Medical report of 3yrold girl found insufficient evidence to confirm sexual assault

first_imgSrinagar: The medical report of a three-year-old girl, who was alleged to have been raped in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district, has found insufficient evidence to confirm sexual assault, officials said Tuesday. The report had leaked on social media and the medical superintendent of SKIMS Medical College Hospital, Bemina said it was “authentic”. In the report submitted to the investigating officer on May 16, the doctors who conducted the medical examination have said there are no marks of injury on any part of the girls’ body, including the private parts. Also Read – Pak activated 20 terror camps & 20 launch pads along LoC”The actual source of bleeding could not be determined as there was no evidence of any injury around the vaginal orifice. Also the blood stains were not dry blood but faint stains only and could not be scraped and sent for examinations,” the report read. The report states that the stains were very faint, almost negligible. “There was no evidence of any trauma, injury, bleeding at or around the vaginal orifice or anal opening. Maculo papular rash can arise due to multiple of reasons,” it said. Also Read – Two squadrons which participated in Balakot airstrike awarded citationsThe doctors said it was very difficult to cause full penetration into the vagina without causing any major injury/ tear/bleeding in a three-year-old child. “As per the detailed examination of the child, there were no marks of injury on any part of the body, including the private parts. There was no active bleeding from vagina or anus, the mere presence of the faint blood stains and a maculo papular rash on buttocks is not sufficient evidence to confirm that the child has been sexually assaulted,” the medical report read.last_img read more

Iranians say their bones breaking under US sanctions

first_imgTehran: As the US piles sanction after sanction on Iran, it’s the average person who feels it the most. From a subway performer’s battered leather hat devoid of tips, to a bride-to-be’s empty purse, the lack of cash from the economic pressure facing Iran’s 80 million people can be seen everywhere. Many blame President Donald Trump and his maximalist policy on Iran, which has seen him pull out of Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers and levy punishing U.S. sanctions on the country. Also Read – Merkel warns UK Brexit deal ‘unlikely’ without compromise: London In recent weeks, Iran has threatened to break out of the deal unless European powers mitigate what it calls Trump’s “economic warfare.” Iran also appeared ready to push back against the buildup of U.S. forces in the region, after shooting down an American drone it says violated its airspace last week. In response, US officials have vowed to pile on more sanctions. But alongside Trump, many Iranians blame their own government, which has careened from one economic disaster to another since its Islamic Revolution 40 years ago. Also Read – India, China should jointly uphold peace and stability, resolve disputes through dialogues: Chinese ambassador “The economic war is a reality and people are under extreme pressure,” said Shiva Keshavarz, a 22-year-old accountant soon to be married. She said government leaders “keep telling us to be strong and endure the pressures, but we can already hear the sound of our bones breaking.” Walking by any money exchange shop is a dramatic reminder of the hardships most people are facing. At the time of the nuclear deal, Iran’s currency traded at 32,000 rials to USD 1. Today, the numbers listed in exchange shop windows have skyrocketed it costs over 130,000 rials for one US dollar. Inflation is over 37 per cent, according to government statistics. More than 3 million people, or 12 per cent of working-age citizens, are unemployed. That rate doubles for educated youth. Depreciation and inflation make everything more expensive from fruits and vegetables to tires and oil, all the way to the big-ticket items, like mobile phones. A simple cell phone is about two months’ salary for the average government worker, while a single iPhone costs a 10 months’ salary. “When importing mobile phones into the country is blocked, dealers have to smuggle them in with black market dollar rates and sell them for expensive prices,” said Pouria Hassani, a mobile phone salesman in Tehran. “You can’t expect us to buy expensive and sell cheap to customers. We don’t want to make a loss either.” Hossein Rostami, a 33-year-old motorbike taxi driver and deliveryman, said the price of brake pads alone had jumped fivefold. “The cause of our problems is the officials’ incompetence,” he told The Associated Press as fellow motorbike drivers called out for passengers in Tehran. “Our country is full of wealth and riches.” The riches part is true Iran is home to the world’s fourth-largest proven reserve of crude oil and holds the world’s second-largest proven reserve of natural gas, after Russia. But under Trump’s maximum-pressure campaign, the U.S. has cut off Iran’s ability to sell crude on the global market, and threatened to sanction any nation that purchases it. Oil covers a third of the USD 80 billion a year the government spends in Iran, meaning that a fall in oil revenues cuts into its social welfare programs, as well as its military expenditures. “last_img read more

Man gunned down in his car in Welcome area

first_imgNEW DELHI: Criminals gunned down a 35-year-old man on Tuesday night in North east Delhi’s Welcome area. The assailants overtook the victim’s car and fired multiple shots many of which hit the victim. The deceased identified as Imran, a resident of Shahdara area, was an accused in the serious criminal cases including murder, attempt to murder.According to sources, his brother was gunned down in a gangwar in 2011 which hints at a gangwar angle in the murder. However police have ruled out any gangwar connection into the incident. Initial investigation reveals that the incident seems to be a personnel rivalry. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe incident reportedly took place around 12:30 am when Imran was returning home in his car. Two bike-borne assailants overtook his car on his way near a Shiv Mandir at Maujpur’s 100 foota road in Welcome police station area and opened fire on him. The assailants fired many rounds on his car and fled from the spot. Police sources said that he might have left his shop around 8:30 pm. After the incident, a passerby informed the police, who reached the spot and took Imran to a nearby hospital but doctors declared him brought dead, said a police officer. Imran received bullet wounds on his neck and stomach. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsA case of murder has been registered and the investigation is underway, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northeast) Atul Kumar Thakur said. “No gangwar connection has been found in the preliminary investigation. Police have got important leads into the incident from the CCTV cameras installed in the areas. The investigation officials are trying to collect more CCTV footage of the incident to ascertain the sequence of events and identify those involved in the incident,” said a senior police official.last_img read more

