CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Businesses on 17th Avenue were joyous when it was announced the city will pause construction along the busy road for the Flames playoff run.Owner of Trolley 5, Ernie Tsu, said it was hard to get people into his bar during construction.“Business during the construction was obviously tough, tough for all businesses, it slowed things down quite a bit but now the sun is back out, Flames are poised for a deep run so things are looking up,” said Tsu.Mike Pigot from Home and Away is thrilled the construction will be hauled.“Not having construction during the playoffs is a huge thing for us, we want people to be able to come down here and celebrate and enjoy the Red Mile as much as possible, so not having any roadblocks or construction makes a world of difference,” said Pigot.Bar owners are now hoping they can cash in and Tsu feels having the Flames in the playoffs is going to make for a great celebration.“I think it’s obviously going to help our business, we are already quite full for all of the Flames games, but for the whole avenue to be busy again and the Red Mile, it benefits everybody.”

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