Podravka wins strong tournament Metkovic 2011

First match at the TOP quality women’s tournament “Metkovic 2011” in Croatia,  domestic team, HC Podravka lost against Serbian champion, HC Zajecar 24:28, but on the end, Croatian team won tournament in the exciting clash against Buducnost Podgorica 27:27 after penalty-shoot-out. Third place wins “Hit of the Tournament”, Macedonian Metalurg, who was better against HC Zajecar 33:32.TOP EHF CL team, Krim Mercator showed low level of performance. They lost easily against Buducnost 21:28 and Metalurg, took 5th place at the end. Sixth is DVSC Corvex and last two places won domestic team, Dalmatinka and Katarina.ALL STAR TEAM “METKOVIC 2011”All star postava turnira „Metković 2011“:Goalkeeper: Klara Voltering (Budućnost)Left wing: Nikica Pušić (Podravka)Left back: Bojana Popović ( Budućnost)Playmaker: Kristina Liščević (Metalurg)Pivot: Vesna Milanović-Litre (Podravka)Right back: Elena Gjorgijevska (Metalurg)Right wing: Anita Gaće ( Podravka) ← Previous Story Marta Mangue: “In Denmark will play only Scandi girls” Next Story → Mirza Dzomba retires read more

Group A Granollers Argentina beat Montenegro – France breaks Tunisia in last

← Previous Story WCh 2013 – Group D: Easy victories for Hungary and Croatia Next Story → WCh 2013 (Round 1 completed): Russian comeback – Tunisian resistance In Group A in Granollers the most interesting match was Argentinian win over Montenegro 30:28. Despite their goalkeepers had only five saves, Simonet and Co. managed to beat European team. France had serious problem against Tunisia 30:27, but in the last five minutes Olympic champions made decisive series and broke resistance of brave Africans.Germany beat Brasil 33:23 in the first match of the Day.

Ratko Djurkovic as fireman in Hungarian Komlo

Komlo handballRatko Djurkovic ← Previous Story No mercy from Wisla Plock for Lijewski’s new team Next Story → Derby? Mikkel Hansen (PSG) demolish leader HBC Nantes 1.Szeged8800304:18516 3.Balatonfuredi8602226:20212 10.Balmazujvaros8206200:2394 9.PLER9207228:2614 4.Tatabanya6501145:12410 7.Oroshazi7304190:2056 5.Gyongyosi8305207:2166 2.Csurgoi7700201:16114 The team from the bottom of Hungarian league after seven matches, Komlo, will try to raise the level of performance and to avoid relegation with the new head-coach, Ratko Djurković. Former PICK Szeged’s line-player, famous for his defensive skills, will open Hungarian part of his coaching career after time in Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro.Komlo is at the bottom of the League table with zero points from seven matches. STANDINGS: 8.Cegledi8305217:2416 11.Komloi7007163:2380 6.Mezokovesdi8305198:2076 read more

Valero Rivera about Qatar challenge Amazing Federation wonderful president

The Qatar NT head-coach Valero Rivera has got the big reinforcements with Danijel Šarić (goalkeeper) and Žarko Marković (right back), who will be addition to his squad for the upcoming World Championship 2015 in Doha. He stated for the Spanish media that decision to turndown Qatari offer last year ” would have been one of the biggest mistakes” of his life.Like no other team, Rivera began final preparation in Spain, two months before TOP European teams, which have to wait the end of the first half of the season in European leagues. Rivera, who had fantastic achievements with FC Barcelona in the past, but also with the Spanish NT (current World title holder – 2013), praised all what he has experienced in Doha since April 2013, when he took the challenge of ambitious handball country:– Qatar has an amazing Federation, which allows you to work and makes players available for NT. Moreover, the president is wonderful – said Rivera, writes Spanish Marca. qatar 201Qatar 2015Qatar handballvalero rivera qatar  Loading …The first signs of Rivera’s work have been seen in the Asian Championship in Bahrein and Asian Games in Korea, where Qatari team beat two host nations in the final. That was the first home defeat for Koreans (24:21), who didn’t lose since the Olympic tournament 1988 in Seoul:– We are starting like another preseason and we will work with a group of between twenty and twenty-four players. I’m obviously very happy with how it has worked and has played in Korea, but is a long way ahead and you have to knock on wood to avoid  injuries,” stated legendary Valero. How far Rivera can go with Qatar at WCh 2015? Preliminary Group TOP 16 TOP 8 Semi-final FinalView Results ← Previous Story EHF TV: Top 5 goals of Women’s EHF CL Round 3 Next Story → Qatar 2015 venues are ready – Lusail and Al Sadd hall host Asian Champions League! read more