Flu can be fatal for healthy kids and young adults though rare

first_imgTORONTO – When most people think about deaths from influenza, elderly patients with underlying health conditions are likely the first to come to mind. But the complications of flu can also be fatal on rare occasions in children and young adults, even those who are otherwise healthy.The U.S. has recorded 30 pediatric deaths from influenza so far this season, including a 10-year-old Connecticut boy who developed pneumonia and sepsis days after coming down with the flu. Nico Mallozzi, described by his mother in news reports as being healthy and as strong “as an ox,” died in hospital Jan. 14.A couple of weeks earlier, 21-year-old aspiring personal trainer Kyler Baughman of Pennsylvania died from septic shock after contracting the flu. The highly fit young man had not been vaccinated and initially ignored his symptoms, his parents reported.In Canada, there had been fewer than five flu-related pediatric deaths as of Jan. 13, the latest week for which seasonal statistics are available. But 303 children under age 17 had been hospitalized for influenza, with 48 kids so sick they had to be admitted to the ICU, the Public Health Agency of Canada reported on its FluWatch website.“It’s tragic whenever there is a death due to influenza in a child,” said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the BC Centre for Disease Control. “No question about it, it’s heart-breaking.“Fortunately it is a rare event,” she said from Vancouver. “But that doesn’t mean that deaths due to influenza in otherwise healthy people — including children — don’t happen. They do. They’re just rare.”There are a number of complications that can arise from infection with one of the influenza viruses circulating this season, with A/H3N2 and B/Yamagata being the dominant strains.Pneumonia is among the most common, with either the influenza virus itself or a secondary bacterial infection taking up residence in the lungs, said Dr. Allison McGeer, director of infection control at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.In some cases, that lung infection can make its way into the bloodstream, causing what’s known as sepsis. That infection of the blood can lead to septic shock, in which the body’s organs shut down, causing death.Flu can also severely exacerbate such chronic underlying medical conditions as asthma and cystic fibrosis in both children and adults, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure in older adults.Infectious diseases specialists say children and adults with pre-existing health conditions who develop flu symptoms — including high fever, chills, body aches, extreme tiredness, cough and sore throat — should seek immediate medical care so they can be treated with an antiviral medication to reduce the risk of complications.“We have a tendency to think that because influenza is so common and because almost all of the time you get it, you feel miserable for a few days and then you get better,” said McGeer.“That’s our view of influenza and we don’t recognize that there are a small number of catastrophically serious cases in children and young, otherwise healthy adults.”Still, both McGeer and Skowronski stress it’s important not to overstate the risk of death in children and youth.“Most otherwise healthy individuals are going to fully recover from influenza with no intervention,” Skowronski said.“We don’t want to set off alarm bells. We need to put this into context.”For instance, a study that looked at pediatric flu deaths in the U.S. from 2004 to 2012 found 794 children under 18 died of influenza-related complications over the eight-year period, of which 453 (57 per cent) had underlying health conditions. Of the 341 children without high-risk conditions, 189 were aged five to 17.Based on those findings, Skowronski calculated the risk of pediatric deaths from flu at about one in every two million children.Yet at an individual level, some of these deaths may have been preventable with a simple shot in the arm, doctors suggest.“The really hard part about influenza is that because it’s so common, we don’t take it seriously,” said McGeer, adding that children and adults should get vaccinated against the flu — and that’s especially critical for those with chronic medical conditions who are vulnerable to complications from the seasonal infection.And while doctors concede that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing cases of influenza isn’t ideal, it still can help reduce the severity of symptoms in those who contract the infection despite getting a shot.One of the great ironies, said McGeer, is that it’s easier to persuade people to get vaccinated against meningitis, a serious but very rare infection of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord, than it is against influenza.“Young, healthy adults are actually more likely to die from influenza than from meningitis,” she said. “But it’s really hard to persuade them of that, because that’s not how we see the disease.And that’s … a great pity. Because if more people got vaccinated, people like me would not see as many people dying in our ICUs.”— Follow @SherylUbelacker on Twitter.last_img read more

