first_imgThe argument keeps going on debating who is the best shooter ever to play pro basketball.  Most of the experts agree that Larry Bird has the stats to back it up.  He played 13 years for the Boston Celtics.  During that time he shot .496 from the 2-point range and .376 from 3.  His average for the 13-year career was 24.3 points per game.  Several other players have beat one or the other of these stats, but none of them have done it for as long as Bird did.Stephen Curry, Chris Mullins, and Kevin Durant are the names that people bring up when they think they have people who were better shooters than Bird.  Mullins had a great career and shot better from the 3-point range, but he did not match up to Bird in all 3 categories.  Curry and Durant have not played long enough to merit the title.Old timers will still say Oscar Robertson was the best.  They bring up the fact that Oscar averaged a triple-double (ppg, rpg, and apg) for his career.  Those who say Bird is still the best argue that Oscar was not a 3-point shooter.  Here are the stats (provided by the Indy Star), now you make up your mind!last_img

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