Unexpected rivals – Sweden and Iceland to play 6 days before WCh

Decision of IHF Council,  to allocate two places for Qatar to Saudi Arabia and Iceland after withdrawal of Bahrain and UAE , sparked a lot of reaction in handball world, but also caused unexpected troubles to the new rivals in Group C – Sweden and Iceland. The teams from Northern Europe have already arranged their friendly encounter for January 9, without expectation that could be drawed in the same group for WCh 2015, which starts six days later!Match will be played in magnificent Kristianstad Arena. Four days before, Sweden will meet Denmark in the first test before Qatar. ← Previous Story Saudi Arabia and Iceland to take last two tickets for Qatar 2015! Next Story → Kielce’s action for Tomasz Strząbała!

Montenegro win Balkan derby – Sweden stun Croatia

← Previous Story EURO 2014: Dutch girls and France win first points Next Story → Eljaish win Asian Clubs Championship! Balkan derby between Montenegro and Serbia 22:19 (10:8) has the same winners as in their clash on the last EHF EURO 2012 in Belgrade, where team of Dragan Adzic celebrated historical victory. Montenegrin team had a hero in line-player Suzana Lazovic, who despite their specific defensive role made a great job in attack with 5 goals alongside Knezevic and Bulatovic.On the other side, Andrea Lekic had fantastic come back after injury with six goals, only in the second half.STATISTICSIn the second match of the evening programm, Croatia have lost the match in front of home fans against Sweden 28:30 (17:17).STATISTICS

Beatriz Fernández Focus on Denmark

Beatriz Fernández Spain started their Qualifying phase for the EHF EURO 2016 with a 25:15 victory over Austria. The conducted by Jorge Dueñas didn’t show what is expected from European silver medallists at all, but they ended victoriously their first battle. After the match, Spanish back player Beatriz Fernández had a brief conversation with Handball-Planet and she spoke about how the national team is at the moment with the World Championship just around the corner.First match of the Qualifying phase for the EHF EURO 2016 and relatively comfortable victory over Austria. Which are your feelings about it?It has not been a good game, but we have achieved the goal and that is the most important thing. These matches make us see what we still have to improve, and that will make us grow little by little for the European Championship.You have got the first 2 points of this phase. There is still much ahead but I imagine it is important to lead the Group at the end…We have to be ambitious and always have a winning mentality. Our goal is to qualify and if it is as first ranked it would be much better for us, of course.Even if these matches are to qualify for the European competition, up to what point do they help to prepare for the World Cup?The truth is that our minds are set on December. All of the work we are doing now will help us get to the World Championship in good shape. All matches are helpful, some of them to work technical-tactical aspects, others to focus in concentration aspects…Heads are already in Denmark, aren’t they?Yes, of course. We are very focused in Denmark and our objective is to do a great job there so we can dream of qualifying for Rio 2016.What about the injured teammates? How are they?The worst thing is the injury suffered by Lara González. As you know, she has torn MCL of her right knee and she will have to spend time recovering. She will miss World Championship but we all hope she will be back on the courts as soon as possible.TEXT: Nagore Odriozola Juaristi ← Previous Story Nikola Karabatić for HP: Noka kicks our egos – Team’s reaction is positive! Next Story → TWO DEFEATS IN 24 HOURS: PPD Zagreb beat RK Vardar in SEHA GAZPROM derby read more

WISLA TV before Holly War series – Cadenas Kielce have best attack

Orlen Wisla Plock will chase Vive Tauron Kielce in Play Off Final series which start next Saturday. The Polish champions will become guys who win three matches (Best of 5). Wisla’s coach Manolo Cadenas talked for WISLA TV about current situation in his roster and big rival… ← Previous Story Bertus Servaas has a dream: Veszprem for the trophy in Cologne Next Story → DKB BUNDESLIGA: Angry Lions five steps to the finish line! Manolo CadenasOrlen Wisla Plock handballPolish HandballVive Tauron Kielce


