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Renault has suffered from reliability issues this season,although they have been better than Hondaon that front Renault’s decision to not out-spend themselves for Formula 1 glory also means that their development curve might not be as acute as Red Bull Racing would want for it to be On the commercial front after paying for Renault engines for 12 years Red Bull Racing will save millions on power unit costs as Honda would be expected to supply these free-of-costin their partnership Additionally Honda would be expected to pay an exposure fee for their decals to be displayed on the Red Bull Racing car and other brand assets (though this may not be as high as the $100 million they paid McLaren) Apart from this such a partnership with Honda is possibly the next best option for Red Bull Racing after deciding against building their own power units— a move that is outside the core strengths of the Red Bull family (they are an energy drinks company after all) and would cost the brand millions of dollars The savings from power unit expenses and additional income from Honda would allow Red Bull Racing to reduce their expenses towards their Formula 1 operations— a move that will please the Red Bull Energy Drinks magnate Dietrich Mateschitz However a significant part of this money could well go towards securing a key missing piece of the Red Bull Racing puzzle— Daniel Ricciardo The Australian driver is still weighing up his options for 2019 and it is publicly known that he was eager to see what power units would end up powering his car in 2019 before thinking of an extension with Red Bull Racing But would a switch to Honda power please Ricciardo Well chances are that it won’t The Red Bull Racing-Honda project has stronger prospects in the medium to long term while Ricciardo who will turn 29 in a fortnight’s time (1 July) is eager to have a package that allows him to challenge for the World Championship as early as next season It would take more than a miracle for Red Bull Racing to be able to deliver to Ricciardo’s expectations for 2019 with Honda power However Ricciardo’s headache of making a choice could be eased by Ferrari and Mercedes— both of whom seem eager to continue with their driver lineups from 2018 In which case Ricciardo’s challenge would be to convince Red Bull Racing for a year’s extension while hoping that a seat at Ferrari or Mercedes becomes available in 2020 in case his Red Bull Racing-Honda package isn’t competitive enough Could Lewis Hamilton retire or would Ferrari let go of Sebastian Vettel if he fails to deliver them a World Championship Also on the commercial front for Honda their overall brand image will definitely find the prospects of partnering with a young and vibrant team like Red Bull Racing and the sport’s youngest superstar driver Max Verstappen highly appealing But before they are able to reap intangible benefits from this partnership success in terms of race wins will be the first tangible deliverable Let’s remember Red Bull Racing is a proven race-winning team with two wins in 2018; if Honda are able to help them retain this status in 2019 itself this partnership will go a long way in rebuilding Honda’s esteem in the Formula 1 paddock In what could be a move out of a lack of choice for Red Bull Racing the partnership with Honda could turn out to be a masterstroke in time to come Finally Renault could be one of the biggest losers in this decision On the commercial front they have lost a customer who paid money to use their engines (reportedly 20 million annually) But one wonders what is worse for Renault— losing Red Bull Racing as a technical benchmark for the team or losing Red Bull Racing the team that is closer to bringing them World Championship glory than their own works team One replication study will look at the correlation between e-cigarette use and smoking among adolescents mauro-grigollo/iStockphoto ‘Replication grants’ will allow researchers to repeat nine influential studies that still raise questions By Jop de VriezeJul 11 2017 5:15 PM AMSTERDAM—Is experimenting with e-cigarettes among young people associated with a higher risk of smoking tobacco as an influential study published 2 years ago in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found Can exposure to a natural environment help you recover from stress as researchers claimed in a landmark 1991 paper And is the “10 commandment effect”—the phenomenon that reminding people of moral standards makes them less likely to deceive —real We may soon have fresh answers to those questions thanks to the first research fund specifically dedicated to replication studies The Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) today announced the scheme’s first nine grantees ; all of them plan to replicate a study that had a major impact in their field but also raised questions—or eyebrows—for some reason NWO has made 3 million available for the pilot program to be awarded in three annual rounds Two types of studies were eligible for funding: reproduction research essentially a reanalysis of the data collected in a previous study; and replication which involves the collection of fresh data using the research protocol for the original study Applicants had to show that the study they wanted to replicate had “cornerstone” status in the field and that the replication was relevant with a special focus on impact on health policy and medical guidelines The idea came from cognitive psychologist Danil Lakens at Eindhoven University of Technology who argued in a 2012 paper that stimulating replication studies would improve psychological science and later challenged NWO to foot the bill for a replication program in the Netherlands Lakens’s proposal was targeted at psychology but he says he’s happy that about half of the grants are in medicine “I hope something will happen with the results” he says “Guidelines might have to be changed or in case of a confirmation some doctors will be able to sleep a little better” The large number of applications 85 shows there is a need for this type of studies Lakens adds: “I hope more countries will soon follow” Among the grantees is Evert de Jonge of Leiden University Medical Center who will redo a randomized controlled trial published in JAMA 2016 that showed that keeping oxygen pressure low in the veins of intensive care patients reduced mortality Nynke van der Laan of University Medical Centre Utrecht will replicate a study published in Science in 2009 that provided the first explanation for the neural basis of successful