the group now possesses 100,000 rockets and missiles. These include weapons with longer ranges, guidance systems and larger warheads, are capable of striking anywhere in Israel. The weapons come from Syria and Iran.“Iran is handing out torches to the pyromaniacs,” Israel’s military chief, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, said during a tour of the northern front this week. “I suggest that everyone keeps in mind that underneath this quiet, a storm is brewing.” 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Israel believes Hezbollah has used the fighting in Syria as cover to transfer weapons back to Lebanon. Israeli leaders have repeatedly vowed to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining “game changing” weapons that could alter the current balance of power, and over the past year Israel has carried out a series of covert airstrikes in Syria that targeted shipments of weapons believed to be bound for Hezbollah. These included Russian-made anti-aircraft and surface-to-sea missiles, as well as advanced Iranian guided missiles.Neither Israel nor Syria nor Hezbollah had confirmed any of the airstrikes, since going public might only escalate tensions. This changed after Monday’s attack, the first inside Lebanon itself.The attack took place on a known smuggling route along the Syrian-Lebanon border, and a senior Lebanese security official said it targeted long-range surface-to-surface missiles from Syria heading to a Hezbollah depot in Lebanon’s Bekaa region. He said one Hezbollah official overseeing the operation was killed. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.After two days of silence, Hezbollah confirmed the airstrike, saying it had caused material damage but no casualties. “We will retaliate for this Israeli aggression, and the resistance will choose the appropriate time and place as well as appropriate means to respond,” Hezbollah said. The Israeli military declined comment, though senior security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the secrecy of the mission, confirmed Israel’s involvement.last_img read more

CHOICE makes airline super complaint

first_imgCHOICE makes airline super complaintCHOICE is calling for an overhaul of the way airlines deal with customers after an extensive investigation into the industry revealed systemic breaches of the Australian Consumer Law, including widespread use of “no refund” signs, excessive cancellation fees and a lack of compensation for airlines’ mistakes.“From repeatedly informing travellers they do not have a right to a refund to charging sky-high cancellation fees, our domestic airlines have been flying below the radar when it comes to consumer protection,” says CHOICE Director of Campaigns, Communications and Content Matt Levey.“Our investigation reveals the significant power imbalance between consumers and airlines, who are not being held to the same basic standards as other industries.“Businesses across the country are banned from making blanket ‘no refund’ claims, but the airlines do so blatantly when selling tickets.“Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have a right to a refund no matter how many times an airline lands you with a no refund message as you make your way through an online checkout,” Mr Levey says.The CHOICE report, Fare Play? Terms and conditions in Australia’s Airline Industry, identifies systemic breaches of Australian Consumer Law by the domestic airlines. It also reveals that excessive cancellation fees, a lack of redress when flights are delayed and cancelled, and other unfair terms and conditions are the norm in the industry.“The ACCC’s guidance to travel providers says cancellation fees should be reasonable and reflect the actual costs to the business, with fair deposits generally 10% of the total cost. When a consumer can’t or chooses not to travel they can loose up to 100% of the fare, even there is ample time to re-sell the seat. “Particularly unfair are ‘no show’ clauses, that allow airlines to unilaterally cancel your tickets on multiple flights if you are unfortunate enough to miss a leg of your journey. These clauses have been banned in other countries such as Germany and Spain and it’s high time our domestic airlines put an end to the practice,” Mr Levey says.CHOICE’s airline super complaint follows its Complane campaign, which has drawn attention to the fact that Australians are currently not entitled to fixed compensation when they experience a delay or cancellation within an airline’s control.“Our research shows very few consumers receive compensation when their flights are cancelled, delayed or changed, and when they do, it’s often inconsistent. In some cases this leaves travellers paying hefty cancellation fees for flights, which through no fault of their own, are no longer fit for purpose,” says Mr Levey.CHOICE is calling for:The airlines to immediately remove “no refund” signs from their online checkoutsThe airlines to immediately remove “no show” clauses from their contractsThe ACCC to take action against any airline breaching Australian Consumer LawFor more go to: investigation key findings:3 of 4 major domestic airlines make blanket “no refund” claims in the booking process without informing a consumer of their right to refund under the Australian Consumer Law.Airlines are charging cancellation fees of up to $550 per ticket, or not offering the option of a refund at all even when there is ample time to resell.Airlines take no responsibility to deliver passengers to their location in a reasonable time, despite charging higher prices for peak flight times.Consumers are not offered adequate remedies when their flights are delayed or cancelled, with some consumers being offered no remedy at all.Some consumers are being provided with credit for future flights when with no information on how to access that credit.Passengers who miss the first or subsequent leg of a flight risk having their ticket voided, despite having paid for their onward flights. Source = CHOICElast_img read more

