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In This Issue   Bias to buy dollars weakens a

first_imgIn This Issue. *  Bias to buy dollars weakens a bit. *  Chinese PMI at strongest level in 2 years! *  UK PMI slips and pound gets whacked! *  Canadian GDP prints at expectations. And Now. Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. It’s A Jobs Jamboree Friday! Good Day! .  And a Happy Friday to one and all! WOW! Did you see all those trades that were made in Baseball yesterday?  I find it to be amusing that these teams know for over a year when the trade deadline is, and they wait until the final hour to pull off trades. Sure, I know that many of them need to wait-n-see if their team is in the running for a playoff spot, but they all knew that two weeks ago! My Beloved Cardinals made another trade, for another pitcher. ???  We traded a guy that is an everyday player for a pitcher that will only play every 5th day. Hmmm. I remember my dad telling me that when the Cardinals made the historic trade for Lou Brock back in 1964, that they had taken advantage of the Cubs, trading a pitcher for an everyday player. Lou Brock went on to become a Hall of Famer, and my dad was proven to be correct!  Oh well, you came to the letter today, to see what’s going on in currencies, economies and dolts, not about historic baseball trades, so let’s get going! Well, the risk sentiment that had a bias to buy dollars that was firmly placed in the markets after the 2nd QTR GDP report on Wednesday morning, is still in place, but.  Seems to be weakening. I see that in the euro this morning, as the single unit inches toward 1.34 again.  Yes, the high yielders are still getting whacked by the dollar, on the rate hike assumptions in the U.S. but seriously, what they heck are these guys thinking?  It’s all about the here and now, right? And here and now, the rate differentials are way in the favor of the high yielding currencies, like: Aussie, kiwi, reals, rubles, rands, and a couple others. As I called it earlier this week, it’s nothing more than counting your eggs before they’re hatched. The British pound sterling (pound)  is finally getting what I thought it would get a couple of months ago. And that is. drum roll please. treated like a currency that has too many skeletons in its closet. But those skeletons were pushed way to the back of the closet as the pound kept rising, which was all based on rate hike expectations. You know, counting their eggs before they’re hatched!  I told you months ago that I couldn’t get my arms around the pound rally, for they still had debt up to their eyeballs, and a Bank of England (BOE) Gov. (Carney) that was not going to hike rates as the markets expected him to do.  Well, this morning, the pound is getting whacked as their latest report on manufacturing printed at the slowest pace in a year in July. OUCH!  June’s manufacturing index number was 57.2, and July’s number slipped to 55.4. The rate hike campers have all scattered and run to cover, for this report points to no chance of a rate hike now. I would like to say “see I told you so”, but I’m not that kind of guy! HA! I do believe that we’ll be going through the same motions here in the U.S. soon enough. For the pattern has been what happens in the U.K. usually is seen here within 6 months. I tried yesterday to point out the problem with the GDP report and questioned the ability of today’s economists and traders to see the problem with a huge buildup of inventories. And eventually something will happen, a data print will go sour or something like that, and someone will say, “I wonder how that happened?”  Dolts. all of them!  Oh well, I had my good friend, Dennis Miller, send me a note from John Williams yesterday, where John Williams put the seal of approval of my pointing out the problem with the buildup of inventories, and saying that we’ll see downward revisions in the future. I think John Williams won’t be too mad if I steal a quote from him here, “Each of those areas likely will see revisions in the next two months that will move the headline second quarter 2014 GDP much closer to flat-to-minus activity, and eventually into a headline contraction.”   I sent a note to Dennis and said, “Isn’t it amazing how people like myself, and John Williams can see the blowup in inventories in the data, but no one else does?  Actually, what is probably going on here is that these guys see the inventories accumulating but have no idea what that means!   They probably didn’t learn that in their prestigious school!  Or if they did, and didn’t retain the info, they weren’t marked down for their lack of retain-ability, for that would hurt their feelings!” OK. Man, when I go off on a tangent on something, I can really go off on it!  I have other things to talk about here, so I need to get off this discussion about GDP!  Well, in China overnight, the Chinese Gov’t printed a stronger than expected PMI (manufacturing index) of 51.7, which is the highest level since April 2012! It beat the expectations of 51.4 and Junes’ PMI of 51.  We previously saw the HSBC/ Markit PMI print stronger too, so, both of these confirm that China is coming out of their slowdown. (recall I told you some time ago that I thought China’s economy troughed in the 2nd QTR.)   But the reaction in the Asian and Emerging Market currencies was muted, which surprised me, given that as China goes, so goes Asia and the Emerging Markets! Speaking of the Emerging Markets. I was having a good discussion with a friend of mine last night, and he asked me about the BRICS Development Bank, and wanted to know if this was going to be a good thing.  Boy, he wasn’t ready for the answer he got from me, for you know me, I was loaded for bear for that question!  To make a long story short here, I told him that the BRICS Development Bank was HUGE, for not only the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and S. Africa) but also the Emerging Markets, for they will get to go to the new bank for loans and not subject themselves to the IMF’s rules, etc.  So, yes, it’s a good thing. The Eurozone PMI’s all printed overnight, and while some member countries like Italy and Spain saw a little slippage in their index numbers, as a whole the Eurozone remained basically stable on manufacturing in July.  And that has given the euro a chance to book some small gains VS the dollar this morning. I was talking to the Big Boss, Frank Trotter, the other day about the dollar rally, and he said, “The euro is down, which for us is big, but in the overall scheme of things, it’s not really down by much.”  I walked out of his office, and sat down, and thought long and hard about that, and then came to the agreement, that while we have seen the euro much stronger, we’ve also seen it much weaker. So, I lowered the white flag on my desk. Canadian May GDP printed at expectations yesterday at .4% and annualized at 2.3%, so at first the Canadian dollar / loonie rallied a bit in the face of the U.S. dollar strength, but eventually it succumbed to the pressure from the green/peachback. I was expected some better things from the Canadian economy, but then May was 3 months ago, I guess I need to be patient and wait for the reports from June and July! U.S. stocks got whacked yesterday. No I’m not going to turn into a stock commentator. Just pointing out that the rate hike talk as taken its toll on stocks too. And Treasury yields have risen too. I was talking to a trader friend of mine yesterday, and she told me that her research team said that if the 10-year held above 2.57% that it was a big deal. Well, the 10-year at that time of the discussion was 2.59%, and as I look at the screen this morning, it’s 2.57%, so it DID hold 2.57%…  What’s next? A return to 3%? That would certainly take more of the stuffing out of the housing recovery. So, I’ve gone this far this morning, and haven’t even mentioned that today is the Jobs Jamboree Day! That’s because I’ve grown tired of this babble about jobs, we dance now! Yes, that was my attempt at humor using Dieter’s line from Sprockets. HAHAHAHAHA! Now that’s funny! Do you remember that SNL skit with Mike Meyers? FUNNY!   