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8 photos that prove being pregnant is a blast

first_img1. It doesn’t stop you getting outdoors Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos2. It’s a great showcase for your artistic skills Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos3. It can be a great way to explore shared interests as a couple Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos4. It’s YOUR time. Take the opportunity to be honest about your feelings! Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos5. Or just, you know, make the most of your new body Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos6. Did we mention the artistic possibilities? Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos7. It’s a great chance for your partner to really get involved in caring Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos8. Or just… photobombing. Source: AwkwardfamilyphotosOkay, just to be clear: we know pregnancy is actually a long way from being a blast. We know it’s difficult and tiring and at times painful. But hopefully these amusingly awkward photos will help anyone out there going through it. And wishing all of those people the very best of luck from DailyEdge.ie!9 essential lessons from the world’s worst holiday photos>11 signs you grew up in a big family>last_img read more

Sands of time running out for rare Canadian desert

first_imgAS DESERTIFICATION CREEPS into parts of the world, a rare stretch of sand in Canada’s vast western plains is oddly doing the reverse – slowly sprouting with vegetation.Tufts of prairie grasses are emerging throughout Spirit Sands, a stretch of dunes steeped in local lore in a popular nature park in Manitoba province.The sands cover only about four square kilometres and in some parts, entire mounds have been completely overgrown.Today, this small patch is the only desert in Manitoba and one of only a handful in all of Canada.Once vastly bigger, it fanned out an estimated 6,500 square kilometres – about one-fifth the size of Belgium – from the mouth of the Assiniboine River.Located in Spruce Woods park west of the provincial capital Winnipeg, the dunes are the last vestige of an ancient river delta, exposed 12,000 years ago when a glacier melted northward and a massive prehistoric lake drained to the south.“What we’re seeing out there right now is part of natural succession… vegetation encroaching or moving into what used to be an open sand dunes area,” said Jessica Elliott, head of conservation in the province.A study in the late 1990s found that the desert had shrunk by as much as 10-20 per cent over each of the previous four decades, as vegetation encroached.Elliott points to several factors.“The climate is different (warmer) now than it has been in the past, there is more precipitation, wind speeds are lower,” she said, and “we don’t have … large bison grazing in the area or large, intense wildfires moving through the area.”Technically, Spirit Sands is not a true desert as it receives twice as much precipitation as a typical desert.But the dunes have religious significance for aboriginals not to mention unique and hardy creatures, including Manitoba’s only species of lizard – the northern prairie skink – which lives where the sand meets the prairies and Spruce Woods forest.This visitor video gives a sense of the isolation of the landscape:via CoralieDarseyMalloy DavidMalloy/YoutubeAs well, they are a key attraction for tourists, who also come for the camping, hiking trails, horseback riding and river kayaking. According to park officials, 2,300 vehicles have visited since January.The province has considered a variety of measures to preserve the sand dunes, including using chemical herbicides, lighting a prairie wild fire, weeding by hand, or re-establishing a herd of bison in the park, which would also require building a fence hundreds of kilometers long to keep them from wandering away.But officials now appear resigned to let nature take its course.“Regardless how much vegetation is on or off the dunes, it’s a beautiful place to be,” said Elliott.“There are so many different spots to go and look at, enjoy the nature as is. It’s got many attractions, so (we’re) not worried about that at all.”© AFP, 2013‘Extremely likely’ humans caused over half of global warming in the last 60 years>7 stunning natural wonders you really should see>last_img read more