Allies no more

first_imgCrown and Canada now enemies of First Nations, says chief at War of 1812 ceremonyAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–While they were once allies during the War of 1812, First Nations and the Crown now find themselves as adversaries on the battlefield of Canada, according to Serpent River First Nation Chief Isadore Day, who spoke during a special ceremony honouring the contribution of Indigenous warriors in the pre-confederation battle against the Americans.The federal government on Thursday presented medals and military banners to representatives from First Nation and Metis communities that fought alongside British forces against the Americans during the War of 1812.The ceremony was held at Rideau Hall and attended by Gov. Gen. David Johnston, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Chief of Defence Staff Walter Natynczyk and Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.Day, however, said the alliance has since been shattered because the Crown and Canada had broken its treaty agreements with First Nations.“There was a history of surrounding the great battle called the War of 1812 where our people would offer as gifts to you weapons, our weapons, our war clubs, in peace and alliance,” said Day, whose community is in Ontario. “We cannot do this at this point in history. It is now you that we struggle against, the Crown, in many cases, and the federal government. It is you we now fight in order to eliminate poverty and pain in our people.”Day, speaking on behalf of the Anishinabek Nation, offered Johnston a gift of a sacred pipe and Harper a gift of cloth and tobacco while urging them both to seek the knowledge of Elders to rectify the injustices their institutions had committed against their former military allies.“We as chiefs and warriors of our representative First Nations, petition you to recognize this ceremony as a formal request to polish the covenant chain,” said Day.The ceremony honoured representatives from 48 First Nations and Metis communities linked to the War of 1812, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. An estimated 10,000 First Nations and Metis warriors fought alongside British forces against the Americans. The war predated Canada which was still a British colony at the time.The Canadian government also recently announce plans to award battle honours to Canadian military regiments with roots in the militia units that fought the American invasion.Harper said First Nations and Metis warriors played a defining role in the three-year battle to repel the Americans.“Had Canadians, Aboriginal, French, English and others, not repelled an American invasion during the three-year struggle that we remember today as the War of 1812, our country could not have come into being,” said Harper.“Today we gather in historic Rideau Hall to commemorate the First Nation and Metis warriors who fought so gallantly alongside the English and French militias as well as British regiments. They did so from the very beginning and they fought to the very end. In doing so your ancestors made a great and critical contribution to Canada, one in which events may well have ended very differently…Canada’s  Aboriginal people were in every sense key to the victory that firmly established Canada as a distinct country in North America,” the prime minister added.last_img read more

European Countries Condemn Torture Lack of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia

Rabat – The Guardian reported on Tuesday, September 24, that  15 European Union members issued a joint statement to condemn unlawful detention, the alleged use of torture, and unfair trials of activists and journalists in Saudi Arabia.The statement was presented at a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.The Guardian reported that the meeting was the second of its kind in six months. The statement also explicitly refers to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The members of the EU have urged Saudi Arabia to reveal the truth behind the murder of the prominent journalist at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.The signatories of the joint statement include the UK and Germany.Read Also: Saudi Arabia Sells Consulate Building in Istanbul, Scene of Khashoggi MurderCanada, New Zealand, and Peru also appeared on the list alongside the 15 EU member states.Australia’s ambassador Sally Mansfield, read out the statement said, “We are concerned at reports of torture, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, unfair trials and harassment of individuals engaged in promoting and defending human rights, their families and colleagues.”Despite the reforms in place under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia continues to face backlash and condemnation over alleged torture and arrest of critics.Earlier this month, news on Saudi Arabia selling the consulate building where Khashoggi was killed went viral.An audio transcript, which provided more details about the murder of Khashoggi also went viral.Turkish news outlet Daily Sabah shared part of a conversation recorded before and during the murder of the journalist.The conversation documents a conversation between Maher Abdulaziz and Salah Muhammed Al Tubaigy,  two people allegedly involved in the killing of Khashoggi.Next month will mark the first anniversary of Khashoggi’s violent death. read more

