first_img Over and out, B x [dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes I meet up with ‘Zippy’. He’s an old pal of mine. He started off as a Punter but I upgraded him to a friend. Anyway, he used to ‘work’ for Corporate Wage-Slave Royalty; Goldman Sachs. Now, he just wanders about, in a daze, retired, but still only in his early 50’s.So, Blog, we’re having a coffee the other day. And I look at him, and ask him what his goals are for 2017. He was a bit lost for a minute and then said ‘I’d like to try and find some new tomatoes and olive-oil to eat.’.‘New tomatoes and olive-oil’?? Your life-aim, for a whole year, is to find some new tomatoes and olive-oil, to eat??The Work-Life-Balance people are doing just fine. They leave the Work to the self-employed people. IT’S A WAGE-SLAVE’S WORLD.In other news:Great to see the Racing Post, putting their hand in their pocket and sponsoring the RP Juvenile at Sittingbourne. ‘The Hurdles’ in dog-racing need to be supported and this is an important competition. Also, Roger Cearns deserves another kick of the ball, after missing out on hosting the Derby. GOD LOVES A TRIER.last_img

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