One of the most powerful typhoons on record hits Philippines

first_imgONE OF THE most intense typhoons ever recorded whipped the Philippines today, terrifying millions of people as monster winds tore roofs off buildings and giant waves washed away flimsy homes.Super Typhoon Haiyan smashed into coastal communities on the central island of Samar, about 600 kilometres southeast of Manila, before dawn with maximum sustained winds of about 315 kilometres an hour.“We’ve had reports of uprooted trees, very strong winds… and houses made of light materials being damaged,” Philippine Red Cross chief Gwendolyn Pang told AFP as Haiyan swept across the archipelago’s central and southern islands.The government confirmed one person had been killed but the death toll was expected to rise, with authorities unable to immediately contact the worst affected areasHaiyan is only expected to leave the Philippines in the evening.“We have put rescue teams and equipment at different places, but at the moment we can’t really do much because of the heavy rain and strong winds. There is no power,” Pang said.Previous disastersAn average of 20 major storms or typhoons, many of them deadly, batter the Philippines each year.The developing country is particularly vulnerable because it is often the first major landmass for the storms after they build over the Pacific Ocean.The Philippines suffered the world’s strongest storm of 2012, when Typhoon Bopha left about 2,000 people dead or missing on the southern island of Mindanao.But Haiyan’s wind strength made it one of the four most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the world, and the most intense to have made landfall, according to Jeff Masters, the director of meteorology at US-based Weather Underground.This satellite image provided shows Typhoon Haiyan over the Philippines at 10.30pm (Irish time). (AP Photo/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)Haiyan generated wind gusts of 379 kilometres an hour on Friday morning, according to the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center.Masters said the previous record for the strongest typhoon to make landfall was Hurricane Camille, which hit Mississippi in the United States with sustained winds of 190 miles an hour in 1969.While the winds moderated slightly after making landfall, Masters told AFP they would remain strong enough for Haiyan to continue being a “super typhoon” until it exited into the South China Sea.This image provided by the US Naval Research Lab shows Typhoon Haiyan taken by the NEXSAT satellite at 7:30am (Irish time).  (AP Photo/US Naval Research Lab)Masters said he expected the damage in Guiuan, a fishing town of about 40,000 people that was the first to be hit on Friday, to be “catastrophic”.Communication lines with Guiuan remained cut off in the afternoon, and the civil defence office said it was unable to give an assessment of the damage there.In Tacloban, a nearby city of more than 200,000 people, corrugated iron sheets were ripped off roofs and floated with the wind before crashing into buildings, according to video footage taken by a resident.Flash floods also turned Tacloban’s streets into rivers, while a photo from an ABS-CBN television reporter showed six bamboo houses washed away along a beach more than 200 kilometres to the south.Preparing for disasterFilipino workers bring down a giant billboard along a busy highway as they prepare for the possible effects of powerful Typhoon Haiyan in suburban Makati, south of Manila. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)President Benigno Aquino on Thursday had warned his compatriots to make all possible preparations for Haiyan.“To our local officials, your constituents are facing a serious peril. Let us do all we can while (Haiyan) has not yet hit land,” he said in a nationally televised address.More than 125,000 people in the most vulnerable areas had been moved to evacuation centres before Haiyan hit, according to the national disaster management council, and millions of others huddled in their homes.Authorities said schools in the storm’s path were closed, ferry services suspended and flights cancelled.In the capital Manila, which was on the northern edge of the typhoon’s path, many schools were closed amid forecasts of heavy rain.One particularly vulnerable area in Haiyan’s path was the central island of Bohol, the epicentre of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake last month that killed 222 people.At least 5,000 survivors were still living in tents on Bohol, and they were moved to schools that had been turned into evacuation centres.The government and some scientists have said climate change may be increasing the ferocity and frequency of the storms.Masters said warm waters of the Pacific Ocean were an important reason for the strength of Haiyan, but it was premature to blame climate change.“The historical record of typhoons and hurricanes is too short and of too low quality to say if climate change may have played a role,” he said.- © AFP, 2013Read: Fukushima prepares to remove ultra-dangerous fuel rodsAmnesty: Shell made ‘false claims’ on oil spillslast_img read more