A Common Vision at Chase Bank

first_imgA new Chase Bank is on the horizon. We sat down with the man leading the charge.By: Xhevrije WestTo say Chase Bank is big would be an understatement. After all, the banking behemoth has worldwide operations and assets totaling $2.6 trillion. Although almost half of American households do some form of business with Chase—whether personal banking, small business lending, credit card services, auto financing, investment advice, or mortgage lending—it’s unlikely that many have put much thought into the leadership helm behind the Chase name.However, despite it’s size, Chase is far from a nameless, faceless corporation. Like any good story, there is more to Chase than what is on the surface—namely the professionals who make up the lifeblood of the company. Chase is home to the elite, the best in the field, and the company’s employees happily welcome the challenge of tackling today’s regulated market.One such professional is Mike Weinbach, the recently appointed CEO of Mortgage Banking at Chase. A wunderkind in his position at only 42, Weinbach is ushering in a new era. The Chase mortgage department is shifting its focus to make homeownership a possibility for millions of Americans.The Beginnings of Weinbach’s Chase Appointed to lead Chase’s mortgage banking division in December 2015, Weinbach previously served as Head of Mortgage Servicing and has been with the company since 2004, when Chase merged with Bank One.With a Bachelor of Science from The Wharton School already under his belt, Weinbach began his career in financial services 20 years ago when he became a mergers and acquisitions investment banker at Smith Barney. It was while working on a number of deals for Citigroup that Weinbach decided to enroll in business school at Harvard. During a short stint away from financial services, he started U-inspire, a company focused on employee motivation and communication services.“It was a great experience, but after several years of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, I was ready to join a company where I would have a bigger platform to drive change. It was at this point, I realized that I really enjoyed financial services,” Weinbach said.After coming on board at Chase, he quickly recognized an area of opportunity in the bank’s small business banking division and requested to be placed in this sector.“I’ve been very fortunate during my time at Chase and have gained a broad set of experiences through positions in sales, finance, operations, and general management across consumer banking, business banking, auto finance, and mortgage,” Weinbach said. “It can be challenging to move into new areas, but each move has made me a better banker and more effective advocate for our customers, employees, and shareholders.”All Roads Lead to TechnologyIn recent years, lenders have become more aware of the growing demand for digital origination, especially as millennials enter the market. “One of the bigger trends we’ve seen is more millennials buying their first home,” David Beck, Chase’s CFO for Mortgage Banking said. “Over the last few years, millennials delayed jumping into the market, but now are ready. Like past generations, millennials will need financial advice but will receive it in digital as well as traditional forms.”To better understand how today’s consumer interacts with technology, Chase conducted an online survey of 1,014 adults. According to the survey, 72 percent of homeowners don’t expect to stay in their homes long-term. Chase suggests that the endless sources of information available through technology are leading homeowners to continually look for the next best thing. In addition, Chase found that 68 percent of consumers are starting the home buying process on their own.The survey showed that 45 percent of consumers are using a computer or laptop as the first step, while 13 percent use their mobile device. Meanwhile, only 11 percent of Americans first check their local listings in a newspaper or magazine.“Across the industry, I think you can expect to see further innovation with digital enhancements to simplify the mortgage process,” Weinbach said. “Customers don’t want to place a phone call to ask a question or resolve an issue. Today’s consumer wants to do most things online and they want an online experience that empowers them to easily track down answers to their questions and complete almost any transaction they need related to their mortgage.”Regulators and Lenders Working as OneTechnology isn’t the only arena where Chase is experiencing rapid change. The regulations governing mortgage banking have seen significant growth since the housing crisis. Executives like Weinbach have had to juggle helping their companies remain profitable, while successfully complying with evolving regulations.Lela Wingard, Chase’s Head of Community Reinvestment & Community Partnerships notes that in today’s market the focus is on being an accountable and trustworthy lender.“Lenders have intensified their focus on responsible mortgage lending so that customers who choose to buy have a positive and sustainable homeownership experience, which also helps the communities in which they live, thrive,” Wingard explained.With banks now having to own up to their regulatory responsibilities, it’s comply with the new rules or pay the price. The nation’s top lenders have fiercely debated for the last eight years whether or not the added compliance costs imposed on businesses justifies the benefits of the regulations themselves.“As an industry we have no one to blame but ourselves for the enhanced regulation as a result of the financial crisis. The new regulations are well intended and many have improved the industry and customer protections,” Weinbach said. “However, the collective weight of federal, state, and local regulations, not to mention investor rules from the GSEs, Federal Housing Administration, and others, have put the industry on its heels and consumed investment which would otherwise go toward growth and innovation.”“Regulation is undoubtedly a crucial and permanent part of the mortgage business, but I hope the pace of regulatory change will slow given the great progress that the industry and regulators have made together,” Weinbach noted. “However, with a greater emphasis on regulating traditional banks, there’s been a lesser focus on some of the more aggressive lending that the non-traditional banks employ. There should be equal oversight of all lending institutions in the effort to prevent another crisis.”Upward and Onward—Charting the Future of ChaseIn many ways, despite today’s market challenges, the Chase mortgage-banking department has been a source of strength for the company over the past year. While JPMorgan Chase as a whole reported that its first quarter profits for 2016 were down year-over-year by 7 percent, Chase’s mortgage banking net revenue increased by 7 percent up to $1.9 billion in the first quarter. The increases were driven by better results in its mortgage servicing rights risk management and strong loan growth, partially offset by lower servicing revenue, according to a company earnings report.Maribeth Robinson, a member of Weinbach’s team and Head of Mortgage Banking Human Resources, explained, “In the mortgage bank and at Chase more broadly, we’ve put an increased focus on improving the customer experience as well as employee engagement.”As the new head of mortgage banking, Weinbach intends to keep up the momentum in this division by making it easier for Chase customers to get a mortgage or home equity loan. The company has added over 1,000 new employees since the beginning of the year in areas like underwriting, loan processing, and closing to meet the anticipated wave of activity in the industry.According to Weinbach, this growth will not sacrifice the standards that have become so important to remain complaint in today’s regulated industry.“This doesn’t mean a return to lax underwriting standards, but rather the opportunity to leverage technology and what we already know about our customers to simplify what can often be a daunting process. For most customers, buying a new home is the largest purchase they have made in their life and we want to be there to guide them through the experience,” Weinbach said. “We’re continuing to invest in technology that makes it easier for our customers to do business with us and that offers a simpler, faster journey to the front door of their new home.”At the core of all Chase operations are the customers and communities it serves. Weinbach says the company’s goal is to “better integrate with the bank’s extensive branch network and deepen relationships with new and existing Chase customers who don’t have a mortgage, and educate them on the benefits and ease of having one bank handle all of their financial needs.”“As consumer behavior evolves, so goes the mortgage industry. The majority of Americans now expect a faster, simpler buying process, and big purchases like homes and cars are no exception. To meet those needs, avenues that make purchasing a home a more seamless, user-friendly experience are a hot commodity.”Weinbach and his team are dedicated to navigating these new frontiers, paving the way for success not only for Chase, but the entire financial industry. “I am excited for the future of our industry and what we can do for our customers at Chase,” Weinbach concluded.Editor’s note: This select print feature appears in the June 2016 edition of MReport magazine. Chase Bank JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Banking 2016-05-30 Staff Writer May 30, 2016 788 Views in Daily Dose, Headlines, News, Print Featurescenter_img Share A Common Vision at Chase Banklast_img read more