OK, stop having fun Chuck, it’s time to get back to talking about the Jobs Jamboree. Ahhh, yes, job creation in the U.S. the fine art of adding jobs that don’t really exist to the number to make them look better. Makes sense to me as to why we put so much emphasis on this report. NOT!  But the markets do, so that means I have to do so also. Right now, the experts are expecting 230,000 jobs to have been created in July. with the Unemployment Rate remaining at 6.1%…  I won’t even venture a guess as to what I think the number will be. I would, IF, I knew what the BLS added number of jobs was going to be! HA! I’ve told you for years now that I really don’t get into the number of jobs, for that total doesn’t really tell you what kind of jobs were created. Could be minimum wage jobs, which is fine, but doesn’t really give you a warm and fuzzy about future disposable income does it?  Instead, I’ve always focused on the Avg. Hourly Earnings and Avg. Weekly Work Hours, and the Work Force Participation Rate.   The U.S. Data Cupboard will also have two of my fave reports this morning, Personal Income and Spending, but this data will be for June, which basically makes it a non-market moving event. The risk in the markets today is that the Jobs report doesn’t meet the expectations of 230,000 new jobs. But as I explained yesterday, it is an election year, do you really think that the Gov’t is going to show slow job growth? Not that they cook the books or anything like that, it’s just a way of saying that things seem to go that way in election years. I’m just saying. OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming. The New Zealand dollar/kiwi is getting whacked again this morning. Makes no sense to me given the rate increase last week, and rate differential that kiwi now enjoys. But I did tell you earlier this week that there were rumors that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), who never misses an opportunity to diss kiwi, was going to sell (intervene) kiwi to weaken it, as they were not happy with kiwi’s strength. So, maybe the RBNZ is “piling on” here. I say, batten down the hatches, and if anything look to buy on dips! I also told my trader friend I was talking to yesterday, that I thought we were going to see dollar strength for a couple of months here, as we work through this rate hike talk. same thing I told you dear Pfennig readers earlier this week, but wanted to repeat if for those that missed class that day.  When we see these periods of dollar strength, and Lord knows we’ve seen plenty of them the past 12 years, we need to batten down the hatches and look to buy on dips. For eventually the dollar will return to its underling weak trend. Gold got whacked again yesterday, but is up a couple of bucks this morning.  I will remind everyone that $1,285 is a far, far, far way from $750. And while the price of Oil has slipped below $100, $97 is still a far, far, far way from $40. I’m just saying. For What It’s Worth. OK. I’ve got a treat for you today. Have you ever heard of Richard Timberlake? I have to say that I hadn’t, and I should have long ago! I don’t know how this gem of an economist slipped by me all these years! Mr. Timberlake is 91 years old and studied under the great economist: Milton Friedman. He’s written books on things like exploring the influences over key policymakers and lawmakers who have shaped U.S. Monetary Policy.   Yesterday, a long time dear reader, sent me the link to an interview with Mr. Timberlake that was done in February 2014 (just 6 months ago) and while the interview is quite long, it was very enlightening to me. I especially liked this quote from him.  He’s talking about the Financial Crisis of 2007-08. “The Fed was never a lender of last resort, and it wasn’t this time either. The Fed should never point its finger at a particular sector and construct a policy that might help that sector, such as agriculture or employment, and say, “We’re going to act until this particular problem is corrected.” That goes back to the fact that the Fed has no rights, responsibilities, or abilities to do anything at all about the real sector. It has to deal with the monetary sector alone and not try to extend itself into the real sector. But when it’s called upon to counteract “bubbles,” it is being given a role that it cannot fulfill. If it tries, it ruins any price level stabilization policies it might have. ” – Richard Timberlake Chuck again. Basically, Mr. Timberlake contends that “the Fed was created solely to be a lender of last resort under the law of the gold standard. It was supposed to be similar to the Bank of England.” And he doesn’t feel like there is a need for the Fed to be a lender of last resort, preferring to allow “private institutions to furnish lender of last resort services if markets are free to operate and if there are no government policies in place that cause destabilization.”      Great stuff, folks. especially for someone like me, that soaks up Fed history, and policy like I do. To recap. The dollar bias has weakened by a small amount this morning, as the euro climbs back to 1.34. The high yielders like Brazil, Aussie, Kiwi, rubles, and rands are still getting whacked on the reduction of yield differential talk. It’s all counting eggs before they’re hatched, but that’s not stopping them now. China’s PMI prints at the strongest level since April 2012 in July, and the Eurozone’s PMI was basically the same as the previous month’s level. Chuck talks about the BRICS Development Bank and how it will help the Emerging Markets, and Gold gets whacked again yesterday. But so did stocks and Treasuries! Currencies today 8/1/14. American Style: A$ .9280, kiwi .8475, C$ .9145, euro 1.3395, sterling 1.6835, Swiss $1.1015, . European Style: rand 10.7390, krone 6.2995, SEK 6.8760, forint 235.05, zloty 3.1275, koruna 20.6250, RUB 35.75, yen 102.95, sing 1.2485, HKD 7.7500, INR 61.10, China 6.1681, pesos 13.25, BRL 2.2625, Dollar Index 81.48, Oil $97.55, 10-year 2.57%, Silver $20.33, Platinum $1,457.50, Palladium $868.90, and Gold. $1,284.00  And since everyone is getting all lathered up about an economic recovery here in the U.S. I thought I would remind them of the debt that hangs over us like the Sword of Damocles, and you can see that debt by clicking here and looking at the Unfunded Liabilities number. http://www.usdebtclock.org/index.html That’s it for today. It was a tough week for me, given I was returning from a shortened vacation, and a week in Vancouver. But all in all, I felt pretty decent most of the week. Tomorrow we will host a birthday party at our house for Delaney Grace, who turns 7 on Monday. WOW! My little granddaughter, is turning 7!  Delaney was born right after my two major cancer surgeries in 2007, so every year she grows older, I get further away from that awful time in my life, that was only brightened by the birth of that little girl! Did you hear that they have uncovered 4 lost Dr. Seuss books? That’s great news!  My beloved Cardinals finally remembered what those bats in their hands are used for yesterday, and now come home for 6 games. NFL training camps are going, and the sports pages here are full of stories about the Rams. That’s right, get the fans all fired up for another woeful year. I don’t want to sound like a negative Nellie here, but the Rams play in a division with the 49er’s and the Seahawks. I doubt they have much chance to win their division. But then, maybe I’ll be surprised! OK. time to go. Thank you for reading the Pfennig, and I hope you have a Fantastico Friday! Chuck Butler President EverBank World Marketslast_img read more