Sitdown Sunday 7 deadly reads

first_imgIT’S A DAY of rest, and you may be in the mood for a quiet corner and a comfy chair. We’ve hand-picked the week’s best reads for you to savour.1. Mean girls?John Tierney asks: How aggressive is the human female? He looks at new research which examines what provokes the ‘mean girl’ effect from women towards other women – and the results may be dispiriting.(New York Times – approx 5 minutes reading time, 1191 words)Now that researchers have been looking more closely, they say that this “intrasexual competition” is the most important factor explaining the pressures that young women feel to meet standards of sexual conduct and physical appearance2. Roller Derby queensB David Zarley meets the Roller Derby queens the Gotham Girls, the world’s number one team who consistently slam their opponents. Not sure what Roller Derby is? Prepare to get informed.(Sports on Earth – approx 16 minutes reading time, 3320 words)People of every size, shape and color wandered about the arena, some shattering the conventional notions of derby girls, some personifying it. Really, the one overarching theme that bound them all together was friendly, affable confidence. Roller derby is wonderfully inclusive, accepting skaters of nearly every body and personality type, something which extends to the fan base as well. The Cerro Rico in Bolivia. Pic: Adam Jones/Flickr/Creative Commons 3. Children in the minesWes Enzinna journeys down to the mines where Bolivia’s child labourers – yes, children – work in unimaginable conditions in Cerro Rico. Their tiny bodies fit into the three-foot high tunnels, and outside their workplaces are signs of sacrifice.(Vice – approx 17 minutes reading time, 3592 words)Jackson and I were on a mission to find child miners, 3,000 of whom are rumored to work in the Cerro Rico illegally. Their work is officially forbidden by the Bolivian government, so they tend to stay out of sight when foreigners come around… according to the most recent available statistics, 60 children died from cave-ins and other accidents in the Cerro Rico in 2008 alone.4. Failing hardDavid Raether once was a comedy writer for the sitcom Roseanne, but within years found himself homeless. In an excerpt from his book, he writes about what the experience taught him.(Priceonomics – approx 26 minutes reading time, 5215  words)Our family faced the same economic forces that hurt many families, but I don’t blame the banks or politicians or anyone else for what happened to us. I made a thousand decisions, large and small, that seemed reasonable at the time but cumulatively led to our situation. It is tempting to blame external forces for the disasters that befall us, but as Shakespeare wrote in “Julius Ceasar,” the fault for what happens to us “is not in our stars but in ourselves.” Pic: Shutterstock5. Freezing to deathPeter Stark (aptly named, given his article’s subject) examines what happens when you contract hypothermia, the terrifying experience of being overtaken by the cold.(Outside– approx 20 minutes reading time, 4008 words)But for all scientists and statisticians now know of freezing and its physiology, no one can yet predict exactly how quickly and in whom hypothermia will strike–and whether it will kill when it does. The cold remains a mystery, more prone to fell men than women, more lethal to the thin and well muscled than to those with avoirdupois, and least forgiving to the arrogant and the unaware.6. How the Beatles succeeded Andrew Romano argues that, contrary to what experts like Malcolm Gladwell have said, the Beatles didn’t succeed because of putting in 10k hours of work. He says their stratospheric success came through talent, ambition… and “a lot of arrogance”.(Daily Beast – approx minutes reading time, words)But this isn’t even the real problem with Gladwell’s theory. The real problem is that while the Beatles’ marathon stints in Hamburg did transform them as a band—they were so vibrant, so tight, and so unrecognizable when they returned from their first campaign that the crowds in Liverpool mistook them for a blistering new German combo—the “complex task” they had now “mastered” was not the same task that would eventually earn them world domination.…AND ONE FROM THE ARCHIVES…Pic: AP/Press Association ImagesIn 2005, Uncut magazine looked at the inside story of Bob Dylan’s classic album Blood on the Tracks. From the singer’s infidelity to his artistic rebirth, this story is as juicy as they come.(Uncut – approx minutes reading time, words)February 13, 1977. Bob and Sara Dylan are screaming themselves hoarse. Sara has just walked down to breakfast in their Malibu mansion to find Bob and their children sat down to eat – with another woman. She’s one of countless girlfriends Bob has been seeing over the previous year. This one has even moved into a house on their estate. But seeing her sitting with their children makes something in Dylan’s wife finally snap.Interested in longreads during the week? Look out for Catch-Up Wednesday every Wednesday evening.More: The best reads from every previous Sitdown Sunday >The Sports Pages – the best sports writing collected every week by TheScore.ie >last_img read more