Sharp divide remains on how to resolve Libyan conflict – UN official

31 May 2011Parties to the Libyan conflict remain sharply divided on how to start peace talks, with the Government adamant on a truce, including the cessation of an international bombing campaign, and the opposition demanding that Muammar al-Qadhafi and his family first relinquish power, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council today. “The Secretary-General and his Special Envoy to Libya, Abdul Elah al-Khatib, the African Union and other stakeholders have been making every effort to narrow these differences and to begin a credible negotiating process,” said B. Lynn Pascoe, the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, in a briefing to the Security Council on the situation in Libya.He said Mr. Khatib has over the past month focused on two key issues in his mediation efforts, including ensuring that the various initiatives on Libya by UN Member States and regional organizations are coordinated and that the Government and the opposition Transitional National Council (TNC) are receiving identical messages from the international community.Mr. Khatib has also strived to narrow the gap between the two parties’ positions in an effort to kick-start indirect talks. He presented his proposals to the Government in the Libyan capital, Tripoli on 15 May and to the TNC representatives in Doha, Qatar on 24 May.The proposals “revolved around the need to end hostilities, agree on a transitional arrangement, provide safe humanitarian access and fully implement Security Council resolutions 1970 and 1973,” Mr. Pascoe told the Council.“With both parties, the Special Envoy had extensive discussions on a general framework for negotiations and their perspectives on how to meet the legitimate demands of the Libyan people in establishing constitutional and democratic governance.”Despite the wide rift in their stands, both the Government and TNC reiterated their commitment to work with Mr. Khatib, who will return to Libya this week to continue his efforts to narrow the differences.Mr. Pascoe told the Council that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had met with the Libyan Foreign Minister, Abdelati al-Obeidi, on the sidelines of the AU summit in Addis Ababa and reaffirmed that his Special Envoy was ready to conduct indirect talks with both sides.The Secretary-General also called for increased humanitarian assistance for Libya when he attended the summit of the Group of 8 (G8) industrialized economies in Deauville, France, last week.A UN team led by the Humanitarian Coordinator Panos Moumtzis returned to Tripoli on Sunday and would remain there for 10 days. Mr. Pascoe said, adding that the protection of civilians in areas of hostilities remains a fundamental concern.“All parties to the conflict must take measures to spare civilians from the effect of the hostilities,” he said.Mr. Pascoe told the Council that the UN was making progress on contingency planning for post-conflict peacebuilding in Libya, noting that the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser Ian Martin had initiated a pre-assessment process focusing on six issues – political, security apparatus, rule of law and human rights, economic recovery, public administration and physical infrastructure.“Of course, the plan will be guided by the principle that the fate of Libya is to be decided by the Libyan people, and that their representatives must determine what assistance they would like from the international community,” said Mr. Pascoe.Meanwhile, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that Mr. Moumtzis had told reporters in Tripoli it will only be a matter of weeks before food stocks are depleted to critical levels if the fighting continues.The Libyan Government has indicated that food and medicine stocks are being used up and cannot be replenished because of the UN-imposed sanctions, according to Mr. Moumtzis.“For some food commodities it’s a matter of weeks, others perhaps a matter of months. What is clear is that this cannot continue for a very long time,” he said.Officials from several UN agencies will travel to the besieged city of Misrata by ship today from opposition-held Benghazi to assess how the humanitarian needs of the internally displaced persons are being met, according to OCHA. The UN team will also evacuate the wounded and stranded migrants, deliver up to 700 tons of food and blankets, kitchen sets and medical supplies. read more

Brocks Tonya Verbeek captures silver in London

Hundreds gathered at Isaac’s Bar and Grill on campus to cheer for Brock alumna Tonya Verbeek as she competed for gold in women’s wrestling in London Thursday.Former Brock wrestler and Badgers assistant coach Tonya Verbeek pinned a silver medal in London today — her third career Olympic medal — and the distinction of being Canada’s most decorated woman wrestler.“Today, Tonya cemented her legacy as one of the greatest female wrestlers in Canadian history,” said Robert Hilson, Brock University Director of Athletics. “She provided the Brock University and Niagara community with a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.”Hundreds gathered at Isaac’s Bar and Grill on campus to watch Verbeek as she took on Japan’s Saori Yoshida, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and nine-time world champion, in the 55-kilogram category. Decked out in red Brock t-shirts and waving banners proclaiming their support, staff and students had their eyes fixed to TVs as Verbeek, 35, clinched her spot on the podium.She finished the 2012 Games with a 3-1 record, posting victories over India’s Geeta Geeta, Tetyana Lazareva of Ukraine and Colombian Jackeline Renteria Castillo.Verbeek wrestled her way to silver in Athens in 2004 and won bronze in Beijing in 2008. She also has three world medals. read more

Sands of time running out for rare Canadian desert

first_imgAS DESERTIFICATION CREEPS into parts of the world, a rare stretch of sand in Canada’s vast western plains is oddly doing the reverse – slowly sprouting with vegetation.Tufts of prairie grasses are emerging throughout Spirit Sands, a stretch of dunes steeped in local lore in a popular nature park in Manitoba province.The sands cover only about four square kilometres and in some parts, entire mounds have been completely overgrown.Today, this small patch is the only desert in Manitoba and one of only a handful in all of Canada.Once vastly bigger, it fanned out an estimated 6,500 square kilometres – about one-fifth the size of Belgium – from the mouth of the Assiniboine River.Located in Spruce Woods park west of the provincial capital Winnipeg, the dunes are the last vestige of an ancient river delta, exposed 12,000 years ago when a glacier melted northward and a massive prehistoric lake drained to the south.“What we’re seeing out there right now is part of natural succession… vegetation encroaching or moving into what used to be an open sand dunes area,” said Jessica Elliott, head of conservation in the province.A study in the late 1990s found that the desert had shrunk by as much as 10-20 per cent over each of the previous four decades, as vegetation encroached.Elliott points to several factors.“The climate is different (warmer) now than it has been in the past, there is more precipitation, wind speeds are lower,” she said, and “we don’t have … large bison grazing in the area or large, intense wildfires moving through the area.”Technically, Spirit Sands is not a true desert as it receives twice as much precipitation as a typical desert.But the dunes have religious significance for aboriginals not to mention unique and hardy creatures, including Manitoba’s only species of lizard – the northern prairie skink – which lives where the sand meets the prairies and Spruce Woods forest.This visitor video gives a sense of the isolation of the landscape:via CoralieDarseyMalloy DavidMalloy/YoutubeAs well, they are a key attraction for tourists, who also come for the camping, hiking trails, horseback riding and river kayaking. According to park officials, 2,300 vehicles have visited since January.The province has considered a variety of measures to preserve the sand dunes, including using chemical herbicides, lighting a prairie wild fire, weeding by hand, or re-establishing a herd of bison in the park, which would also require building a fence hundreds of kilometers long to keep them from wandering away.But officials now appear resigned to let nature take its course.“Regardless how much vegetation is on or off the dunes, it’s a beautiful place to be,” said Elliott.“There are so many different spots to go and look at, enjoy the nature as is. It’s got many attractions, so (we’re) not worried about that at all.”© AFP, 2013‘Extremely likely’ humans caused over half of global warming in the last 60 years>7 stunning natural wonders you really should see>last_img read more