Youre Invited to Join Casey Platinum… Now is the

first_img You’re Invited to Join Casey Platinum… Now is the best time to join Casey Platinum, our elite membership where you can get everything we publish at Casey Research for pennies on the dollar compared to what others pay. Over the years, our recommendations could have turned $10,000 into $68,000… $84,900… even an extraordinary $126,000. And now, we’re slashing the price of this membership—which includes EVERYTHING we publish—by up to 95%.Click here to learn more. But hurry. You must act by midnight, January 28th to be grandfathered in before the price hike. — • These kinds of investing opportunities are extremely rare… They only come along once every decade or so. When they do present themselves, you must take advantage of them. Sadly, most investors won’t. That’s because they know nothing about the marijuana market. They don’t know what kind of marijuana business models work… and which are doomed to fail. They don’t know where, geographically, to invest. Worst of all, they can’t tell the difference between a world-class marijuana business and a scam. That’s where I can help…• I’ve been researching the marijuana market around the clock since last June… But I haven’t just read other people’s research like most so-called marijuana experts. I’ve gone to the front lines of this boom. Last year, I spent all of July in Vancouver, Canada. I lived in San Francisco for most of August. And I made Denver my “home” during September. Living in these cities has given me an intimate understanding of the industry. It’s also helped me spot incredible opportunities in the space. For example, one of the marijuana stocks I identified has handed Crisis Investing readers a 140% return since June. Another one is up 84% since July. And a third is up 290% since November. These are the kinds of returns that investors dream about. And that’s exactly why I went back to Colorado last week.• Denver is ground zero of the U.S. marijuana boom… That’s because Colorado legalized medical marijuana way back in 2000. In 2012, they legalized marijuana outright, making it the first U.S. state to do so. Colorado’s progressive stance on pot has given it a huge head start on the rest of the country. That’s why it’s home to some of the country’s top marijuana businesses. Over the weekend, I got to see some of those companies up close. — Recommended Link Recommended Link How to turn a small stake into a multi-million dollar fortune with micro penny cryptos… In fact, you could’ve turned a small stake into a $3.2 million fortune in 3 easy steps. Today, I’m going to show you precisely how that can happen with the right micro penny crypto plays. You just need to act before January 31… • On Saturday, I toured Seed & Smith… This is one of Denver’s top “vertically integrated” marijuana companies. It grows, processes, and sells its own marijuana… all in-house. See for yourself. Here’s one of the company’s grow rooms:Here’s some of the company’s product after it’s been harvested:Finally, we have the finished product:• You can see that Seed & Smith is doing serious business… It has a state-of-the-art facility, a world-class product, and an award-winning packing process. And it must have all these things to stay competitive. That’s because massive profits are on the line. And unlike most billion-dollar industries, the marijuana market is still wide open. The Marlboros and Budweisers of the marijuana world don’t exist yet. But they’re being born before our eyes. And early investors who back these projects will make fortunes. Think of it as buying Apple in 1980 or Amazon in 1997. That’s the kind of opportunity we’re talking about. But don’t worry.• You don’t need to be plugged into the industry like I am to cash in on this boom… Anyone can get rich off legal marijuana. You just need to buy marijuana stocks. Many of these trade on U.S. exchanges. They’re as easy to buy as a share of McDonald’s. Just remember that the industry’s still in its early days. Because of this, many of today’s marijuana stocks won’t be around a year or two from now. So, do your homework before diving in. Analyze the company’s business model. Get to know their team. Do as much research as you can. Investors who take these steps will set themselves up for huge returns in the coming years. Regards, Justin Spittler Tulum, Mexico January 24, 2018 P.S. My colleague, Casey Report editor E.B. Tucker, recently recommended three cannabis companies set to thrive in the years ahead. And now is the time to bet on them… before it’s too late. Our team just put the finishing touches on a brand-new video presentation that reveals more details about the coming boom… and what you need to do today to take advantage of it… Click here to watch it now. By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch“I’m from Lithuania.” A man told me this over dinner on Friday. We were dining at an exclusive steakhouse in Denver, Colorado. “I came here because I’m interested in cannabis,” he said. I told him I was there for the same reason. But I flew up from Tulum, Mexico. Funny enough, the family sitting next to me made a similar journey. They were from Juárez, Mexico. It was an eclectic bunch. And that was just the folks sitting at my table. I also met an engineer from India and a venture capitalist from San Francisco while I was in town.• We all came to Denver for the same reason… We were invited to a private investor meeting where the focus was—you guessed it—cannabis. We were there because the legal marijuana market is exploding. Last year, the North American marijuana market grew 33%. That makes it one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. And this boom has just begun. By 2026, analysts expect the North American marijuana market to be worth $50 billion. That’s five times bigger than it is today. We haven’t seen a consumer industry grow this rapidly since broadband internet in the early 2000s. 5-Day Window Ends January 28th For the next few days you have a rare opportunity to get all our money making research… Every single alert, issue and recommendation… plus much more for 95% off. Only 0.1% of our readers will likely act on this unique opportunity and it goes offline on Sunday, January 28th. Get all the details before it’s gone. Reader Mailbag We’ve been covering the crypto boom over the last few months. But not everyone agrees with our thesis… Tulip Mania… Have a good time helping your readers lose all their money, especially when they borrow or leverage to buy bitcoins that are really worth nothing at all. – Harry Are you investing in cryptos or marijuana stocks? Let us know how it’s going right here.last_img read more