Reading and maths grades continue to improve in DEIS schools — report

first_imgClick here to view a larger version of the graph. (Image Credit: ERC) GRADE LEVELS IN reading and mathematics continue to improve in schools implementing the Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) programme, according to a new report from the Educational Research Centre.The report focuses on results achieved in 119 disadvantaged urban primary schools, with 17,000 students from 2nd to 6th class surveyed.Click here to see a larger version of this graph. (Image Credit: ERC)It says that results in reading and mathematics “significantly improved” since the previous evaluation in 2011.The number of “very low achieving pupils” also decreased over the six years, reducing the number of the national average of 10 per cent. A fall of 3.7 per cent was seen in the number of pupils absent from school, down from 2007 to 7.1 per cent.Commenting on the report, Education Minister Ruairi Quinn called the results “very encouraging”.They show that the significant investment that we make in these schools is paying off and pupils’ reading and mathematics test scores are consistently improving.The scheme, first introduced in 2006, is aimed at ensuring “that the educational needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities are prioritised and effectively addressed” through a range teaching supports and an altered curriculum.It is currently active in 685 primary and 194 post-primary schools.Read the full report here Read: Teachers and Dept of Education to discuss concerns over Junior Cert reform >More: This is the school uniform questionnaire parents are being sent >last_img read more

Man granted residency after 37 years living in Ireland

first_imgOur concern now is for the unknown number of other undocumented people in Ireland, with estimates that almost 4 million people are in a similar position across the EU.Call for new scheme to legalise undocumented migrants in Ireland>Ireland is failing to meet its international obligations on asylum seekers says the Irish Refugee Council> AN ALGERIAN MAN has finally secured residency in Ireland after living here undocumented for 37 years.Ali Haddad came to Dublin in 1976 as an aviation student and chose to stay after a military coup in his native Algeria.He has lived on the streets and in temporary housing with casual jobs and the generosity of friends his only income.The Immigrant Council of Ireland says his case highlights the need for reform.Being undocumented forced Ali to live in limbo. He had no access to state services and supports, he couldn’t access unemployment benefits and he wasn’t even able to replace his out-of-date passport.Welcoming the news, Ali said:“To be finally recognised in a country which has been my home for 37 years is overwhelming. I am no longer forced to live in the shadows but can seek work to support myself and play an active role in the community. After the Immigrant Council of Ireland highlighted his case, the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, TD used his powers of discretion to grant residency.Senior solicitor with the organisation, Hilkka Becker said: ““We are delighted for Ali that he now has an opportunity to seek work, secure a permanent residence and have stability in a country which has been his home for his adult life.last_img read more

Fatherofthree who died in tragic car accident named as John Campbell

first_imgA MAN WHO died when a car fell on him has been named as 28-year-old John Campbell from Kilcar, Donegal.The father-of-three died on Tuesday night in the village when a car he was working on fell from its supports.Emergency services responded to the scene, but he was pronounced dead at around 9.40pm.His funeral will be held tomorrow at 12 noon in St.Cartha’s Church, Kilcar with burial afterwards in the nearby cemetery.Kilcar is a small Gaeltacht village around 15km from Killybeggs.Read: Man (28) dies in accident after car he was working on falls>last_img