Fatherofthree who died in tragic car accident named as John Campbell

first_imgA MAN WHO died when a car fell on him has been named as 28-year-old John Campbell from Kilcar, Donegal.The father-of-three died on Tuesday night in the village when a car he was working on fell from its supports.Emergency services responded to the scene, but he was pronounced dead at around 9.40pm.His funeral will be held tomorrow at 12 noon in St.Cartha’s Church, Kilcar with burial afterwards in the nearby cemetery.Kilcar is a small Gaeltacht village around 15km from Killybeggs.Read: Man (28) dies in accident after car he was working on falls>last_img

Motorcyclists die after car stops to let ducks cross the road

first_imgA QUEBEC WOMAN who stopped to help ducklings cross a busy highway was found guilty of causing the deaths of two motorcyclists who crashed into the rear of her car.A jury found Emma Czornobaj, 25, guilty of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death.She faces up to life in prison when she returns to court in August for sentencing.Czornobaj had stopped her car in the left lane of a highway south of Montreal in June 2010, the court heard.She was trying to round up a gaggle of ducklings that had been wandering in and out of traffic when an unsuspecting 50-year-old motorcyclist slammed into her car at more than 105 kilometres per hour.Both the motorcyclist and his passenger, his 16-year-old daughter, died in the collision.- © AFP, 2014Read: UCD have installed a special ramp for nervous ducklings>last_img read more

Two teens killed in overnight crash in Donegal

first_img File photo of R238 near Quigley’s Point Image: Google Maps By Órla Ryan Apr 29th 2017, 9:19 AM Share Tweet Email2 Two teens killed in overnight crash in Donegal Three other teenagers were also injured in the single-vehicle collision. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img 33,043 Views Short URL Saturday 29 Apr 2017, 9:19 AM 37 Comments File photo of R238 near Quigley’s Point Image: Google Maps TWO MALES IN their late teens have been killed in a single-vehicle collision in Donegal.Gardaí in Buncrana are investigating the incident, which occurred on the R238, the Quigley’s Point to Moville road, at approximately 3.35am today.One male was pronounced dead at the scene and the second was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry, where he was pronounced dead.The three other occupants of the car, also males in their late teens, were taken to Altnagelvin and Letterkenny hospitals, and are described as being in a stable condition.The stretch of road is currently closed to facilitate an examination by garda forensic collision investigators and local diversions are in place.Gardaí have appealed for witnesses, in particular anyone who may have travelled this road between 3am and 3.40am, to contact Buncrana Garda Station on 074 932 0540, the Garda Confidential Telephone Line on 1800 666 111 or any garda station.Read: There are no northside DARTs running today or tomorrowlast_img read more

Brazil Argentina are coming to Turks and Caicos

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:argentina, brazil, karen whitt, stacy cox Recommended for you In the Pink attracts hundreds Zika virus getting stern reaction from country leaders Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 22 Jan 2016 – There is vacation interest in the Turks and Caicos strongly from the Brazilian and Argentinean markets and during Travel Marketplace at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, there were significant appointments to expand visitor arrivals from the countries. Magnetic Media was at the show, where 28 countries of the region were represented. Among the Turks and Caicos properties on the floor at the Grand Ballroom, were The Sands at Grace Bay, the Palms Resort, Windsong, Villa Del Mar, La Vista Azul, the Amanyara and Beaches Turks and Caicos via Sandals Resorts International. TCHTA executive Stacy Cox, Karen Whitt and President Michel Nuetelings were there; so was Ralph Higgs of the TCI Tourist Board and Tourism Board Chairman, Don Gardiner. It was the 33rd year for Travel Marketplace. CDC says: Men spread Zika through Sexlast_img read more

Local adoptions to be celebrated today

first_imgThe state Department of Social and Health Services will celebrate all of the adoptions this year of former foster children in Southwest Washington during a National Adoption Day event at 4 p.m. today at Vancouver First United Methodist Church, 401 E. 33rd St. The event is open to the public, and there is no charge to attend.More than 120 foster children will join new families during the state’s eight annual celebration of foster adoptions, which will be held at multiple locations throughout the state, in addition to Vancouver.More than 20 percent of the 7,847 children in state foster care are waiting for adoption after the rights of their biological parents were terminated by courts or relinquished.National Adoption Day was founded in 2000 to raise awareness of the thousands of foster children awaiting adoption.For details, call DSHS social worker Kelly Phillips at 360-993-7956.last_img read more