Teeka Tiwari Editor Palm Beach Letter PS The

first_img Teeka Tiwari Editor, Palm Beach Letter P.S. The bitcoin mania isn’t over… It’s just getting started. And an event set to occur as early as April 2 is set to launch a second, massive run-up. Bitcoin’s price could soar 20 times higher. And I’ve found three plays that could soar even higher than bitcoin. I’m talking about making 50, 100, even 200 times your money. You can get the details right here. Reader Mailbag Today, readers respond to Doug’s take on the political correctness movement: Please look up the origin of PC. Educate your audience. I refuse to acknowledge those two words—it’s a term Stalin popularized. We can thank the “New” out of control educational system! College is a breeding ground. Sad, very sad.—Craig More Scrutiny Is Not a Bad Thing China wants nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. And banks are banning the use of credit cards to purchase them. (That’s actually good news. As I’ve said before, you should never borrow money to fund a crypto investment.) This week, two federal agencies—the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)—are preparing to send reports to Congress about crypto assets. Even the G20 (a group of 19 major national economies and the European Union) is threatening to take cryptos more seriously. All of this scrutiny has people scared that we’ll see a coordinated global effort to snuff out bitcoin and crypto assets. I believe this fear is overblown. Global governments have much bigger problems than bitcoin. The idea that they’ll all join hands and put their differences aside in the relentless pursuit of crushing bitcoin appears farfetched to me. Instead, we’re seeing the maturing of the crypto asset class. None of this is inherently bad. For cryptos to make the leap to a multitrillion-dollar asset class… some form of regulatory framework must be in place. I think it’s an overreaction to assume that all governments want to destroy the crypto asset market. Even if they wanted to, the decentralized nature of bitcoin and other crypto assets makes it impossible for governments to eliminate them (just ask China). Governments can certainly make things more difficult by shutting down the exchanges. But as we’ve already seen, even when the most important market in the space—China—decided to shut down its exchanges, other countries such as Japan welcomed the Chinese exchange operators with open arms. The Crypto Genie Is Out of the Bottle Governments can wail and gnash all they want… but nothing will remove cryptos from the market. The asset class is here to stay. And I think U.S. regulatory bodies understand this reality. That’s why I think the CFTC and SEC hearings will be more concerned with curtailing initial coin offering (ICO) fraud than trying to kill all things crypto-related. The CFTC approved bitcoin futures this past December. It would hardly make sense for it to greenlight futures and then expend resources to destroy the asset class. That’s why I think the current regulatory fears washing through the crypto markets are overblown. Just like they were during the many scary periods I went through with cryptos in 2017. Then, like now, I offered the same advice: Make sure you have rational position sizes. Stop checking prices. Don’t worry about how long this sell-off will last. No one can answer that question with anything more than a guess. (That said, I’m currently working on an essay that will offer my best guess.) I’ll leave you with this… The biggest mistake I made in the decades of the late 1980s and ’90s was to underestimate just how powerful an impact technology would have on the future. I under-owned—and sold too quickly—some of the biggest winners of the past 25 years. I’m not going to make that mistake twice. The blockchain and crypto assets are a new breed of technology that will have as much (if not more) of an impact on the world as the tech companies of the 1980s and 1990s have today. Let the Game Come to You! Buy These Three Cryptos Before April 2nd Nobody’s talking about it, but an estimated $846 billion mountain of money is expected to hit cryptocurrencies as early as April 2nd. That’s more money than the value of every single cryptocurrency on the market—combined. Three small cryptos in particular are expected to see the biggest portions of that cash… Details here. Identity REVEALED: The man who beat Buffett by 2-to-1 He’s called the “Billionaire Beater” because his research outperformed some of America’s most famous billionaires several times over. One he beat by more than 2-to-1 over a recent ten year period. He also crushed three legendary hedge fund billionaires over that same time frame. He’s a humble guy, though, and keeps to himself, but here’s how you can get elite-level access to his stock research… For example, in 2013, the Chinese government banned its banks from dealing with bitcoin. This was at a time when 90% of all bitcoin mining and the majority of bitcoin activity took place in China. On top of that, hackers broke into the world’s largest bitcoin exchange at the time (Mt. Gox) and stole nearly 850,000 bitcoins. Bitcoin dropped 80%… But it still refused to die. When I finally became convinced to buy bitcoin in early 2016, it was at $450 and had a $6.6 billion market cap. I knew that any asset class that could survive so much negativity had to have long-term value. Since then, of course, bitcoin has been as high as $20,000. Now that bitcoin has dropped as low as $7,000, does that mean the party is over? Technology Has a History of Fits and Starts I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many bitcoin millionaires—some now billionaires—who lived through bitcoin’s 80% drop in 2013. I asked what kept them in bitcoin through the negativity. After all, they had made fortunes from bitcoin… So why stick around? What separated them from the hordes of “investors” who sold was their unswerving belief that the world needed a practical alternative to fiat currency. Bitcoin is the first currency that can’t be devalued by a government. It’s the first asset that we’ve had complete ownership over. It’s the most difficult asset to seize in the world. Barring torture, there isn’t a government in the world that can take your bitcoin from you (assuming you’ve stored it securely). That makes bitcoin—and crypto assets overall—unique. In my opinion, bitcoin’s unique qualities will continue to create value for its holders. But it won’t move in a straight line. No asset ever moves in one direction. Even the biggest stock winners of the last two decades—Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook—had long periods of price drops, price consolidations, and fears about their long-term viability as businesses. In the 1990s, the government tried to break up Microsoft. Apple traded for barely the cash on its balance sheet in 2003 as people failed to see the significance of the iPod. In 2007, Google dropped 70% as investors thought it couldn’t survive the Great Recession. And Facebook dropped 50% right out of the gate when it went public. Just like those tech giants, bitcoin and crypto assets are now under a global microscope. All of this PC correctness nonsense is in the Marxist Progressivist line, which Obama-lite democrats are THE PROPONENTS of. Dumb down and numb down the masses, give them a bag of “goodies” to make them dependent on government and you have met your goal = gain the power. Eliminate/smear everybody with different views and you have made it! It’s like from Marx’s Manifesto. We must stay alert and not let the USA become the united socialist states of America!—Vera —center_img Recommended Link Recommended Link Justin’s note: Over the last few months, we’ve shared many essays on the big opportunity in cryptocurrencies. With the recent sell-off, I wanted to get this new essay from Palm Beach Letter editor Teeka Tiwari out to you as soon as possible. Teeka knows more about the crypto market than anyone I know, and he explains below what you should be doing today… By Teeka Tiwari, editor, The Palm Beach Letter I’m sure you’re aware of the vicious sell-off currently going on in the cryptocurrency market. But what you might not know is that this type of volatility isn’t new. Even as recently as last March and September, we dealt with similar market meltdowns. What was especially tough for us was that our most important positions actually ended up dropping far lower than the general market. At certain periods last year, we saw peak-to-valley drops of 67%, 73%, and 78% in some of my recommendations. It was a bloodbath. Hackers attacked Ethereum—my most important position… and the one I had staked my reputation on—every day. I can’t count how many times Ethereum forked its code to deal with various attacks. Aside from the normal angry emails we receive when prices are tanking, I received many mocking emails from “friends” reveling in my perceived “misery.” More than one asked, “How are your ‘tulip bulbs’ doing?” Then, like now, I knew the slings and arrows of the market would ultimately strengthen the entire crypto asset ecosystem. Whether it was hackers trying to destabilize the Ethereum network or the Chinese government trying to ban exchanges, I’ve always known that the decentralized nature of crypto assets makes them very resilient to external threats. That resiliency is what attracted me to bitcoin in the first place. — Mr. Casey forgets to mention that his fellow multi-millionaires support the PC movement. Warren Buffett and Lloyd Blankfein fund candidates that support all this PC nonsense but have no idea why—they flail around for an explanation. There is an answer but it cannot be found in secularism.—KostaIf you have any questions or suggestions for the Dispatch, send them to us right here.last_img read more

ATLANTA AP – A man arrested in Georgia in a Than

first_imgATLANTA (AP) – A man arrested in Georgia in a Thanksgiving night shooting at a shopping mall near Birmingham has agreed to return to Alabama to face charges.Erron Martez Dequan Brown appeared emotionless during a brief hearing Friday before a magistrate judge in Atlanta.The 20-year-old man told a judge he’d voluntarily return to Alabama. Authorities there now have 15 business days to remove him from the Fulton County jail.Authorities arrested Brown on an attempted murder charge on Thursday. Protesters have held demonstrations since the mall gunfire because an officer fatally shot another armed black man who was initially believed to be the shooter.An organizer says protests will continue over the police killing of 21-year-old Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. His funeral is set for Saturday at Birmingham’s municipal auditorium.(Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)11/30/2018 11:51:04 AM (GMT -6:00)last_img read more

