first_imgLittle known fact about German street thugs–they’re not like the rapscallions of other nations. As it turns out, they’re big ol’ nerds who only victimize those who fall behind on today’s ultra-transparent information autobahn. Recently, Deutchland officials voiced privacy concerns about the Street View feature of Google Maps which offers a ground level, 360-degree photo from nearly any vantage point along any street. In a concession, Google offered to blur out the residences of any Germans who wanted to opt-out of the feature.Sounds like a fair balance right?Not according to one group of geeky gangstas. An unidentified person or persons went around the city of Essen throwing eggs at homes that appeared obscured in Google Maps. They then proceeded to leave notes outside the properties proclaiming “Google’s cool” in English.Google’s official stance on the nerdiest form of vandalism that has ever been committed: “We respect people’s decision to opt out and by no means consider this to be acceptable behavior.” No word on if there have been any threats against those who maintain aol email accounts or people who still “RT” things on Twitter instead of using the embedded re-tweet feature.via popscilast_img

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