first_imgITB IN FIGURES10.000 exhibitors from 180 countries, from 5 continents. 109.000 registered business visitors-customers. 150.000 visitors in total. 28.000 congress participants, 1.000 accredited journalists. The congress is attended by 430 speakers. 50% of them belong to top management, 50% of speakers come from outside Germany.This year’s main partner of ITB is Meckemburg – Vorpommern, a German region whose name we will soon learn to pronounce. Which is due to the growing number of our catering employees who earn their living here, which is due to the fact that this region is our biggest competitor in attracting tourists from the north of Germany.The partner of the ITB Congress is the magnificent Zambia, perhaps best known for its Victoria Falls but a country whose other beauties are being discovered by more and more tourists from all over the world. Tourism has completely come out of some previous, common cliché. There is almost no country in the world that does not want to attract tourists. There are no longer regions and cities in Germany that do not declare themselves as tourist destinations. Everything is tourism, tourism is everywhere.CHINAChina is a special story. When you experience a presentation of a Chinese OTA platform you have never heard of, which: employs 33.000 people, has 8.000 engineers (4 times more than, has 300 million users, has the latest digital technology, cooperates with all banks in China, has a network of 6.500 offices across China, which sold the 20 most expensive package deals worth $ 200.000 in 17 seconds… you are left speechless.I will write about global tourism trends in 2017 on another occasion, now only the fact that in the first survey on “overtourism” Mexico city “jumped out” in the first place and that Barcelona is not even among the 10 most problematic…TURKEY AND FAMILY ACCOMMODATIONTurkey is turning to the development of family micro-entrepreneurs in tourism and puts its (too) rich cultural heritage in the first place. By that, by their own admission, they were famous 40 years ago. Then the development of tourism moved in a different direction.If you think that the “Turks are fantasizing”, wait a few more lines, and you will understand what is happening. is strengthening the family accommodation segment. Currently, every third inquiry in the world refers to this category of accommodation. Booking started its story with hotel accommodation to gradually take on more and more family accommodation. Launched exactly 10 years ago, Airbnb based its business model on family accommodation only. Since then, they have “accommodated” 400 million passengers and now have a capacity of 4,5 million accommodation facilities. Their new strategy is a story unto itself. I will discuss this in a special way at one of the next lectures when I see you. Now I will just say: quality clubs, segmentation, specialization.NEW LUXURY, HIDDEN LUXURYThe luxury segment has completely changed its “shop window”. “Golden tubs”, “crystal chandeliers”, stiff butlers are no longer synonymous with luxury. This is now called luxury. Luxury has changed its “physical state” into intangible values. The new slogan of luxury is “Luxury is everything that money cannot buy”. We will discuss this topic in the coming weeks on the blog.SPAIN AND TOURISMOPHOBIASpain is increasingly moving towards a problematic situation. When it comes to tourism, a chaotic atmosphere is emerging. “Turismophobia” occurs. Society is polarized around the issue of family accommodation regulation. The kingdom, 17 regions, a dozen big cities, all have only part of the regulation. Complete regulatory anarchy ensued. The result: according to Spanish colleagues, there are about 125.000 accommodation facilities on the market legally and as many as one million accommodation facilities in private houses and apartments illegally. More about this through the EHHA initiative in the next sequels to the blog.MUSLIMTRAVEL MARKETThe Muslim market, like the Chinese, is a bigger unknown to us than we think. In the Muslim population that makes up 35% of humanity, as many as 60% of the population is under 30 years of age. In 2016, Muslims made 121 million trips. Predictions say there will be 2020 million in 158. Specialists for the “Muslimtravel market” give useful advice to companies, especially hoteliers, who turn to this market. The potential is great, the requirements specific, among the most important is ensuring a high degree of privacy for families traveling, for example. Of course halal food is a basic requirement.BEACH INSPECTOR AND BIG DATAIn case you didn’t know, among the numerous platforms that are constantly evolving, one called “Beach-Inspector” aroused great user interest. Their people have so far surveyed and rated 1.595 of the most visited beaches around the world. They continue to expand, collect data “on the spot”, give recommendations, assess advice… In Croatia, so far they have processed 41 beaches in 11 destinations. Some are recommended for relaxation, some for families, some for both… The quality of the offer of deck chairs, facilities for families, water sports, land sports is evaluated, other useful information is given as well as photo + video material.It seems to me that others know more about our offer than we do. Today, everything revolves around the “big data” system. Large databases allow quick views on all possible parameters. This is far more than our scanty and inaccurate statistical reports.The ITB was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, the deals were concluded, the knowledge was presented. We have materials to discuss for the next year until the new ITB.Published by:  Nedo Pinezićlast_img

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