Rabat – Algeria’s denial tour continues, as the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeatedly denies its responsibility in the Polisario-Hezbollah collusion.In the last few weeks, Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been pointing fingers at its eastern neighbor after its decision to cut ties with Iran over the “proven” support of Hezbollah for the Polisario Front.Last week, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita accused Algeria of directly supporting Hezbollah-Polisario collusion. Bourita, in an interview with Jeune Afrique, said Algeria has backed the collusion by “giving an opening, backing, and operational support.”“Some meetings between the Polisario and Hezbollah were held in a secret Algiers hideout, ” he added,Bourita also presented Tehran with a detailed document containing evidence of the country’s collusion.Spokesperson for the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdelaziz Benali Cherif underplayed Algeria’s role in the ongoing tension, saying “instead of producing the ‘irrefutable’ proof that he claims to hold, the Moroccan minister has chosen the track of mystification and fabrication.”Quoted by French news agency AFP, Cherif added that Algeria “wishes to express its strong condemnation and total rejection of the irresponsible remarks made against it.”The Algerian official called Morocco’s accusations “unfounded and unjustified,” describing Morocco’s stance as a “virulent campaign” against Algeria.Algeria and Iran have continued to deny their involvement.  However, Bourita stated that Morocco “would not have bothered to submit a file to Tehran if its [evidence] was not solid.”“The file was carefully prepared, for weeks, on the basis of information collected and cross-checked over several months,” said Bourita, adding that the document summarizes “proven and precise facts: dates of visits by senior officers of Hezbollah in Algeria, dates and venues of meetings with Polisario officials, and a list of names of agents involved in these contacts.”The file presented to Tehran includes the names of officials who traveled to Tindouf camps to meet the Polisario Front and to oversee training sessions.According to Bourita, the list includes: Haidar Sobhi Habib, chief of Hezbollah’s external operations; Ali Moussa Dakdouk, military advisor to Hezbollah; and Haj Abou Wael Zalzali, head of military training and logistics.Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already made its stance clear on Algeria’s denial. On May 3, the ministry dismissed Algeria’s attempt to distance itself, asserting that it “understands Algeria’s embarrassment,” especially regarding the evidence that Morocco demonstrated to show the connection between the parties.

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