first_imgYeah, the season of wearing cute crop tops, bralets, and loose and flowy tanks are fast approaching BUT with all of these comes summer and that means sweat. And boob sweat. Which is gross, and embarrassing to say the least!via GIPHYAlmost all girls, and especially those with large breasts, are well aware of the struggle of dealing with under-boob sweat on a hot summer day or while working out in the gym.It’s not only gross and uncomfortable, it can also make you suffer from the humiliation of the stain that peeks through your T-shirt.Sure, everyone sweats, but do you really want to be a walking advertisement for that?Also read: Do you sweat profusely? This is how you can control body odour Luckily, there are some solutions to this problem. Without spending too much money or experimenting with clothes, here are some easy fixes that may work for you.We are sure that at least one of the below options will help keep your bra dry this summer.Talcum powder: There’s a reason why baby powder is dusted on a baby’s bum. Because wearing diapers regularly gives them rashes and irritation which is more or less similar to under-boob sweat. Hint: Apply talcum powder under your breasts after you shower every day. It’ll help absorb the sweat.Bra liners: These are made of absorbent material and you can easily tuck them into your bra. It’s basically a piece of tissue or a cloth, which usually comes in a shape of a triangle and helps absorbs the sweat your boobs are producing. They will keep your undergarments and shirt sweat-free, saving you from the humiliation of a sweat patch. They look pretty much like breast pads used during lactation.Antiperspirants. Yes! they can be used in that area too. But keep this option open only for emergencies. Although many studies have refuted that antiperspirant are linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer, many women still have concerns about the same.Use Argan oil: Using essential oils is one of the best ways to prevent breast sweat in the first place. Argan oil has been known to be a bit of a miracle solution. Apply a few drops on your boobs and they will no longer smell sweaty, get irritated by the heat, or leave marks.Black: Wear black. Yes. Sometimes it’s so hot outside that sweat is just inevitable the whole day. On those days, stick to darker colours or bold crazy patterns. If your sweat stains do start to show through, you won’t be able to see them as easily on a black shirt. advertisementlast_img

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