first_imgThe Tara Tarini hill shrine would be made completely polythene-free during the annual Chaitra festival celebrated on Tuesdays of the Hindu month of Chaitra.This year the festival would be celebrated at the famous hill shrine on five Tuesdays that fall on March 14, 21, 28 as well as April 4 and 11.Thousands of devotees are expected to throng the hill shrine on these days. Cleaning up of the hill shrine ahead of the Chaitra festival was formally started on Wednesday.Cleaning up startedSenior officials of administration, including the district collector and authorities of the Tara Tarini Development Board (TTDB), took part in the cleaning process.Cleaning of the hill shrine was started from the foothill and in the coming days the whole hill is expected to be cleaned up.TTDB secretary Pramod Panda said it has been decided to make the hill shrine completely polythene-free during the festival.All shops at the foothill and the hilltop have been informed about the perils of polythene use. All visitors to the hill shrine would also be requested to refrain from throwing polythene bags and other non-biodegradable materials in the hill shrine region. The local tehsildar has been tasked to ensure minimal use of polythene at the hill shrine.To avoid traffic jamDuring Tuesdays of the Chaitra festival, ten buses would be provided by TTDB for transportation of devotees to the hilltop through the ghat road. Ticket for the to-and-fro journey would be ₹ 50 per passenger. Except for these buses and a few vehicles used for official purposes, no other vehicle would be allowed to travel to the hilltop.This is being done to avoid traffic congestion on the ghat road during the festival days. A ropeway and traditional steps also lead to the top of the hill shrine.It has also been decided that the irrigation department would release some water from the barrages in the Surada area so that the Rushikulya river at the foothill contains adequate water for the bathing of the devotees on Tuesdays of the Chaitra festival.On these days, three temporary medical centres would be opened at Tara Tarini.last_img

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