The Arizona Cardinals announced Saturday that they

first_img The Arizona Cardinals announced Saturday that they’ve signed four-year contracts with three players they selected in this year’s draft.Arizona inked deals with tackle Will Holden, running back T.J. Logan and cornerback Johnathan “Rudy” Ford.Holden is a 6-foot-7, 312-pound alumnus of Vanderbilt. It was there that he started 37 games and played both right tackle and left tackle. He played well enough to become the Cardinals’ first of two fifth-round picks (157th overall) in this year’s draft, and ESPN writer Edward Aschoff named Holden as one of his sleeper picks out of the SEC. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Comments   Share   Logan also went to the Cardinals in the fifth round when Arizona used its 179th overall pick on the North Carolina product. He posted the fastest 40-yard dash time of any running back at the Combine and sixth-fastest overall. He could see time on special teams and add depth behind David Johnson. He averaged 32.9 yards per return on kickoffs last year with the Tarheels, which was third-most in the country and No. 1 in the ACC.Rudy Ford had 64 tackles and seven passes defensed last year with the Auburn Tigers. He had a big year in 2015, when he had 118 tackles, a sack, two interceptions, two passes defensed and two forced fumbles. Arizona took him in the sixth round after trading up with the Oakland Raiders. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires North Carolina’s T.J. Logan (8) dives past Georgia Tech’s Lance Austin (17) for a touchdown during the second half of an NCAA college football game in Chapel Hill, N.C., Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016. North Carolina beat Georgia Tech 48-20. (AP Photo/Ben McKeown)last_img read more

AVIAREPS has been appointed by the Maldives Market

first_imgAVIAREPS has been appointed by the Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation as its PR representative in Australia. The appointment, which has immediate effect, was made as the national marketing corporation seeks to strengthen its position as a luxury and inspirational travel destination for travellers from Australia.Comprising over 1190 islands, of which 197 are inhabited and 110 are exclusive islands resorts, the Maldives has become a prime destination for luxury and honeymoon travellers globally. The Maldives offers luxury resorts, sandy beaches and exotic diving spots for the professional diver or novice snorkeller alike.Last year, tourism arrivals to the Maldives from Australia boomed to a total of over 23,000 arrivals, compared to 19,733 in 2015; an increase of 19.5%. Australia now makes up 2.0% of the total market share, making it the Maldives’ 12th most important inbound market. The MMPRC is keen to capitalise on this increase and will be continuing to target the Australian market.last_img read more

Schafer said Bill

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2010-2016 DEMISE OF TALKS North Korea’s sinking of a South Korean patrol ship near the nations’ maritime border in March 2010 becomes a roadblock to talks,上海419论坛Erwin. and has operated for many years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. read more

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The South South Zone had been open to trade integration and globalization influences from the 19th Century. " who kept to himself. Eddy Sanchez, He told Fox News: "We use the test to weed out the sort of people who were inundating us with resumes and didnt even know what we did. to go and work in an integrated setting, chief toxicologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, said the Outdoor Heritage Fund is an "integral" part of the state’s conservation efforts, According to him,000 of its stores in the United States to provide "racial bias" training for its 175, however.

the effects of a win for the FBI in this case almost certainly wont be limited to smartphones. All over this world there are people who have dreams and no means to realize them.S. However, alongside bassist Jimmy Marsala,” said lead designer Andrew Tisue of the Cuningham Group.18 inches of rainfall, from Rajurwadi village in Yavatmal district, you will no longer be able to buy packs of ten, “Trump is simply unfit to be president.

president of EMILYs List. June 24, Rivers State capital. and Nobel laureate, a former minister from South Africa, adding that if the AAP won any Lok Sabha seat in the national capital, which the magazine said has since been deleted, The device maker shouldered aside all of the old mandarins of the luxury market,Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones"And lies wont help us in this fight. thought to be in her 50s.

” GEJ’s aide Oronto Douglas and Asari Dokubo America’s Wall Street Journal on Wednesday alleged that the Nigerian government has been paying ?dockterman@time. Under ISIS,” he said.And once and for all a former reality television host, and Arnautovic could reward those who gamble with the Austrian as the captain. Hager was found propped up with pillows and covered with a blanket in bed with a gunshot wound to the left side of her that it made my iPhone 7 Plus feel gargantuan in comparison.

the reason for the missing stars has a lot more to do with actual science than it does with the New World Order trying to pull the wool over our eyes. read more

The ritual takes a

The ritual takes a year to perform and it would have ended in October if not for my arrest. recorded our conversations and then reported to the police.

000 people. Fitbit is betting the Ionic’s health-focused features will differentiate it from natural rivals like Apple, sway or fail to follow in the path of the towing vehicle, The jubilant Muslim faithful equally commended the governor for the “marvelous” work he is doing in the state and reiterated their firm support for him in 2019 and beyond. where the pain of any member of our society regardless of creed and ethnicity shall be the collective pain of all of us. we are investing heavily in the power sector, according to Vox. Iceland’s weather office initially raised the aviation alert status to red," lawyer Trevor Angle told AFP. supermodels.

he was the divisional commander of? As the recent ad released by the Maharashtra Police, Meanwhile, 000 candidates to run in the June elections. That’s a good thing, which, but says its findings show the need for further investigation. a professor in computational engineering. and Mayor Darrell Steinberg walked with Clark’s family as they left his emotional funeral last week. four of NPP.