TAMPA Fla — Alex Rodriguez reported to the New Y

first_imgTAMPA, Fla. — Alex Rodriguez reported to the New York Yankees three days ahead of schedule. He spoke for 8 1/2 minutes about his season-long drug suspension.But on his first day back with the team since September 2013, he never said why he resumed the use of performance-enhancing drugs, never explained what he did and avoided getting into any specifics.“I cringe when I look at some of things I did,” Rodriguez said, surrounded by about 40 reporters on the sidewalk outside the Yankees minor league complex.“No mistake that I made has any good answer, no justification. It’s unexplainable, and that’s on me. I’ve dug a big hole for myself. Paid a price.”New York asked him to hold a pre-spring training news conference at Yankee Stadium, but Rodriguez declined. The Yankees told them they didn’t want him holding one at Steinbrenner Field, where they felt it would be a distraction.So Rodriguez improvised.Wearing a green University of Miami sweatsuit, he arrived at Steinbrenner Field on Feb. 23d morning for his physical, three days before the first workout for Yankees’ position players. Shortly before 1 p.m., he showed up at the minor league complex, a little less than 1 mile away, carrying what appeared to be a tan bat box.After changing into Yankees’ shorts, a T-shirt and a spring training cap, Rodriguez worked out for about an hour. He hit six home runs in 71 swings and took grounders at shortstop.Yankees Manager Joe Girardi and General Manager Brian Cashman say Chase Headley will be their starting third baseman and Rodriguez will compete for at-bats at designated hitter.Rodriguez called Headley an “excellent addition” to the team. Rodriguez did not take grounders at first base.“I’m willing to try,” he said. “When Joe needs me, I’m going to be ready. I’m here early, trying to get a jump-start. It’s a process. It’s going to take time.”Suspended for violations of baseball’s drug agreement and labor contract, Rodriguez apologized to team officials during a meeting at Yankee Stadium on Feb. 10 and to fans in a statement last week. His handwritten statement to fans offered no details.“I’m fortunate for a lot of people, especially the commissioner’s office, the players’ union, the Yankees to give me an opportunity to play the game that I love,” he said.Asked whether he thought the Yankees’ organization was on his side, Rodriguez said he didn’t know.“You’d have to ask them,” he responded. “I created a big headache for a lot of people. So, I don’t blame whoever is mad at me.”When asked if at any point he would address specifics regarding his mistakes, Rodriguez answered: “Right now I’m just focused on making this team. Obviously, it was a rough year.”Before speaking with reporters, Rodriguez spent 10 minutes signing autographs for a group of around 50 fans, who all cheered him.Rodriguez stopped his SUV near the complex entrance, got out and walked toward the fans, who surged forward and semi-surrounded him. He also posed for photos with many of them, interacting with questions like “Where are you from?”When he was done, Rodriguez turned to the group of reporters and said, “Let’s keep this nice and short.”He said he has no plans to address Yankees teammates as a group.“I have a lot of good relationships in there,” Rodriguez said. “Stayed in touch with a lot of them. I feel welcomed back.”Rodriguez, who turns 40 in July, has not played a full season since 2007 because the suspension, operations on both hips and other injuries.“I don’t know. … We’ll see,” Rodriguez said about his body holding up. “If I stay healthy, I can do good things.”He admitted in 2009 that he used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001-03 while with Texas. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig suspended Rodriguez for 211 games in August 2013, citing conduct from 2010-12 uncovered during MLB’s investigation of the Biogenesis of America clinic, which was based in Coral Gables, Florida, not far from Rodriguez’s home.Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz reduced the penalty to the 2014 season, finding “clear and convincing evidence” Rodriguez used three banned substances and twice tried to obstruct baseball’s drug investigation. The suspension cost Rodriguez just over $22 million of his $25 million salary last year.Rodriguez said it’s not for him to say if the penalty was fair.“There’s a system in place,” Rodriguez said. “I paid my penalty. I’m moving on.”Rodriguez also sued Major League Baseball, the players’ association and the Yankees’ team physician, then dropped the cases.He is owed $61 million in the final three seasons of his $275 million, 10-year contract. A marketing agreement signed at the time of his contract provides for five $6 million bonuses he could earn for historic achievements; the Yankees told him they don’t plan to pay those.When asked what he would have done differently the past two years, Rodriguez responded by saying: “I don’t have time for that.”(MARK DIDTLER)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

GLASGOW Scotland – Greeces Lefteris Petrounias w

first_imgGLASGOW, Scotland – Greece’s Lefteris Petrounias won the gold medal at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships Oct. 31 to earn a spot at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.The Greek champion won the rings event at the SSE Hydro Arena to beat back two formidable Chinese opponents and give his country some good news.Petrounias added the World gold to his victories in the European Championships and the European Games, having won five out of the six major international competitions he has entered within 2015.His win and an automatic ticket to Rio means Greece will also be given an additional spot for his country’s gymnast team at the Olympics.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img

NICOSIA AP — Borussia Dortmunds hopes of making

first_imgNICOSIA (AP) — Borussia Dortmund’s hopes of making the second round of the Champions League took a major blow when it was held at APOEL Nicosi to 1-1 on Tuesday.After losing its opening games in Group H to Tottenham and Real Madrid, Dortmund needed a win to kick-start its campaign in Europe’s premier club competition. It didn’t.“In the end we have to be happy we didn’t lose the game. It will be difficult now,” Dortmund coach Peter Bosz said of his side’s hopes of progression.Dortmund, which reached the final in 2013, started well against a side that hadn’t scored in its previous six games, but then stagnated as APOEL organized.Despite suffering a double blow in the first half when striker Igor De Camargo and goalkeeper Boy Waterman both went off with injuries, APOEL managed to restrict the visitors’ space and opportunities.Dortmund’s lackluster performance continued after the break and the noisy stadium erupted in joy when Mickael Pote ended APOEL’s barren run in front of goal – thanks to a mistake from goalkeeper Roman Buerki.APOEL goalkeeper Boy Waterman, left, and Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang challenge for the ball during the Champions League Group H soccer match between APOEL Nicosia and Borussia Dortmund at GSP stadium, in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)Buerki’s attempted pass out went straight to Lorenzo Ebecilio, who eluded Marcel Schmelzer and fired a shot that Buerki failed to gather. Pote was first to react to score from the rebound.Greek defender Sokratis equalized five minutes later with a header to Mario Goetze’s cross.Shinji Kagawa struck the crossbar two minutes later after reserve goalkeeper Gudino got a touch to his shot, and Dortmund knew it was out of luck when Gudino and the post denied Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in injury time.With Madrid and Tottenham on seven points after their 1-1 draw in Madrid, Dortmund, with one point, faces a tall order to emerge from the group.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Rural medical clinics that are struggling to respo