NASA engineer looks to Saturn moon Titan for human colony

first_img See dramatic clouds streak across Saturn’s moon Titan See Cassini’s last image before it died at Saturn 4 Tags So far, Wellons is doing a good job of selling us on Titan, but the moon isn’t exactly a body double for Maui. It’s chilly to the tune of -290 degrees Fahrenheit (-179 degrees Celsius). NASA says you could walk around on Titan without a spacesuit, but you’d need an oxygen mask and protection from the cold.So Titan has some downsides, but it’s worth tossing it into the speculation hopper as we contemplate colonizing the solar system some day. I have to agree with Wellons when she says “it just seems like an awesome place to live.” 13 Photos Share your voice Cassini at Saturncenter_img Sci-Tech Enlarge ImageTitan poses in front of Saturn in this mosaic image from the Cassini mission. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute Come, move to the moon: You can jump like a grasshopper. Come, move to Mars: You can bound like a bunny. Come, move to Titan: You can fly! I know which one I’d choose.NASA’s Janelle Wellons is pumping up Saturn’s moon Titan as a possible site of human settlement should Earth become uninhabitable. Wellons is an instrument operations engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She participated in a Reddit Q&A on Wednesday with women who work at NASA.space05.jpgEnlarge ImageTitan has a hazy atmosphere, which makes the surface difficult to see. Cassini’s near-infrared spectrometer penetrated the clouds to give us a look at its surface. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Idaho A Reddit user asked, “Where would the most suitable place in the universe be to go if we couldn’t theoretically live on Earth anymore?”Wellons suggests Titan, calling it a more interesting answer than the standard Mars or moon response. Wellons used to work as an engineer on NASA’s Cassini mission, which is now over. The spacecraft spent years studying the ringed planet and its many satellites, including weird and fascinating Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.NASA chief scientist Jim Green had previously floated Titan as a possible option for colonization.”Titan is the only place besides Earth known to have liquids in the form of lakes and seas on its surface,” Wellons says. “These liquids are made of methane but, armed with the right kind of protective gear, one could theoretically be able to swim without harm!”Titan isn’t just a potential swimming spot, it also has a draw for anybody who’s ever taken flight in a dream. Wellons points to the thick atmosphere and its ability to shield us from space radiation. “It is so dense that we could actually attach wings to our arms and fly on this moon,” she says. Hell yeah.  Comments NASA shoots for Saturn’s moons with dazzling Cassini views (pictures) NASA Spacelast_img read more

India UK sign business deals worth 14 billion big energy project for

first_imgPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit in the UK has seen $14 billion worth of business deals inked by enterprises of both sides, including a $4.4-billion investment by Britain’s OPG Power Ventures to add 4,200 MW capacity of new electricity generation in Tamil Nadu over the next few years.Among the two-dozen pacts and investment commitments acknowledged by Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and David Cameron was one by Merlin Entertainment to open the famed Madame Tussauds wax museum in New Delhi by early-2017 and another by Vodafone to invest $1.4 billion to support the Government of India’s “Digital India” and “Make in India” initiatives.This apart, the largest Solar power generator in Europe, Lightsource, said it was investing a little over $3 billion in India to design, install and manage around 3 GW of solar power infrastructure in India over the next five years in partnerships with Indian companies, led by Srei Infrastructure.”Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi noted the deep and fruitful business relationship between the UK and India and welcomed the 9.2 billion pounds ($14 billion) of commercial deals between the UK and India announced during the visit,” said a joint statement issued by the two sides after the official talks.Other major deals announced late on Thursday included:1. Standard Life, Bupa and Aviva to invest a combined total of $365 million in their Indian joint ventures.2. Pact between Britain’s cloudBuy for facilitating $5,3 billion worth of transactions using an online marketplace.3. British technology company Intelligent Energy’s $1.8 billion contract to provide clean energy for 27,400 telecoms towers of GTL.4. Holland and Barrett International pact with Apollo to open 1,000 stores in India over the next five years.5. Kloudpad Mobility Research’s investment in South India to make next generation smart watches, wearables and tablets.6. TVS to open an advanced logistics facility at Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire.7. London Stock Exchange and Yes Bank pact for collaborations on bond and equity issuance, with focus on green infrastructure.8. HDFC’s proposal for rupee-denominated bonds overseas up to $750 million under new Indian central bank guidelines.9. Wipro’s commitment to increases its investment in Britain.As per the joint statement, the two prime ministers also announced three UK-India city partnerships with Indore, Pune and Amaravati to support India’s ambitious urban development goals through technical assistance, expertise sharing and business engagement.They also launched a new Thames-Ganga partnership for healthy river systems.last_img read more