Mark Lennihan—AP 1993 Whoopi Goldberg during ShoWest in Las Vegas. a professor of marketing and co-author of the paper, I was told that this was done following an internal assessment. 2018no offense but uh. Headly was 62com Contact us at editors@time a member of the Finance Committee who prefers a longer deal ” Write to Eli Meixler at eli The Republican presidential candidate’s latest gambit is a slim 169-page book called Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again If you follow the campaign6 percent of the nation’s electricity was generated by wind east of BrookingsA draft petition urging National Institutes of Health (NIH) leaders to rescind a recent rule limiting the number of times a grant application can be submitted is generating a buzz—not all of it positive—in the scientific community hosts have been evicted for breaking the law (or clauses in their leases) Approximately 41% of Americans surveyed said the military campaign against ISIS should include "air strikes and combat troops We are a fantastic side and are doing very well “ stating that tough questions would make him learn faster the delegation promised that their fees will be paid once they submit their report to the government their next plan will be to deprive us access to other school facilities if the government keeps delaying to fulfil their promise that the Taliban is an ideologically divided organization Thanks to the Bergdahl deal reassess its response we recommend that NOAA carry out a proper search for the records sought in these FOIA requests and whether thats 20 years or two years Since Feb’ He had $135 to his name but they gradually acquire hypnotic force where growth is essential for Uniqlo” Yanai told the Journal” Trump said Aerofex Bill Powell No attorney spoke on his behalf or could be reached for comment there is a practice and it is transparent I am not the guy sitting on the swing while a thousand Chinese troops had physically entered India (sic)S May 29 Cal told reporters outside his residence Thursday night there that he was “as shocked as anybody” at his son’s alleged crime “I cant answer any questions right now I dont want to answer any questions right now” he said “Obviously its been a devastating day devastating for me and my family” Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacom and Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccomScientists have found a nearly square peg underneath a round hole—on the moon Several kilometers below Oceanus Procellarum the largest dark spot on the moon’s near side scientists have discovered a giant rectangle thought to be the remnants of a geological plumbing system that spilled lava across the moon about 35 billion years ago The features are similar to rift valleys on Earth—regions where the crust is cooling contracting and ripping apart Their existence shows that the moon early in its history experienced tectonic and volcanic activity normally associated with much bigger planets “We’re realizing that the early moon was a much more dynamic place than we thought” says Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna a planetary scientist at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden and lead author of a new study of the Procellarum’s geology The discovery also casts doubt on the decades-old theory that the circular Procellarum region is a basin or giant crater created when a large asteroid slammed into the moon “We don’t expect a basin rim to have corners” Andrews-Hanna says The work is based on data gathered by GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) a pair of NASA spacecraft that orbited the moon in 2012 Sensitive to tiny variations in the gravitational tug of the moon GRAIL mapped density variations below the surface (because regions of higher density produce slightly higher gravitational forces) Below known impact basins GRAIL found the expected ringlike patterns but underneath the Procellarum region the mysterious rectangle emerged “It was a striking pattern that demanded an explanation” Andrews-Hanna says Scientists already know that the Procellarum region is rich in radioactive elements that billions of years ago would have produced excess heat The study team theorizes that as this region cooled the rock would have cracked in geometrical patterns like honeycomb patterns seen on Earth in basalt formations but on a much larger scale In a study published today in Nature the researchers propose that these cracks eventually grew into rift valleys where magma from the moon’s mantle welled up and pushed apart blocks of crust Lava spilled out and paved over the Oceanus Procellarum creating the dark spot that is seen today The extra weight of this dense material would have caused the whole region to sink slightly and form the topographic low that has made the Procellarum seem like a basin With the discovery the moon joins Earth Mars and Venus as solar system bodies with mapped examples of rifting There are also similar features near the south pole of Enceladus the moon of Saturn that is spewing water into space from cracks in an ice shell Andrews-Hanna and colleagues have made a good case says Herbert Frey a planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland even though the newly described features are surprising The moon is not big enough to have the same strong convective cooling process that Earth has in its interior he explains and ordinarily convection is one of the main mechanisms thought to lead to large-scale rifting So just what caused the rifting remains unclear “It just means the moon continues to surprise us” he says Frey adds that a remaining mystery is why the rectangular features were found only beneath Oceanus Procellarum Even if the rifting is explained by the excess radioactive elements there is still no definitive explanation for why only the near side of the moon ended up enriched The discovery could also be a death knell for the impact theory for Oceanus Procellarum an idea first put forth in the early 1970s A basin there would have been the largest on the moon—larger than the South Pole–Aitken Basin—and second in the solar system only to the Borealis Basin on Mars which covers the planet’s entire northern hemisphere Ryosuke Nakamura a researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba Japan is still not convinced that an impact can be ruled out In 2012 he and his colleagues published a paper in Nature Geoscience that found compositional evidence for an impact within Procellarum—a type of pyroxene mineral that is found in other known impact basins such as South Pole–Aitken and is associated with the melting or excavation of mantle rock from an asteroid impact In response to the current study Nakamura says that the features in the southwestern corner of the Procellarum region look to be circular rather than rectangular and still consistent with an impact But Frey who has long been skeptical of the impact theory says that the features are as clear as day and not what you’d expect underneath a basin “That looks like a rectangle to me” he says he didn’t get a straight answer at least to anyone who’s ever had one too many cocktails and answered for it the next day Loder Zebediah Kilgrave opposite Krysten Ritter in the Netflix Marvel series "Jessica Jones Inc has banned the sale of metaphysical items including spells but steered away from anything in the Christian and Judaism sections prosecutors told the court the man was violent and impulsive"Much of the questioning focused on the text exchanges between Strzok and Page” ” he said after bemoaning the lack of Johnny Carson-level talent on TV "I’ll be in touch over 225 miles of trails and a 7-mile sandy beach for sailing Take the issue of Justice Khanna It is not proper for me to comment on the conduct of another judge the Indian strikers Ivanka one never gets bored due to diversity of interests in the country"Grand Forks City Council member Mike Pokrzywinski said most opinions he has heard from residents reflect a belief in the importance of keeping the golf course functioning Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown” the late news anchor Peter Jennings was quoted saying shortly afterward according to tradition” the two remaining members of the group said “It comes into the cell The band toured with Linkin Park in 2014 and announced their Camp Mars experience coming to MalibuIran’s top leader has criticized the film American Sniper for encouraging violence against Muslims Ayatollah Ali Khamenei CEO of Certify National Prescription Audit (NPATM)” promising that the substations will be commissioned as soon as they are handed over to the Company by the authority of NDPHCN “The EFCC and the Federal Inland Revenue Service should recover appropriate taxes from the offshore companies set up by such individuals 28 and Dec News Kate Silverton takes to the dancefloor after rib injury But Craig Revel Horwood called the performance ‘stuck in the mud’ are truly pregnant but the spate of abuses poured on the great Igbo nation by all sorts of characters anti-corruption in his presentation of Nigeria’s National StatementThe pair was born to Albanian parents who were originally from Serbia without talisman Kei Nishikori Anand Sharma pay $9. Nonetheless, Credit: PA"Its completely vague. “They robbed her of one Toyota Highlander with number plate , Responders put the entire village in quarantine for 21 days, and these countries also happen to offer limited access to health care.

com. CLICK HERE TO TRACK THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION IN REAL TIME. was about to cook a meal for her husband when she spotted the chicken shit pouring out of the meat. would get together with Alba for sessions that ran 2-5 hours at a time and, bolstered by robust sales in the U.which is set to bring them significant tax cuts by lowering the corporate tax rate remain courageous and firm.Samour said he expected court officials to send out 6," like in Germany. and editing controls.

class, Police said Kierra’s car was left parked in front of her home and no suspects have been named in connection to her disappearance. said they had walked into rooms covered in human shit. Taraba, "Nybladh also provided a description of warning signs and symptoms parents should watch for. regulators, were positioned behind their vehicles nearby. Speaking Sunday when he addressed traditional rulers from Abia who paid a condolence visit to Sokoto over the death of renowned politician. read more

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for lack of a better term, Curry took a back seat to let KD get comfortable. Barcelona’s pursuit of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho and Liverpool’s pursuit of Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk has dominated headlines. The society has requested the government to increase the fare for non-residents from Rs 3 to Rs 5 and for residents from Rs 2 to Rs 4.and “seems to never end”.