The 9 at 9 Monday

first_imgEVERY MORNING, TheJournal.ie brings you the nine things you need to know as you begin your day.1. #SURGERY: Over half of Ireland’s public hospitals have people waiting more than 12 months for surgery, TheJournal.ie has revealed. Figures from the Patient Treatment Register have shown that 285 people had been waiting more than one year as of the end of January 2013.2. #NORTHERN IRELAND: It is believed that a major bomb attack was foiled last night after the PSNI intercepted a van in Derry. Over 100 homes were evacuated as a result of the incident. Three men in their 30s are being questioned by detectives from the PSNI’s Serious Crime Branch.3. #KILKENNY: A man in his 50s has died after his car collided with a lorry in Kilkenny late last night. The incident occurred when his car, in which he was the sole occupant, collided with a lorry on the N25 at Luffany, Slieverue, Mooncoin in Co Kilkenny at around 9.15pm.4. #DISTRICT COURT: The man who was arrested last week on suspicion of conspiracy to murder is to appear at Cork District Court today. The man, who is to be charged with the offence, is believed to be the son of a former politician.5. #NICOLA FURLONG: The trial into the death of Nicola Furlong, who was found strangled in a Tokyo hotel last May, is to begin today. Her family have travelled to Japan to attend the case, which it’s believed will run for two weeks. Richard Hinds, a 19-year-old musician from Memphis in the US, stands accused of her murder.6. #POST MORTEM: A post mortem is to be carried today on the body of a man who was shot dead in Dublin last night. The shooting took pace in Cabra in north Dublin when two men in dark clothing entered the pub and fired a number of shots.7. #THE VATICAN: Pre-conclave talks are to begin today, ahead of the election of a new pope. 115 “cardinal electors” are expected to be involved in the Conclave. Irish priest Fr Tony Flannery has told TheJournal.ie that he is not optimistic that a new pope can bring lasting change, describing the Vatican as a “dysfunctional system”.8. #QUEEN ELIZABETH II: Queen Elizabeth II is to spend her second day in hospital, after she was diagnosed as having gastroenteritis. The British monarch was hospitalised yesterday at London’s King Edward VII hospital as a “precautionary measure”, according a spokesperson for the palace.9. #HIV: A baby that was born with HIV appears to be been cured. The child, from Mississippi in the US, is now 2.5 years old and has been off medication for around a year, with no signs of infection. If the child was to remain disease free, it would mark only the world’s second reported cure from the disease. Over on DailyEdge.ie:Charlie Sheen, Slash, a porn star and a stuntman in Dublin, Beiber explains himself, and Kanye cops a feel. Go on, just click on The Dredge>last_img read more

Second sum of money goes missing from Balbriggan Garda Station

first_imgA SECOND SUM of money, that was being held at Balbriggan Garda Station as part of evidence to a crime, has gone missing.A garda spokesperson told TheJournal.ie that a “criminal and disciplinary investigation” has now been launched to determine where the money has gone and how it went missing.The spokesperson confirmed that this was a separate incident to the €9,000 that was discovered stolen from the same garda station last month.A detective superintendent has been drafted in to investigate the disappearance of the €9,000 in cash that was being held in the north Dublin station after it was recovered moments after a robbery at a shop in Lusk on 19 January. When gardaí subsequently attempted to return the money to its owner a tear was discovered in the bag and €9,000 was missing.The gardaí’s internal affairs and professional standards units are also looking into the matter of the first theft.However, the garda spokesperson would not say if the same detective would be in charge of investigating the theft of the second sum of money.Read: Garda held over missing €9,000 from Dublin garda station released >More: Detective investigating missing money from Dublin garda station >last_img read more

Motorcyclists die after car stops to let ducks cross the road

first_imgA QUEBEC WOMAN who stopped to help ducklings cross a busy highway was found guilty of causing the deaths of two motorcyclists who crashed into the rear of her car.A jury found Emma Czornobaj, 25, guilty of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death.She faces up to life in prison when she returns to court in August for sentencing.Czornobaj had stopped her car in the left lane of a highway south of Montreal in June 2010, the court heard.She was trying to round up a gaggle of ducklings that had been wandering in and out of traffic when an unsuspecting 50-year-old motorcyclist slammed into her car at more than 105 kilometres per hour.Both the motorcyclist and his passenger, his 16-year-old daughter, died in the collision.- © AFP, 2014Read: UCD have installed a special ramp for nervous ducklings>last_img read more

Übergeek German Vandals Egg Houses That Opt Out of Google Street View

first_imgLittle known fact about German street thugs–they’re not like the rapscallions of other nations. As it turns out, they’re big ol’ nerds who only victimize those who fall behind on today’s ultra-transparent information autobahn. Recently, Deutchland officials voiced privacy concerns about the Street View feature of Google Maps which offers a ground level, 360-degree photo from nearly any vantage point along any street. In a concession, Google offered to blur out the residences of any Germans who wanted to opt-out of the feature.Sounds like a fair balance right?Not according to one group of geeky gangstas. An unidentified person or persons went around the city of Essen throwing eggs at homes that appeared obscured in Google Maps. They then proceeded to leave notes outside the properties proclaiming “Google’s cool” in English.Google’s official stance on the nerdiest form of vandalism that has ever been committed: “We respect people’s decision to opt out and by no means consider this to be acceptable behavior.” No word on if there have been any threats against those who maintain aol email accounts or people who still “RT” things on Twitter instead of using the embedded re-tweet feature.via popscilast_img read more