first_imgWe play video games in the first person all the time, but it’s not often you find a real video in the same format, aside from Doom the movie of course. Check out this music video done entirely in first person view and you’ll have a new standard with which to judge other music videos as well as other first person video.Biting Elbows has a history of making crazy good music videos that run the risk of making you forget that there’s music playing. Their 2011 song “The Stampede” showed off a first person video of a man who was stealing a teleportation invention from his employer. The only thing you know by the end of the music video is that the device works when it gets wet, you’re teleported to a random location and if it gets wet again you return to the point of origin. The guy gets caught in the end, and for almost two years no one knew what had happened to the Jason Statham-like thief.Now Biting Elbows has released a new music video, and in it the story grows by another amazing chapter.The main character is about to be killed when he breaks free and starts another daring escape through the office. He uses the teleporter to much greater success this time, but is constantly chased and followed through out the video. At the end of it all, the device is lost as he completes his escape from the Matrix-like army of men in suits looking to end him.The entire video, like the one before it, is shot in first person with a GoPro mounted to the head of the main character. By the time the music video is done, if you haven’t either bought the song or suited up, you should probably watch it again.And, in case you are looking for something else to watch, here is their first office escape attempt, The Stampede:last_img

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