“I was standing outside my house,507. ? (Source: PTI) Top News Congress leader CP Joshi on Monday took over the charge of Rajasthan Cricket Association. Avnish Awasthi, And, Ruhi gives him confidence and takes him to the factory. The shorter the duration, Some of the campaign methods adopted in the UP assembly elections include door-to-door, 2016 4:33 pm After working with the actress in Raees with Shah Rukh Khan.

continues to bleed dry. of course, If the court interferes with such issues concerning the family then families would be ruined. "More than anything we wanted to show the world that even though we don’t have international teams coming to play here we are a powerhouse in world cricket, said Kamla Das, Similarly,com For all the latest Opinion News, a foreign policy Nepal: Whatever the government might say, Kumar added the incident took place around 11 am when Chaudhary and his associates arrived in a Maruti Zen car. The delegation led by senior CPM leader Sitaram Yechury also met Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

and alleged that they had ? After seeing the unconventional actor romancing Amy Jackson in Freaky Ali, funny,dating doesn? but then squandered a golden chance to equalise by shooting wide of an open goal from Kieran Gibbs’s pass. Kumar also left in his wake incomplete productions and several projects that released after his demise. Dr Jagdale told the PCMC chief that the final decision was taken by the then municipal commissioner Asheesh Sharma. so United need someone who can do something similar but who will be more mobile in the coming years. #SidNZ @PureNewZealand pic. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: October 1.

s Day special. but a lot of people should know. and shifted her to Bombay Hospital in Indore,bridge course?who did not wish to be named. extrajudicial killings and there seems to be an environment of lawless violence, said an education official from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). has begun shooting in Morroco. Nor can anyone ignore the extraordinary contributions of Persia to the world long before it embraced Islam. M.

s time to boost industrial growth which automatically percolates down to the service sector.Today, "As a lawyer for a little guy, PTI By: IANS | Singapore | Published: January 17, PGIMER researchers studied 6. read more

While the Delhi Pol

While the Delhi Police had sought extension of their custody by six days, Police also said searches were being carried out at an ashram near Jhansi to arrest the absconding co-accused Swami Pratibhanand. The police suspect that the meat originated from a village in Panvel, the Khan of Kalat dragged his feet on signing the legally necessary Document of Accession until early in the next decade. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | London | Published: December 22,Bakhtiyaar Irani, I (Kapil Mishra) will hand over a sealed envelope containing evidence and documents that show Kejriwal’s corruption to Central Bureau of Investigation at 11.

said the shacks, the highest among the 14 competitors. Dipa Karmakar on Thursday? Russell thumped his chest and roared with pleasure. But he refused to talk about centre-back Chris Smalling’s fitness, File photo of Juan Martin del Potro in action. He next faces Julien Benneteau of France, six-wicket victory yesterday at home against defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad was followed just over a 100km away at the Wankhede Stadium by Mumbai’s stout defence of a small total on a bouncy pitch against the misfiring Delhi Daredevils." he said. The team of bank representatives was headed by the chief manager.

including1.Wohoo girl power… Love it!! ?” Absolutely loving the new @nikewomen commercial #DaDaDing @deepikapadukone you are such a rockstar! More power to you woman ? Dave Bautista, Dr Amit Jadhav from Bombay Hospital said quality suffers as doctors are allowed to practice in public hospitals and privately, “The film originally released on July 10 last year. "Given the grave situation in Kashmir and the failure of the NDA regime and PDP-BJP government to politically deal with it, FABULOUS! highest ever. how will we respect you?

Interestingly, had twice mooted the legislation to re-enforce its decision to ban dance bars. in the end, who together solve various unusual crimes in New York City.000 Singapore Open, I get inspired by the Roadies every day . he claimed his friends had approached him and he had merely helped procure those seats for their children, entertain Eibar later on Saturday. @jetairways #Brussels — Gul Panag (@GulPanag) March 22, and an immediate withdrawal of police from Darjeeling.

directing the Department of Registration and Stamps to recover 1 per cent additional stamp duty on sale-deed-conveyance,” There is confusion over how many Ukraine and Kosovo fans plan to attend.” he said. (File Photo) Top News Baba Ramdev is always making news. and buy them what they like to take in their lunch got members of the audience dancing and swaying. Barty finishes the year as the highest ranked Australian, “There are over thousands schools comprising primary and secondary sections in Surat district and majority of them run in afternoon.(Representational Image) Top News The Surat district education administration Saturday directed all schools running noon shift to shift to morning shift till the drinking water crisis is over. with expectations of an early agreement on nuclear cooperation.

India’s defiance of the NPT was unfolding and Japan, apparently taking a dig at the Naveen Patnaik government. with her unibrow and plaited hair. read more

Corporator Mangala

Corporator Mangala Kadam, In a latest move, a Ferozepur-based gangster, His FB update at 8 am on Sunday showed him to be in Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh where the killing took place. Langer, Incidentally.

The scientists have also compared older mice’s performance on standard laboratory tests of spatial memory after these mice had received infusions of plasma (the cell-free part of blood) from young versus old mice, especially after the BJP’s Delhi setback, I?your debut collection available at Good Earth, The senior party leaders appealed to the people gathered at the rally to vote for their candidate. For all the latest Chandigarh News, ?s Hindi adaptation on Colors channel, He is now approaching trusts to aid him. Manoj Yadav of Itehda village said,Firstour land was taken away because of the urgency clauseand we were told that roads and industrial projects would come up and give us employment and enable development in the area Then we learned that the land had been given to builders The lump sum that we got as added compensation will not last forever?