first_imgRural medical clinics that are struggling to respond to an epidemic of a fatal lung disease plaguing coal miners received a 40 percent boost in federal funding with the passage of the omnibus spending bill last week.As NPR first reported in 2016, hundreds of coal miners have been diagnosed with Progressive Massive Fibrosis in the last five years. This advanced stage of the disease known as “black lung” is incurable and often leads to gruesome deaths in which miners gradually lose lung function and suffocate.The funding for 28 black lung clinics in 15 coal mining states will jump $2.7 million to $10 million, which is the first time in at least 20 years that Congress and the White House have agreed to provide the maximum funding authorized by federal law in 1977.A bipartisan group of congressmen sought the additional funding and cited the sudden epidemic of the disease in seeking White House approval.”More funding for clinics is important. They need more resources to cope with the increase in PMF cases,” said Rep. H. Morgan Griffith, R-Va. “Coal miners are proud of the work they do, but should they develop black lung, they also want to be taken care of, and I agree.”Griffith worked with Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., the ranking member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Scott said the additional funds “will assist these clinics to better serve disabled coal miners with black lung disease.”Scott also wants the clinics to work with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to “identify and track cases of progressive massive fibrosis which is afflicting miners at rates not seen in the past 40 years.”Last year, Scott, Griffith and other members of Congress wrote President Trump, noting that “the clinics have faced a substantial increase in demands from coal miners for screening, diagnosis, and pulmonary rehabilitation.””Some clinics are so underfunded that they are operating with obsolete and inefficient diagnostic equipment, which is needlessly increasing miners’ radiation dose when they receive a chest X-ray,” the lawmakers added.NPR’s investigation also identified the largest cluster of PMF cases ever documented, a finding confirmed last month by NIOSH. That cluster was reported by three black lung clinics operated by Stone Mountain Health Services in southwestern Virginia.The additional funding “will definitely give us the tools that we need to screen, diagnose and treat the coal miners,” said Ron Carson, who directs the Stone Mountain black lung program.”We have seen a lot more miners coming into our clinics and instead of having to schedule them two and three months out, we can actually have that miner seen that particular day,” Carson added.Since 2013, the Stone Mountain clinics have diagnosed more than 600 cases of advanced black lung, which is six times the number of cases federal researchers had reported nationwide for the same period. The miners streaming into Stone Mountain worked in the coalfields of southwestern Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia.NIOSH studies and NPR reporting show that the epidemic is striking younger miners, including some in their 30s and 40s, who are also suffering rapid progression to more severe stages of disease.NPR’s ongoing survey of black lung clinics, independent medical clinics and law firms specializing in black lung benefits claims has identified more than 2,200 cases of PMF or complicated black lung since 2010.The pace of disease continues with some clinics reporting a doubling of cases in the past year.Carson is also active in the National Coalition of Black Lung and Respiratory Disease Clinics and said he hopes the additional funding will be used to help clinics convert to digital X-rays and medical records. That will improve diagnoses, he said, and make it possible to track the extent of disease more quickly and accurately.In a statement, the coalition said the growing number of miners seeking diagnosis at clinics “often have more advanced and complex illnesses.”Last year, the clinics served more than 13,000 working, laid-off and retired coal miners. Funding is channeled through the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Carson hopes the additional funds will help the clinics reach out to miners who may not know they have black lung.Federal and independent researchers say the spike in advanced disease is due to longer working hours for miners and increased exposure to silica dust, which results when mining machines cut sandstone. Silica is far more toxic than coal dust alone. Large underground coal seams have generally played out in Appalachia. The thinner seams that remain are embedded in sandstone. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more

A debate is brewing over changes to the State Heal

first_imgA debate is brewing over changes to the State Health Plan. Some say a new proposal would benefit state workers while putting the future of rural hospitals in jeopardy.State Treasurer Dale Folwell believes hospitals are overcharging the roughly 700,000 people who have medical insurance through the State Health Plan.Folwell spoke at a contentious legislative committee meeting on Tuesday. He told attendees that his proposed changes to how health care providers are paid could save taxpayers more than $700 million a year, with additional savings in out-of-pocket expenses for state employees.The News and Observer reports that the North Carolina Healthcare Association opposes Folwell’s plan, which is scheduled to take effect in January.NCHA officials say those changes would amount to a 15 percent average cut to hospital budgets, and could force some rural hospitals to close, or leave the State Health Plan altogether.Despite their differences, many at the meeting agreed that the current system might soon become unsustainable, and urged compromise between the treasurer’s office and hospital representatives.last_img read more

St Joseph HospitalAscension Wisconsin has decided

first_imgSt. Joseph HospitalAscension Wisconsin has decided to halt its downsizing plans at Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus in Milwaukee, following mounting concerns raised by city leaders and residents.Bernie Sherry, senior vice president of Ascension Healthcare and ministry market executive of Ascension Wisconsin, announced the decision Wednesday.St. Joseph Hospital“Based on the feedback we’ve received from the mayor, Common Council members, community leaders and others, we have decided to pause our plan to reconfigure medical services from St. Joe’s to Columbia St. Mary’s Milwaukee as we continue to engage stakeholders on transforming health care in Milwaukee,” he said.The St. Louis-based health system announced plans earlier this month to eliminate surgical services and inpatient stays at the safety-net hospital, located at 5000 W. Chambers St. Sherry did not say Wednesday how long those plans will remain on hold, or whether the health system is abandoning them altogether. City leaders, including several aldermen, were quick to raise concerns when Ascension first unveiled its plans, saying the move would adversely affect patients who rely on those services and exacerbate health disparities between those with the financial means to pay for care and those without.About 80 percent of St. Joseph hospital’s patients are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, which reimburse hospitals at less than cost, and about 5 percent of its patients are uninsured.The Common Council approved a resolution this week urging Ascension executives to establish a one-year moratorium on any downsizing and service reductions at St. Joseph hospital and its other health care facilities.“We’re gratified that the Common Council recognizes our role as critical, frontline care institutions. With three city hospitals – Ascension St. Joseph, Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Milwaukee and Ascension St. Francis – we are Milwaukee’s safety net hospital system,” Sherry said in his statement. “We provide 100 percent access, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. We’re proud of that and we remain committed to that.”The St. Joseph hospital posted an operating loss of about $20 million in 2016, according to the most recently available data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association. Sherry had said consolidating lower-volume services at other facilities would help to stem those losses. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

The Milwaukee River runs through downtownLast upd

first_imgThe Milwaukee River runs through downtown.Last updated on May 15th, 2019 at 04:48 pmMadison-based American Family Insurance plans to have an office building in downtown Milwaukee in a few years, the company revealed today as part of the announcement that it will replace MillerCoors as the naming rights sponsor for the Milwaukee Brewers ballpark.American Family chairman and chief executive officer Jack Salzwedel said the company is working on plans for a “fairly large building down in the core of the city.”Downtown MilwaukeeCredit: Maredithe Meyer“(The naming rights for the Brewers ballpark) fits with an overall Milwaukee strategy that we have been working on for probably about a year,” Salzwedel said. “It involves building a fairly large building down in the core of the city. And a strategy that includes more jobs and jobs in the software engineering and data science area. We’ve been working very closely with the mayor to try and look at different sites and opportunities for us in the city of Milwaukee. We announced to our leadership group in Madison this morning that we are committed to building a building, or having a building, in downtown Milwaukee. That site has not been completed yet. But this (Brewers stadium naming rights deal) is just part of an overall strategy that includes a building, includes employees, jobs, it includes the (ballpark) naming rights, it includes (the) Summerfest (sponsorship). Our commitment to Milwaukee has never been stronger.” Salzwedel later said the company could build a new building in downtown Milwaukee or could move into an existing building.“We are actively looking at spots to either build, renovate or lease a pretty significant building in downtown Milwaukee,” he said. “We’re looking at old buildings to renovate, we’re looking at potentially building a new building or we could potentially lease. We’ve got a team that’s been working with the mayor and others to evaluate sites. Hopefully within the next 3 or 4 months we’ll have chosen something and we’ll be able to announce that as well.”Commercial real estate industry sources indicated that CBRE has been touring downtown sites recently on behalf of a tenant that is seeking about 100,000 square feet of office space.In a press release, American Family said it planned “to create a multi-purpose office in downtown Milwaukee within the next 2-3 years. The office will contain high-tech work such as data analytics and business innovation, American Family agent recruitment and development, and areas focused on community issues and investment, in addition to other possible functions.”The exact location of the office and the number of employees who will work there are still to be determined, the company stated in the news release.The employees in the building could be a mix of new jobs and relocated employees, Salzwedel said.“We don’t have a number (of employees for the Milwaukee office) firmed up right now, but for us it’s not a small number,” he said. “We know that it’s going to be more high tech type jobs, data scientists, software engineers, things like that.”Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the city is “very excited” about the commitment American Family is making to Milwaukee.“Jack (Salzwedel) talked about the conversations we have had about American Family’s presence in this community, and the opportunities there for technology workers, to address diversity concerns, there are many, many ways for us to build a closer relationship,” Barrett said. “So, the city Milwaukee is very excited about this. We think this is a beautiful relationship that is going to grow even stronger between your company and this city.”Salzwedel said the Milwaukee office will be a “main hub” office for American Family.“We have for some time now been looking at our tech recruiting and how it ties with our brand…and we’ve come to the conclusion that there are a number of cities that could become hubs for us for recruiting and hiring and housing technical talent,” he said. “We have offices in Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Chicago, (suburban) Milwaukee (in Pewaukee on Busse Road) and Madison. And those will all be hubs for us with Milwaukee being one of the main hubs”American Family built a three-story, 75,000-square-foot office building on Busse Road along I-94 in Pewaukee in late 2006. The company moved about 250 employees there from its previous location on Executive Drive in Brookfield. That office currently has about 200 claims employees, Salzwedel said.The future of the company’s Pewaukee office building is not immediately clear, but no changes are planned at this time, according to a spokesman.“Identifying a location and developing our office in Milwaukee will take two to three years. Over that time, we’ll look at the options for the functions currently housed in our Pewaukee office,” said American Family spokesman Ken Muth. “But for now and the foreseeable future, there are no changes or impacts for people working in Pewaukee.”The downtown Milwaukee office building would help American Family recruit diverse talent to work for the company, Salzwedel said.“We think with what’s going on with Foxconn and at the universities, colleges and research centers that are in Milwaukee that it’s a ripe market for us to recruit,” he said. “And it’s different from Madison. Madison doesn’t have as much ethnic and racial diversity, Milwaukee does. So, it’s an effort for us to expand racial and ethnic diversity, inclusion efforts, tech talent and we understand in order to do that we need to make a commitment to the city…we are very committed to racial and ethnic diversity.”The college and universities in the Milwaukee area provide a valuable supply of young talent, Salzwedel said.“Marquette, UWM, Concordia is a great smaller school, and Milwaukee School of Engineering, great graduates coming out of there,” he said. “We think Milwaukee is going to be a great spot for new talent for the organization.” Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