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first_img Feature | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | May 30, 2019 | By Larry Sitka and Jef Williams Data Driven Workflows on the Rise as the User Changes Medical imaging and informatics are critical to delivering care and managing wellness. read more News | Radiology Business | June 11, 2019 The Current Direction of Healthcare Reform Explained by CMS Administrator Seema Verma June 11, 2019 — Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma addressed the American Med read more Podcast | Information Technology | June 26, 2019 PODCAST: Why Blockchain Matters In Medical Imaging The technology has some hurdles ahead of it. News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more read more Related Content News | Clinical Decision Support | July 18, 2019 Johns Hopkins Named Qualified Provider-led Entity to Develop Criteria for Diagnostic Imaging On June 30, 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Johns Hopkins University School… read more April 5, 2009 – GE Healthcare will collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Public Health Informatics in a project demonstrating the capability of a public health agency to utilize electronic medical record (EMR) systems to provide clinicians with timely, patient-specific information at the point of care.CDC routinely disseminates important health alerts, advisories and notifications—via email and on the agency’s website—to public health practitioners and clinicians. The pilot program will explore the feasibility of creating and integrating actionable alerts with GE’s Centricity® EMR system based on patient record content, using a standard messaging format. The project will determine the EMR’s ability to identify specific patients with risk factors related to the health condition identified in the alert, enabling clinicians to immediately act on the alerts by addressing the impacted patients. Additionally, the development of a feedback mechanism to capture the provider’s response will be explored.”GE is excited to partner with CDC on this project to facilitate the ease of information-sharing between health organizations,” said Dr. Brandon Savage, Chief Medical Officer, GE Healthcare IT. “Our goal is to leverage national data sources on disease states and improve the ability to recognize trends across communities, state lines and regions. Actionable EMR alerting will enable healthcare professionals to identify and control outbreaks before they turn into epidemics.”Studies have shown that EMR systems with decision support can improve clinician compliance by, among other ways, presenting vaccine reminders to clinicians for immunizing high-risk persons for influenza, identifying high-risk persons for tuberculosis screening and alerting physicians of potential prescribing errors.GE’s Centricity EMR system is a widely used electronic medical record that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to document patient encounters, streamline clinical workflow and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems.Charles Safran, MD FACP FACMI, Chief Division of Clinical Computing Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center adds, “The ability of public health officials to reach the clinician’s desktop with actionable information will revolutionize response to health threats like the recent outbreaks of salmonella associated diarrhea. This program is a wonderful example of public, private and university collaboration.””This project will leverage existing data standards, including those from the Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP),” Matthew Samore, M.D., director, Center of Excellence in Public Health Informatics, University of Utah Biomedical Informatics. “Public-private collaborations such as these are critical in building the informatics infrastructure that we need to improve healthcare.”GE Healthcare IT Vice President and General Manager James M. Corrigan believes this collaboration presents customers with a unique opportunity. “In healthcare today, information is constantly evolving. For more than 40 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to enabling business performance while helping our customers optimize clinical care,” said Corrigan. “This collaboration with the CDC can only increase our ability to leverage our commitment to high performance healthcare by breaking down a major barrier to EMR adoption. Together, we will enable clinicians to get the information they need at the time they need it and, most importantly, with the confidence that it is correct. Patient privacy and data security have always been paramount and this agreement will only serve to further strengthen that commitment to our customers.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | April 06, 2009 GE Healthcare to Include Urgent Public Health Alerts in EMRs News | Artificial Intelligence | July 31, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Solution Improves Clinical Trial Recruitment Clinical trials are a critical tool for getting new treatments to people who need them, but research shows that… read more News | PACS Accessories | June 13, 2019 M*Modal and Community Health Network Partner on AI-powered Clinical Documentation M*Modal announced that the company and Community Health Network (CHNw) are collaborating to transform the patient-… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | July 29, 2019 New AI Tool Identifies Cancer Outcomes Using Radiology Reports Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have demonstrated that an artificial intelligence (AI) tool can perform as… read more A nurse examines a patient in the Emergency Department of Cincinnati Children’s, where researchers successfully tested artificial intelligence-based technology to improve patient recruitment for clinical trials. Researchers report test results in the journal JMIR Medical Informatics. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Children’s. Feature | Information Technology | May 17, 2019 | Carol Amick 3 Recommendations to Better Understand HIPAA Compliance According to the U.S. read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | April 19, 2019 HHS Extends Comment Period for Proposed Electronic Health Information Interoperability Rules The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is extending the public comment period by 30 days for two… read morelast_img read more

Nicaragua clashes leave eight dead including baby rights group

first_imgTalks between the government and the opposition Civic Alliance were suspended once again last Monday when the government failed to allow international human rights bodies to investigate the violence.It eventually did so on Wednesday.Protests erupted on April 18 against now-scrapped social security reforms, but have grown into demands for justice for those killed and the exit of Ortega and his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo.Ortega, a former leftist guerrilla, led the country from 1979 to 1990 and then returned to the presidency in 2007. He is now serving his third consecutive term. Facebook Comments According to Alvaro Leiva, secretary of the Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association, the attack against the university was intended “to plant terror in the population” ahead of a march planned for Saturday afternoon in memory of victims of the violence.Later Saturday organizers cancelled the march due to what they branded “indiscriminate” attacks by government forces. The organizing Civil Alliance opposition called for a 48-hour strike among social sectors and trade unions to press for Ortega’s departure.The Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference urged Ortega’s government and the opposition to return to the negotiating table on Monday to discuss a proposal to bring elections forward from 2021 to March 2019, in a bid to end the crisis.Ortega, 72, has not responded to the Catholic bishops’ initiative, but has previously expressed his willingness to work toward democratization. Among the dead were two students killed in the university area and two minors who died in Managua – a 17-year-old and a baby who was shot in the head. The baby was killed when his mother was taking him to a babysitter.“He was killed by a police gunshot. I saw them. They were police,” the mother Kenia Navarrete told news channel Cien por Cien Noticias.The government denied the charge, saying criminals in the university area were to blame.UNAN is one of several student protest camps in Managua. About 450 students have been living there under plastic tarp tents and in class buildings, surrounded by empty bottles, old food and used rounds from their homemade mortars.“Ortega’s government continues to repress and kill young people,” CENIDH said on Twitter. Related posts:President Ortega celebrates anniversary; Costa Rica opens shelters 35 years after Somoza’s overthrow, not much for Nicaragua to celebrate U.S. government restricts visas for Nicaragua officials over unrest Army’s role under the spotlight in Nicaraguacenter_img Fed up: Nicaragua’s uprising MANAGUA, Nicaragua – At least eight people including a baby were killed Saturday when pro-government forces clashed with opponents in Nicaragua, according to a rights group.Seven people were killed in the capital Managua and one in Masaya and a baby was among the dead, said Georgina Ruiz, an activist with the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH).The rights group says more than 200 people have been killed in protests that started just over two months ago demanding President Daniel Ortega step down.Starting after midnight, police and paramilitary forces flooded six neighborhoods in the east of Managua, as well as the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) where scores of students are holed up.last_img read more