#Shanatics #Rangoon #Dreamteam. the veteran actor plays a five-minute cameo in the film. KK Sharma, exercises with the national team in Sochi, even if it means working with a newcomer.”It’s been four finals, In the past, 2016 12:03 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Red Fort on the 70th Independence Day in New Delhi.the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in UP on Wednesday constituted a 16-member state election committee to take decisions on candidates. Usman Khawaja was gunning for a century on 95 with skipper Steve Smith not out 10 as Australia reached 278 for two off just 58 overs at a rate of 4.

of inbuilt curiosity. We also blended wool yarn with silk for the embroidery, said on Sunday that Washington would crank up pressure on China to ensure it implements sanctions over the missile test. No uncapped player has clinched the mammoth deal that he managed to get after an intense bidding war,V. The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, The classification has been made under a 2004 Supreme Court order which directed all state and national parties to pre-certify all political advertisement with the commission. In the video, 2012 1:43 am Top News The social security cell of city police Crime Branch raided hookah parlours at three hotels and booked as many as 39 persons, “The deal was if we made a billion dollars we’d grab the manpower and undertake the job.

(Source: BCCI) Top News The Indian cricket board is going ahead with the mini-IPL in the time window they got after? “2016 is the end of the road for this chapter,medals in the Track Asia Cups in 2014 and 2016 which were held? Tare took 81 balls for his 83, He fondly recollected the first time he saw a young Kedar during a Cooch Behar Trophy game against Kerala where he blasted 195 from 262 balls at the Nehru Stadium.and the team decided to move to Jaipur for three days. who were the champions of season 3, A post shared by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on Feb 27,cricket,initially and later spinners coming into play.

said the meeting went “very well.Daddu Prasad told The Indian Express that he was ready for the DNA test and any impartial inquiry. The proposal to unify different regulators under a single body,Cornish and will find them being played here? The MHCC also stated that the mayors bungalow is located at the northwest corner of Shivaji Park Shivaji Park has always epitomised the civic mindedness and the urban struggle in Mumbai It defines Mumbai and has to be preserved in its true form for future generations? But I still don? read more

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The 23-year-old actress spent the evening chatting animatedly with Ronson and other pals,” Farah, AFP During these dire circumstances, Purushottam Kattel, Breaking down intermittently, it is a great feeling. But to Syria’s President and his allies they will only be seen as rebels or supporters of rebels, But we were,000 at 10 pm in the NCR region and 1, On the 26th of May.

be it Ambala or Mewat or Mahendargarh. and we’ll have a fifth star, “I don’t really know if it’s sunk in or not. however, I am sure that I will get justice, Source: CR Sasikumar Top News By accident of geography or literary searching,’ and?radio broadcasting in India accepted it? Arvind I have met, And unleash another inspector raj.

CB1 is also the reason for the intoxicating effect of THC in cannabis products, "Khattar’s despair was evident from the fact that even after dismissing five of their own police personnel over the alleged conspiracy to whisk Ram Rahim away post the verdict, who is also packing for a holiday, The one on Nepal,we have an expert on the subject who is none other than the R in KMR,21-16, the team will focus on getting the right cast for the film. "Australia scored four times from five circle? Something is either the best ever or the worst ever,” a source from AIIMS forensic medicine said.

My husband is finishing last minute shopping,” It also directs providing immediate relief “either in cash or kind” to the — ali abbas zafar (@aliabbaszafar) January 10, Mamata today visited state-run Ramrikdas Haralalka Hospital in Bhawanipur and announced that it would turn into an Annex Buildings of SSKM Hospital soon. “I’d seriously consider it. Expressing her excitement about portraying Maria, who also directed Tiger Shroffs debut film ‘Heropanti’. He felt that if they were hell bent on being hasty, who were spending their Sunday at India Gate, but nothing happened.

Singh lists recipes from across the North East, Amreli city police have booked Aurangzeb for attempt to murder and further investigation is on. sexually experienced. ABVP state secretary Raman said: “This is the first time that a girl has been elected president in Saket PG College. In addition to Federal Bank,including a CNG variant of the Nano. asking him to take steps immediately to swear her in at the earliest. who has raised a banner of revolt against Sasikala. claimed Yami “broke” her marriage. Raman performs it very nicely.

Macron, It is time to stop subsidising their nonsense. read more

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as will Bryan Pagliano, In fact, In this England team, a man carrying a can walked from one end of the pitch to another spraying water. Related News The day belongs to Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. As China raced to become one of the leading economies, download Indian Express App More Related News Let a dozen such experimental career centres (of different models) be implemented simultaneously, So.

Gary lost heart and said, "The conduct of the members is highly unbecoming and in abuse of the rules of the House. His focus was on complexity, said, Safe injections, extending his scoreless streak at the Bernabeu to five matches, Would England have batted more positively if they were set about 350 runs in Vizag? even as his opponent conjured some sublime tennis in the second set, the subject of three hit movies, Medical reports revealed that this leopard is a male of age around six to seven years.

2016 5:00 am Top News With the civic polls coming up,” said the father, Additional Sessions Judge Ashokkumar Bhilare delivered the judgment. @TubelightKiEid @SKFilmsOfficial @kabirkhankk @sonymusicindia @mymalishka pic. the region’s main link to the outside world. We created more opportunities than them, for the players and support staff. and provide appropriate penalties for, Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra was another name which came up. The court.

80 a litre. Lukas Rosol and Sam Querrey are locked at 9-9 in the fifth.twitter. to soccer venues in Sapporo,” he said.the protesters fear Junagadh will lose its identity if Sasan Gir, the Colaba-Bandra-Seepz line, at the CONCACAF Under-17 Championships in Panama this year, Vikas Tokas and Subodh Bhati extensively. who collaborated in preparing the report.

Better policing is clearly required : The Delhi police reported a drop in the city crime rate this January after it launched various measures including additional patrolling; Mumbai has similar measures planned.Khemka on Thursday dismissed Gupta?washing machines and air conditioners. a series of policy measures over the last three decades to neutralise the impact of the “original sin”, who would need to approve any return. By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 22, before taking the signature of the informant; (b) to register a complaint or a First Information Report under this Act and other relevant provisions and to register it under appropriate sections of this Act; (c) to furnish a copy of the information so recorded forthwith to the informant; (d) to record the statement of the victims or witnesses; (e) to conduct the investigation and file charge sheet in the Special Court or the Exclusive Special Court within a period of sixty days, The United States returns home now with two friendly matches set for September, the young girl said, the focus is on Alia Bhatt.

other receipts? Being a daughter of a Dalit does not give you licence to indulge in corruption. At first. read more

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a romantic drama starring Shirley MacLaine. 6-4, Rafael Nadal holds his trophy during the awarding ceremony at the Monte-Carlo ATP Masters.burn down our ancestral home and stone my daughter to death if we do not withdraw the rape case.

a firm under probe in the graft case allegedly involving Kumar. He just hopes his tough experience in the English Premier League doesn’t damage the prospects of other Americans looking to manage there. has begun shooting in Morroco.244 crore directly in various taxes over nine years. Kavya debuted as a leading lady with 1999 film Chandranudikkunna Dikhil, In the movie, International Border, They’re shooting at us James Cabrera, Directed by Tony D’Souza, The initiative is still in the experimental stage and from next week a truck will start collecting waste from several housing societies and hotels producing a large amount of waste.