Harken Incs Pewaukee headquarters building Cou

first_imgHarken Inc.’s Pewaukee headquarters building. (Courtesy: The Barry Co.)Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 10:54 amHarken Inc. has sold and entered into a long-term leaseback of its world headquarters in Pewaukee, in a deal the company says will help accelerate its growth.Harken, a manufacturer and marketer of marine hardware and accessories, sold its 170,000-square-foot industrial facility located at N15 W24983 Bluemound Road for $15 million to HRKN LLC, a real-estate investment group that is not affiliated with the company. The LLC is registered to Thomas Schafer.The company’s headquarters building, which includes 30,000 square feet of offices on its second floor, was constructed in 2012 for Harken’s use. The property has an assessed value of about $9 million, according to Waukesha County records. David Buckley and Jim Barry of Milwaukee-based The Barry Co. brokered the transaction.Peter Harken, co-owner and founder of Harken, said in a statement that the transaction will help accelerate the growth of the company.“We will certainly continue to focus on organic growth and plan to stay right here in our home community of Pewaukee,” he said. “With this sale, we may consider some strategic acquisition opportunities in our marine and industrial markets that will put this capital to work.”Harken has also invested significantly outside of the marine industry in the safety and rescue markets. The company manufacturers products in the U.S. and Italy. Its network includes offices in 48 countries, with group offices in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and in the U.S., which includes the states of Rhode Island, California and Florida.“This sale-leaseback transaction is indicative of the strength of the industrial and investment markets in southeast Wisconsin,” Buckley said in a statement. “We’re proud to have a relationship with Harken Inc. and that we could structure a deal that satisfied all parties involved.”Barry said that, to his knowledge, this deal represents the largest industrial sale-leaseback deal in the area so far this year. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

For Immediate Release August 25 2009

first_imgFor Immediate ReleaseAugust 25, 2009 Attachments09AgriPower_Wilson.jpg FacebookTwitterPinterestAddThis0Share Leave a Comment FacebookTwitterPinterestAddThis0Share Leave a Comment COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – Kerrick Wilson of Somerville, Ohio (Preble County) is one of 22 farmers and agribusiness professionals selected by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) to participate in the 2009-2010 AgriPOWER program. He has been involved in farming for more than 30 years. His current operation consists of grain, hay and livestock production. Additionally, for the past 15 years, he has been a crane/heavy equipment operator.AgriPOWER was launched last year by OFBF as an elite training program designed to help participants become leaders, advocates and activists for Ohio agriculture. The yearlong program consists of seven weekend institutes that focus on public policy issues confronting agriculture and the food industry.Topics covered during various institute programs consist of public policy issues facing local communities, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world. Additionally, specific sessions will help class members develop important skills necessary to becoming an effective leader, activist and advocate, including public speaking, parliamentary procedure, social networking and communications and more. One of the institute programs will be held in Washington, D. C. to help class members gain a valuable understanding of national and global issues.“Ohio Farm Bureau is committed to developing grassroots leaders,” said Keith Stimpert, OFBF senior vice president of public policy. “The intensive training provided by AgriPOWER will equip these individuals to make significant contributions to the viability of Ohio agriculture.”In addition to OFBF, AgriPOWER partners include Bob Evans, Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, Nationwide, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, American Dairy Association MidEast, American Farmland Trust, Town & Country Co-op, Ohio Pork Producers Council, Ohio Corn Growers Association, Fulton County Farm Bureau, Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Soybean Council and Dairy Farmers of America.For additional information about AgriPOWER, please contact OFBF at 614-246-8261 or AgriPower@ofbf.org. -30-CONTACT: David WhitePHONE: (614) 246-8261 or(614) 361-9113E-MAIL: dwhite@ofbf.orglast_img read more

In this fourth of a series of posts we are highli

first_imgIn this fourth of a series of posts, we are highlighting specific resident questions from the recent District 1 City Council Candidates Forum hosted by the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC). The three candidates running to fill the seat being vacated by Sal LaMattina are Lydia Edwards, Margaret Farmer and Stephen Passacantilli. District 1 includes the North End, Charlestown and East Boston.Question: Are you for or against 4:00 a.m. liquor licenses and why?*Advertisement* All three candidates said they were staunchly opposed to having closing hours of 4am on alcohol licenses in the district.Hear the complete answer of each of the candidates in the above video and see the entire candidates forum in this prior post.The preliminary municipal election will be on September 26th, 2017. The top two candidates from that election will appear on the general municipal election ballot on November 7th, 2017. Polls are open 7am-8pm. Find more information at CityofBoston.gov/elections.For more information on the District 1 City Council Race, follow our District 1 Tag. While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading NorthEndWaterfront.com but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron*last_img read more


first_img*Advertisement* Photos courtesy of Modern Pastry. The late owner of Modern Pastry, Giovanni Picariello, was remembered at a sign unveiling on Sunday. The honorary City of Boston street sign designates “Giovanni Picariello Place” outside the landmark pastry shop. Family members joined with Mayor Marty Walsh and local officials for the dedication that took place as part of the North End Columbus Day parade.last_img