self-control in humans The oldest study up for replication is one published in Science in 1960 by Eckhard Hess and James Polt of the University of Chicago in Illinois They showed that people’s pupil size increases when they’re watching “emotionally toned or interesting images” such as pictures of babies or naked people The study has been cited 625 times and is still regarded as one of the most important ones in the field of human-machine interactions But doubts have always swirled around the study says Joost de Winter of Delft University who will replicate it Other factors such as the brightness contrast and colors in the pictures may have determined the subjects’ pupil size De Winter says and those could be related to the attractiveness of the images De Winter plans to replicate the study using the exact same materials used by Hess and Polt—now stored at the Drs Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology at the University of Akron in Ohio—but will also repeat the experiment using computer screens and eye trackers to check whether the results depend on the technology “It will be more than just a replication” De Winter says “It will be extremely interesting to have a good look at the original data and figure out how exactly the original authors worked”A new study found that thousands of American children have gotten sick from drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer both intentionally and unintentionally The CDC analyzed dat from 2011 to 2014 using information from National Poison Data System and found that a total of 70669 children under 12 had been exposed to the product including ingesting sanitizer or getting it in their eyes Most of those exposures were kids drinking the gel and more kids above age six were exposed to the alcoholic gels than the nonalcoholic gels suggesting they drank it for the alcoholic effects More than 8000 of those cases resulted in adverse health effects ranging from abdominal pain and vomiting to five instances of comas The rate of exposure in children has been increasing since 2005 according to the report Alcoholic hand sanitizers often contain between 60% and 95% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol by volume the report states and scents that manufacturers add to the liquids could make them more enticing to young children Write to Julia Zorthian at [email protected] Minister Narendra Modi can justifiably claim to have an elephantine memory His recall of the event in 1984 when the attack on Mulayam Singh Yadav was linked to a Congress leader was out of the ordinary He dipped into the forgotten pages of history bearing eminent significance in today’s context Politics is all about either erasing or creating memories And Modi’s efforts to revive old memories are unlikely to go in vain In a media-created hubris after the formation of the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance people tend to forget the uncanny tendency of history to haunt you And there is little doubt that Mulayam had fought his life’s bitterest battle with the Congress File image of former SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav PTI Remember the legendary fight between Congress leader Balram Singh Yadav and Mulayam in Etawah which claimed many a lives The Darshan Singh versus Mulayam feud became the stuff of legend in the late 1980s But what appeared to be toughest battle for Mulayam’s survival took place when VP Singh was the chief minister In his zeal to stamp out banditry from Chambal-Yamuna ravines VP Singh had launched one of the most ruthless operation in his term as Uttar Pradesh chief minister from 1980-1982 The police wasgiven a free hand to pick and kill even on suspicion of being remotely associated with formidable gangs from the ravines And Mulayam became an easy target In fact Indira Gandhi then realised the destablising potential of the emergence of backward class leadership — that was then symbolised by Chaudhary Charan Singh Mulayam was an understudy of Chaudhary with a lot of political potential In the politics of the ravines — comprising Etawah Etah Kanpur Dehat Agra and parts of western Uttar Pradesh those who command men and muscle dominate politics In 1980 there was a paradigm shift in social and political equations as OBC leaders like Mulayam challenged the supremacy of upper caste Rajputs and Brahmins in the region Needless to say that Mulayam was then surviving on a day-to-day basis in one of his fiercest battles the one against VP Singh This was the man who ironically donned the mantle of "Mandal messiah" some years later and proclaimed himself to be the defender of OBC rights Shivpal Yadav was then Mulayam’s constant companion who often took brazen risks to save the brother’s life Perhaps VP Singh as a chief minister had altered the face of UP politics quite radically by introducing extra-judicial executions and criminalising the governance in the garb of legality Since then Mulayam found himself always on the run while dealing with the successive Congress regimes — except for that of ND Tiwari whose socialist credentials gave a certain degree of solace to Mulayam Perhaps tough lessons of political life in the ravines resolutely reaffirmed Mulayam’s faith in Sicilian values where loyalty is treasured and betrayal is not forgiven This is the precise why Mulayam has never forgiven VP Singh though he worked with him when the latter raised a banner of revolt against Rajiv Gandhi Mulayam chose to side with Chandrashekhar and fought against VP Singh even within the Opposition camp Similarly he always resisted any move to give strength to the Congress Just jog your memory if you have forgotten how he pulled the rug from under Sonia Gandhi’s feet when she proclaimed her victory after the defeat of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999 by just one vote in the Lok Sabha A jubilant Sonia declared outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan that she had the support of "272 MPs" only to realise that Mulayam had withdrawn support And there is no doubt that Mulayam’s stance triggered yet another round of a bitter political war between the Congress and Mulayam from 1999 to 2009 in which Mulayam was hounded by the Congress and had faced an existential crisis until he resurrected himself like a proverbial political phoenix That history is also replete with elements of intrigues suspense and betrayal which will make an interesting reading in the backdrop of new found bonhomie between the so-called “UP ke ladke (Rahul and Akhilesh)”1?

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