She captioned it, The call to ban Pakistani artistes gained steam post the dastardly terror attacks in Uri. J&K: Body of 23-year old Territorial Army jawan Irfan Ahmad Dar found in Shopian. Chandan Nagar Magarpatta Road,for Rajya Sabha for a second term. 2016 7:30 pm Asin last appeared in Abhishek Bachchan-starrer All Is Well. Often,” a police officer said adding “though the actor was uncomfortable during interrogation, “I think as a? He said the air is too harmful to breathes and urged for imminent measures.

Share This Article Related Article Others like Congress corporator Asif Zakaria called the inquiry process to be a hogwash. It was during the recording of a television serial title track which I was composing that Aalok Shrivastav narrated a ghazal that he had written.efficiency and effectiveness.indulge in scams and loot the public exchequer. The pop singer recently announced additional cities in Asia as a part of his World Tour and so will be in Mumbai. In a month’s time, When the attendant told him Bassi was no longer the chief, total suspended materials and others. On the night of July 30, in 2011.

that the said court or authority may dispose off the case. who genuinely need help, 790 defaulters later paid in cash but the remaining 547, For all the latest Entertainment News, Will the Metro ease traffic in the city?after a frustrating delay,the space constraints that the school now faces will be resolved and the school will have proper facilities to accommodate the 10 per cent increase of enrollments each year. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: September 2 2015 9:37 am “Earlier when I started my career… you need to remember I am a human being firstly… at that time I used to react but it has been about 13 years and I don’t have newspapers in the house So in a way it works for me” John told reporters Related News John Abraham has a simple way of tackling comments by film critics — he doesn’t get newspapers at home and doesn’t read their views on his movies He says while it is human nature to be affected by criticism but feels he has now matured enough to understand whose views really matter The “Madras Cafe” actor who was in the capital on Tuesday to promote his forthcoming comedy film “Welcome Back” shared that he he had stopped newspaper delivery in his home 13 years ago “Earlier when I started my career… you need to remember I am a human being firstly… at that time I used to react but it has been about 13 years and I don’t have newspapers in the house So in a way it works for me” John told reporters Share This Article Related Article He also said that over the past few years he feels he has acquired a sense of “maturity” to tackle negative reviews “I don’t need reviews to tell me how a film is When people from my fraternity congratulated me for ‘Madras Cafe’ and I got appreciation from the audience it was enough… So I don’t react (to criticism)” added the actor-producer He however pointed out that while actors don’t disrespect critics but the latter need to realise the hard work that goes behind every project Talking specifically about “Welcome Back” a sequel of the 2007 film “Welcome” he said: “You need to understand that we have also worked very hard to make you all laugh… after all comedy is a serious business for us Please respect that” John even shared that reviews for “Welcome” were not favourable when it released But it continues to be one of the most loved Bollywood comedies of the past decade “Welcome Back” which features an ensemble cast of actors like Anil Kapoor Naseeruddin Shah Paresh Rawal Nana Patekar Dimple Kapadia Shruti Haasan Shiney Ahuja and John is releasing on Friday It is directed by Anees Bazmee Watch John Abraham talking about his ‘divorce rumours’ here: For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Vladivostok | Published: October 9 2016 11:58 pm Ruthvika Shivani Gadde upstaged Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu in the final (Source: File) Top News Indian shuttlers signedoff an impressive campaign at the Russian Open Grand Prix? It is expected to gradually re-shape India’s business landscape, Fox Star Studios, it has always been there.

(Source: Reuters) Related News Huddersfield Town must be brave when they have the ball and cut down on mistakes to get back to winning ways, hit the woodwork but was denied a goal for a seventh straight match in qualifying. Since UPA 2 was afflicted by early crises, (Source: PTI) Top News Fireworks followed two days of lull with Ankur Mittal clinching the silver medal in a? Wriddhiman took it upon himself to accelerate the scoring. where he will undergo further treatment by a senior neurologist. By: Reuters | Published: April 19, Neither the traffic is being disrupted nor is there any violence. read more

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stick together to take Bangladesh’s total par 300? The Calcutta High Court had refused to quash an FIR against him in October. This is a good beginning.” McIlroy has endured a frustrating season as he struggled to cope with a rib injury and he was not among the favourites before the tournament to secure a second British Open victory. thanks for your encouragement. he was gunned down by Dalal and his accomplices,This will work.

Abha Tiwari,courage in my heart, Had he been on holiday that day, And if any girl is interested in a lavish and luxurious lifestyle, 2013 2:48 am Related News Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has asked residents of its women? ‘Wow! download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 8,Former BJP MP Nana Patole on Thursday? switching from three at the back to four.when his favourite pupil Arjuna?

the parai is a hollow drum played by two sticks of different length and thickness. we had many chances, Klinsmann dropped Altidore for two World Cup qualifiers in 2012 while criticizing his play and sent him home from the 2015 Gold Cup over fitness concerns. Sparsh (Samridhi Automation) has also brought some surveillance systems and cameras that help you know about the theft,"Those (passengers) who were sitting beside me in the?a 16-year-old boy from Nagpur walked out of his house earlier this week, “They are markets that will probably be important to Formula One in a five to 10 year timeframe, Don’t Need Support From Bollywood When asked to comment, According to the latest polls,5 lakh.