Plan your events with the Community Calendar Tue

first_imgPlan your events with the Community Calendar: Tuesday, June 199:00AM Eliot School End of Year Celebration at Faneuil Hall. The Eliot School will gather at Faneuil Hall to celebrate the end of the year with dancing, singing and performances.5:00PM Wharf District Council Meeting. There will be a wharf district council meeting at 30 Rowes Wharf.7:00PM RUFF Monthly Meeting. Join RUFF at the Nazzaro Community Center for their monthly meeting to plan upcoming events, fundraisers and park maintenance.8:00PM The Coolidge at The Greenway Movie Night – Rear Window. The Greenway has partnered with Coolidge Corner Theatre to bring three classic movie features to the Wharf District Parks! Bring your chairs and blankets on over to enjoy a FREE outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window under the evening sky.Wednesday, June 205:00PM Tea & Tranquility at the Armenian Heritage Park. For first time walkers, an introduction to walking the labyrinth at 5:30pm. Then an early evening meet/greet, walk the labyrinth and enjoy Tea & Desserts hosted by The Bostonian Hotel & MEM TEA Imports. RSVP to hello@ArmenianHeritagePark.org.6:30PM Adult Book Discussion Club. Join the North End Library at 25 Parmenter Street for an adult book discussion of the book “Lincoln in the Bardo”, see additional details here.From the Community: Fr. Joseph Nasanathan Appointed to Saint Leonard ChurchSaint Leonard Church announced the appointment of a new priest to its parish. Father Joseph Nasanathan is from Singapore and has been assigned on a temporary basis, pending approval from Cardinal Sean, continue reading.Need to submit a post? Great, start here!Keep up with what’s happening on the Events Calendar.Weather Forecast: Currently Things to know for MondayToday is Monday, June 18 and if you’re doing some research on the value of your home, or are even considering a potential move to the neighborhood, check out NeighborhoodX’s average asking price per square foot for the North End. Here’s everything else you need to know for today…10:00AM Public Hearing to Discuss Tree Coverage in Boston. Boston City Council will host a hearing to discuss and assess the amount and quality of tree coverage in the City of Boston. The public is invited to attend and testify, see additional details here.*Advertisement* 5:00PM Public Hearing Notice: Community Preservation Act. A hearing on an appropriation order in the total amount $8,035,055.00 from Fiscal Year 2018 community preservation fund revenues for community preservation projects at the recommendation by the Community Preservation Committee, see additional details here.Notable News:The North End’s Mirabella Pool Opens, With Rosanna’s Pizza! The warm weather is here to stay and the city’s two public outdoor pools are now open, including the North End’s Mirabella. Best of all, Rosanna Pantaleo (also from St. John School) is back making the famous Mirabella pizza! Read more from the Boston Globe.Greenway Fountains: Currently Currently Did we miss something? Add it to the comments below. Follow @northend.waterfront on Instagram and tag #northend or #bostonwaterfront to have your photo featured!While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading NorthEndWaterfront.com but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron*last_img read more


first_imgLATEST STORIES SMC bags Bulacan airport project View comments Read Next Locsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilege MOST READ Painters refuse to go quietly Tiongco was with two other men when policemen who were on patrol encountered them Saturday afternoon.Police were surprised when Tiongco’s companions fled after noticing their presence.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPalace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spikePolice approached Tiongco and frisked him.Three big packs containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu were found in the man’s pockets after the search. Baybayin revival makes native PH history hip Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements PH protests Chinese boat swarm, warship passage A 33-year-old man landed in jail after police caught him allegedly in possession of packs of shabu in barangay Cabitoonan, in Toledo City.Drug charges are set to be filed today against Levi Tiongco, a resident of A. Lopez Street in Cebu City.ADVERTISEMENT PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension Police said Tiongco was in the Cebu City Police Office’s watchlist of persons suspected to be involved in illegal drug trade./CORRESPONDENT NORMAN V. MENDOZAMORE STORIESnewsinfoPM Boris Johnson visits Belfast as Brexit woes hurt UK economynewsinfoNorth Korea says it tested new rocket systemnewsinfoSen. Pia Cayetano: Judge our clan based on performanceMORE STORIESnewsinfoPM Boris Johnson visits Belfast as Brexit woes hurt UK economynewsinfoNorth Korea says it tested new rocket systemnewsinfoSen. Pia Cayetano: Judge our clan based on performance WHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccine Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Carpio gets nominated as CJ for 4th timelast_img read more

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first_img be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 https://www.blackenterprise.com/mississippi-app-guru-sheena-allen-appear-new-documentary-%e2%80%98she-started-it%e2%80%99/ https://www.blackenterprise.com/mississippi-app-guru-sheena-allen-appear-new-documentary-%e2%80%98she-started-it%e2%80%99/ Page: 1 2 3Women create only 3% of tech startups, receive less than 10% of venture capital funding, and run only 4% of Fortune 500 companies.Those are the opening words to the trailer for the upcoming documentary She Started It by French journalist Nora Poggi and Insiyah Saeed, a journalist and documentary producer based in Silicon Valley. The film will focus on women tech founders in the U.S. and Europe and aims to highlight successful role models for young women, to encourage more girls toward entrepreneurship in the technology industry.[RELATED: Concerned Momprenuer Develops Driver Watchdog Device ]Now enter Sheena Allen, founder of Sheena Allen Apps. Despite her eponymously-named app, when it comes to tech founders, she’s completely off the radar. She says so herself.“I am a triple–whammy when it comes to tech. I’m female, I’m black, and I’m southern,” says Allen, 26, who double majored in film and psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi. “I have a southern accent so just imagine–when I’m in Silicon Valley they are like ‘Who are you and where are you from?’ [I guess] you are just not supposed to be from Mississippi and create a tech company with 2 million downloads.”But while she doesn’t fit the mold of the average tech founder, she’s also breaking barriers outside of being a black founder. Black Enterprise host Paul Brunson said it best on his #MentorMonday Spreecast: “Sheena Allen is the exception to EVERY rule when it comes to creating a tech company.”First, she’s a woman in a world of companies founded by men. Next, she’s a solo founder when most tech companies have two or more. She’s nontechnical, when most tech founders have a background in computer science or some type of coding experience. She hasn’t raised any money from investors and she didn’t attend an Ivy League school.But what she has done is launch a company, which has been profitable right out the gate. The filmmakers saw her speaking at the Lean Startup conference and asked if she would be willing to be a part of the film. Even though they were wrapping everything up, they decided to add Allen after hearing her story and learning about her six apps and millions of downloads.(Continued on next page)Page: 1 2 3last_img read more

This week we cover 1True Parents True Parents

first_imgThis week we cover:1.True ParentsTrue Parents’ Special Gathering with US LeadersTrue Family Christmas Eve BanquetSpecial Banquet to Celebrate Christmas and True Mother’s Victorious ReturnTrue Parents’ special breakfast banquet for Family Federation in a Heavenly Korea, Heavenly Japan, and Heavenly United States2.SpecialKona ILC, Africa Leaders Conference3. World NewsMajor Events (Korea: Inauguration of President Lee Gi-seong and Vice-President Ju Jin-tae/ Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony/ Benin: Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace) Prepared by PeaceTVPlease click on your preferred language to watch this week’s Report: English    Spanish    Portuguese    French    Russian    Korean    Japaneselast_img