first_imgIn its desktop business, Microsoft‘s Windows operating system will run on just about anything with an x86 chip. Sure, there are minimum specs for each version of Windows, but these specs are actually backwards looking, not forward thinking. Microsoft does not set its minimum specs on the latest version of Windows in the interests of making sure that manufacturers make their Windows-based computers competitive with Macs; it sets the minimum specs to make sure Windows runs on as many computers out of the box as possible.For Windows Phone 7, Microsoft had to take the opposite approach. The only way to stay competitive with the likes of Apple and Google in the mobile operating system market was to make sure that the WP7 experience was just as cohesive and immersive as Android or iOS. That meant clamping down on the OEMs and making demands: either make your smartphones with this minimum spec, or shop around for another operating system.AdChoices广告So far, that strategy’s worked out pretty well for Microsoft, but smartphone hardware changes, and when you set your specs to make sure the hardware your operating system is running on is competitive with the competition, you’ll need to bump them occasionally. And in fact, that’s exactly what Microsoft has just done, unveiling the updated specifications for Windows Phone 7 handset’s chassis design.The big difference is the processor. Currently, all WP7 smartphones on the market are running the Qualcomm MSM8x50 Snapdragon processor, which is a 1GHz affair boasting Adreno 200 graphics. Microsoft just upped the ante to remain competitive with the likes of Apple‘s A5: the new spec requires a minimum Qualcomm’s MSM8x55, which also upgrades the graphics to an Adreno 205 GPU.It’s a small change, but as cores multiply, WP7’s changed chassis specs indicate a hard truth of the competitive smartphone market: with Apple in the game, nothing less than the best will do.Read more at Engadgetlast_img

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