first_img1. It doesn’t stop you getting outdoors Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos2. It’s a great showcase for your artistic skills Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos3. It can be a great way to explore shared interests as a couple Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos4. It’s YOUR time. Take the opportunity to be honest about your feelings! Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos5. Or just, you know, make the most of your new body Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos6. Did we mention the artistic possibilities? Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos7. It’s a great chance for your partner to really get involved in caring Source: Awkwardfamilyphotos8. Or just… photobombing. Source: AwkwardfamilyphotosOkay, just to be clear: we know pregnancy is actually a long way from being a blast. We know it’s difficult and tiring and at times painful. But hopefully these amusingly awkward photos will help anyone out there going through it. And wishing all of those people the very best of luck from!9 essential lessons from the world’s worst holiday photos>11 signs you grew up in a big family>last_img

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