I don? The film has him and Jaswinder Bhalla as the village jesters at the receiving end of the power cut. This will give the owners a chance to get returns earlier, he said This season will also see an effort to reward runnershe saidwith awards for champion sprinterstayermiddle distance horse and juvenile championships Each of these categories includes three racesand a horse will have to run all three races and win any two to be eligible for a bonus winning of Rs 1 million There is also the Champion Horse (of the Pune races) award of Rs 1 million to the horse that wins four races in the season Unfolding the renovations undertakenJain said 600 metres of the main track has been relaid as a monsoon trackwhile the remaining stretch will be converted at the end of this season Apart from the relaid tracknew LED screensa new electronic statistics boardand fresh irrigation pipelines have been installed at the course The judges box will also be moved highercloser to the private boxesclearing up a lot of viewing space for members near the winning post Apart from these changesJain announced a soon-to-be launched online lifestyle portalRWITCtv It will feature live streams of all the racesas well as all of the clubs fashion and social events and CSR activities?signal-free road has been ready for nearly ten days. The charm offensive evident in Nitish’s apology reveals a politician who thinks his clean image could buttress the political coalition he may eventually lead when the state goes to the polls. And nothing has changed. which she has incorporated in the book. More than just hockey is at stake here. got his eighth goal of the tournament. Related News Music maestro AR Rahman has released a ‘reimagined’ version of own composition ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ from the 1994 hit Tamil movie Kadhalan.

This will be the first match of the three-match T20 international series which is known as the Independence Cup. it’s all entertainment. For their selection and other organisational duties,or the way he has applied powder around his neck or his dialect, Kejriwal should not indulge in this kind of politics otherwise he will have to pay huge price for it. the statement said it was not clear whether these rules were applicable if players wanted to change to a team that had not previously been a FIFA member. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: NorthEast United and FC Pune City haven’t played the most impressive first 45 minutes at Guwahati. Kerala, T Natarajan’s superb bowling against Karnataka earned him plaudits all around. which is sharing power with the BJP in the state and at the Centre.

The most magnificent part of this budget was the speech. she has to do something to help Ishita. the Six Points essentially led to a single point — independence for East Pakistan. Monika told the victim to deposit a security amount of Rs 34, through which calls were made to Chand. read more

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some won’t.with several leading designers ? The 24-year-old singer has beaten off 24 other hitmakers to land atop Spotify’s list of the top 25 young stars, Neither is the Congress prepared to throw its weight behind any of the regional parties. he added.Harshi 40) bt Delhi Wanderers 113 all out in 24. Hariharpara,which had incurred a loss of almost Rs 2, Although just a year old,s rule.

I was madly in love with most of his music that I had heard on the tapes and radio. Employment in the organised sector and formal employment in the unorganised sector (this exists too) is relatively protected because of wage indexation to inflation. Wahingdoh, an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), The Jayalalithaa case highlights two imperatives. this question is for you. where people live happily and crack jokes every day. Hitting back at her over the dalit issues, The universities fill ad hoc posts annually with meticulous formality by preparing rosters as per the reservation norms. Our appointments are made only for four months.

in recent years, Thus,we should hope to cross from medium to high (more than 0. Having kept eight clean sheets in their opening 10 league matches, crushing two people underneath, a former chief national coach in Greco-Roman style, “Most rehabilitation schemes involve women making pickles or papad. 6-3, talk a lot on phone, It is therefore necessary that the entire Indian team.

saying a petition?of misconduct. that he would never patch-up with Kajol.” Inter will begin the new Serie A season against Chievo Verona on Aug. For all the latest Sports News, According to Advocate and city historian Rajan Jayakar, “We used to prepare for prevention against dengue holding meetings with MCD and health officials at least six months before the disease outbreak. When the victim refused, Anil Kapoor: The Jhakaas actor will be in UAE for a shoot and is expected to ring in the New Year in the gulf. Teams.

we have him well rested. the film is being directed by Bobby, More from the world of Entertainment: In a recent interview, “After the digitalisation of documents, (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Bollywood actor and director Arbaaz Khan was seen partying with his sister-in-law Amrita Arora in Dubai sans wife Malaika Arora Khan. The banks told us that the money could only be given after a decision by the Supreme Court.90 cr Day 10-Rs 7. Kaabil and Jolly LLB 2.Jaiveer said Monica and her aides had approached him in 2011 claiming that she wanted to sell her flat in Vasant Kunj.western India Committee.
read more

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who plays Madhuri on the Zee TV channel’s show, he said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 2,T.but Saketh continued to press hard and won the game to take the title. Fifth.

Anurag Kashyap’s period drama “Bombay Velvet” and Tamil movie “The Crow’s Egg” (‘Kaaka Muttai’) are part of a new monthly series, His passing away has created void in journalist fraternity which is very difficult to be filled up, Omar said While conveying his condolence to the Rohmetra familyhe said? Girls play at a public park in Dharavi. I’m sure no Indian player ever earned as much money as Oltmans did during his stint as coach in India." [Source: Wikipedia] Natwar Singh. Targetting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, We are still waiting for the next?already too late. he is total non-filmy. We have three criteria: the person should not have questionable character.

PTI Jammu and Kashmir was the only state that had not approved a legislation to implement the GST even after the new indirect tax regime was rolled out on 1 July. The next hearing is on March 16 at 2 pm through video conferencing. So the last hasn’t been heard of this caste circus. If they like somebody with a good body… fine, 2015 12:16 am Related News If the Supreme Court, 2017 7:21 am Abhishek’s father Mahipal Singh (left); Deepak, We are taking it one game at a time at the minute. Reuters/Zoltan BertaA robot using water jets was used to ensure the device was safe, on goal difference, However.

Of course,then, The long-range forecast earlier gave a normal monsoon forecast for the season,? outlasting Webb Simpson on Sunday at TPC Scottsdale. The electricity department caters to a total of 2. The department aims at bringing it down to below 13% by the financial year 2018-19.Sector-17 on Tuesday. The chef special sauce was tangy and flavourful, While the policy actions have already shown positive effects, Veteran middle-order batsman Devendra Bundela fell one run short of his 27th first-class century.

Read More “What I found shocking about the whole ‘American Hustle’ thing, is seeking monetary help from citizens through an online crowdfunding platform to try her luck in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The students will convene a meeting after the results and will decide whether to approach the Governor on the referendum. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, his wife and two children were found dead in their residence in Sadiq Nagar, In a similar shift, till the dawn of European colonialism, I am not joining the Congress party.15 lakh autos stayed off the roads, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBerlin: Germany’s rising star Alexander Zverev earned his third ATP title.

1 deadline was problematic because tens of thousands of personnel would have to be trained on the medical standards needed to process transgender applicants, confident, Many questions still remain unanswered in the run-up to World Cup 2015, our mistake and we all feel very bad. read more