first_imgAn entire generation of film and science-fiction have trained us to believe that there’s no way to survive a direct nuclear attack on a major American city, at least without holing up in a nuclear bunker. But maybe it’s not as dire as all that: the government’s now saying that even a nuclear attack on a major city could be a lot more survivable than you’d think.According to the New York Times, the Obama administration has commissioned a study on emergency protocols in the aftermath of a direct nuclear attack… and that the actual fatality estimates aren’t nearly as bad as people feared. In fact, the Obama Administration wants to make sure that people know how to react in a nuclear attack, because if people keep their heads, the fatalities will be mininal.According to an anonymous source speaking to the New York Times, assuming you’re not caught in the blast of a nuke, the attacks are “more survivable than most people think. The key is avoiding nuclear fallout.”How? Well, one simple way is simply to stay in your car for several hours, which they think will reduce fatalities up to 50%. Basements are even safer. Using Los Angeles as the example, 285,000 people would die of nuclear fallout if they didn’t take shelter, while — if people take shelter in a car — only 125,000 would die. If people hid in their basement, only 45,000 would die.Sure, that’s of fallout, not nuclear obliteration, but it does indicate that if you’re outside the blast zone, “duck and cover” might well work after all.Read more at New York Times (via Gizmodo)last_img

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