first_imgIt’s 1996, and the newly-formed DreamWorks Animation is hard at work on an animated movie that will shake the industry. Packed with catchy songs and colorful characters, it’s intended to make the young company competitive with Disney and maybe even beat them at their own game.That’s right; we’re talking about The Prince of Egypt. Remember it? No, you probably don’t, because, at the same time, the studio was also working on Shrek as an afterthought. Nobody thought the computer-animated ogre fable had legs, and animators who couldn’t hack it on Prince were often sent down to labor in the Shrek ghetto.Obviously one of these movies secured a spot in the popular consciousness while the other one didn’t. And with popularity comes fan art. For some reason, Shrek has become one of the most popular figures in the bad fan art repertoire, his booger-green skin and ridiculous antennae showing up in the weirdest places. Let’s go on a journey through the worst and weirdest Shrek fan art ever drawn.View as: One Page Slides1/191. Nude Shrek RecliningYou know, why not? Let’s just open this up with the lumpy green ogre in full nude glory. You’re going to be seeing a lot of this, so it’s probably best to get used to it now.2. Shrekky MinajThere’s something about Shrek that makes people want to mash him up with all kinds of cultural figures, like Nicki Minaj…3. Shrek HitlerOr, uh… Hitler.4. Shrek Smokes WeedThere is a truly flabbergasting amount of really inept MS Paint Shrek artwork out there, and we’re not going to show you all of it. This one gets special attention because of how crappy the bag of weed looks.5. Shrek PhotoIt’s also weirdly popular to take pictures of shirtless dudes and make them look like Shrek. 6. Shrek Horse RideMany DeviantArt users like to share pictures of the imaginary adventures they have with Shrek, like riding a horse in lingerie through some sort of rainbow hell.7. Shrek Is LoveA lot of Shrek art takes inspiration from a viral Web video entitled “Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life” which features the ogre visiting an abused young man in his room and banging him up the pooper.8. Shrek GropingOK, I figure you’re warmed up by this point, now let’s get into the really hard stuff.9. Shadow Begs ShrekOne of the most popular pairings in the fan art world couples Shrek with Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic’s dark nemesis. The two of them have a complex and rewarding relationship that, uh…10. Shrek Shadow SexJust be glad I blurred that out.11. Shrek Shadow First TimeIt’s OK, though, because they’re married. And what comes after marriage?12. Shrek Shadow BabyThat’s right, a beautiful half-ogre, half-hedgehog baby.13. Shrek And Shadow As WolvesAnd, because no fan art rundown would be complete without at least one furry thing, the happy couple can also turn into wolves.14. Shrek And TrumpFor somebody who wants to “drain the swamp,” Donald Trump seems to get along pretty well with Shrek.15. Zombie ShrekWhy wouldn’t Shrek come back as a zombie with his intestines hanging out, brandishing Donkey’s severed leg as a cudgel? It all makes sense.16. Shrek Marries Adam SandlerAnd now we’re finally down into the very bowels of Shrek fan art hell, where he’s marrying Adam Sandler in a lovely ceremony.17. Shrek IlluminatiOr implying that Shrek has something to do with a global Jewish financial conspiracy.18. Shrek SchoolgirlOr… whatever the Hell is going on here.19. Shrek VapesOf course Shrek vapes. I think we’re done here.last_img

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