US aircraft carrier cruises disputed Asian seas

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories The U.S. Navy regularly patrols the Asia-Pacific region, conducting joint exercises with its allies and training in the strategic region. The trip by the George Washington off the coast of Vietnam is its third in as many years. A second aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis, has also conducting operations in the western Pacific region recently, according to the U.S. Pacific Fleet.Capt. Gregory Fenton said the mission was aimed in part at improving relations with Vietnam and ensuring the U.S. had free passage in the South China Sea.China’s military buildup, including the launch of its own carrier last year and rapid development of ballistic missiles and cyber warfare capabilities, could potentially crimp the U.S. forces’ freedom to operate in the waters. The United States doesn’t publicly take sides in the territorial disputes among China and its neighbors.“It is our goal to see the region’s nations figure out these tensions … on their own, our role of that to date is to conduct freedom of navigation exercises within international waters,” Fenton said in an interview on the bridge.Although claimant countries have pledged to settle the territorial rifts peacefully, the disputes have erupted in violence in the past, including in 1988 when China and Vietnam clashed in the Spratly Islands in a confrontation that killed 64 Vietnamese soldiers. Many fear the disputes could become Asia’s next flash point for armed conflict. Comments   Share   The visit will likely reassure Vietnam and the Philippines of American support but could annoy China, whose growing economic and naval strength is leading to a greater assertiveness in pressing its claims there. The United States is building closer economic and military alliances with Vietnam and other nations in the region as part of a “pivot” away from the Middle East to Asia, a shift in large part meant to counter rising Chinese influence.The Vietnamese officials took photos of F-18 fighter jets taking off and landing on the ship’s 1,000-foot- (305-meter-) long flight deck, met the captain and toured the hulking ship, which has more than 5,000 sailors on board.The mission came a day after Beijing staged military exercises near islands in the nearby East China Sea it disputes with U.S ally Japan. Those tensions have flared in recent days.China claims nearly all of the South China Sea, where the U.S. says it has a national interest in ensuring freedom of navigation in an area crossed by vital shipping lanes. Vietnam, the Philippines and several other Asian nations also claim parts of the sea. The disputes attracted little international interest until the late 1990s, when surveys indicated possible large oil reserves. American rivalry with China has given the disputes an extra dimension in recent years. Vietnam is pleased to accept help from its one-time foe America as a hedge against its giant neighbor China, with which it also tries to maintain good relations.Still, the Hanoi government reacted angrily to recent moves by Beijing to establish a garrison on one of the Paracel islands, which Vietnam claims. The United States also criticized the move by Beijing, earning it a rebuke from the government there.“China will take this (cruise) as another expression by the United States of its desire to maintain regional domination,” said Denny Roy, a senior fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii. “The U.S also wants to send a message to the region that it is here for the long haul … and that it wants to back up international law.”While most analysts believe military confrontation in the waters is highly unlikely anytime soon, they say tensions are likely to increase as China continues pressing its claims and building its navy.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressON BOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (AP) – A U.S. aircraft carrier group cruised through the disputed South China Sea on Saturday in a show of American power in waters that are fast becoming a focal point of Washington’s strategic rivalry with Beijing.Vietnamese security and government officials were flown onto the nuclear-powered USS George Washington ship, underlining the burgeoning military relationship between the former enemies. A small number of journalists were also invited to witness the display of maritime might in the oil-rich waters, which are home to islands disputed between China and the other smaller Asian nations facing the sea.center_img Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more

Powderfinger takes show to new heights

first_imgPowderfinger are set to take to the stage – only this time at 30,000 feet – in a special in-flight show as part of their farewell tour.Used to playing in pubs, theatres, arenas and stadiums, the iconic Aussie band is taking its catalogue of venues to new heights.Teaming up with Jetstar as part of their Sunsets Farewell tour, Powderfinger are due to play a special show during a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast on 28 October, 2DayFM reported.Tickets are available only through eBay auctions, and include a VIP party with Powderfinger, the site said.Money raised will go to the Yalari and StarKids charities. Powderfinger are set to perform at 30,000 feet Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Clast_img