first_imgOn Thursday night, during Jimmy Kimmel‘s show-opening monologue, the late-night TV host was interrupted by the sound of a sputtering engine trying to start. The source of that sound? A just-off-camera Jack Black and Kyle Gass—a.k.a. Tenacious D—trying to start a motorcycle while dressed in Mad Max-style attire.When Kimmel approached the comedic musical duo—Jack on the bike and Kyle “riding” along in a sidecar packing a t-shirt cannon with a burrito locked and loaded inside—Black apologized to Jimmy. “I’m so sorry, Jimmy. We wanted to have this whole badass entrance where we were gonna rip out on this war machine, Kyle was gonna blast a burrito cannon, but this damn thing…” joked Jack Black, yanking at the handle bars.Black went on to announce that they would be playing a concert at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio to promote the launch of their new animated series, Post-Apocalypto, now playing on YouTube. However, Jimmy quickly cut him off, letting him know that T.I. was actually scheduled to perform tonight, not Tenacious D. The faux-confused host went on to ask about the aforementioned burrito cannon, to which the always-animated Black responded, “Because we ride or die, that’s why!”While they weren’t actually scheduled to play last night, we can expect Tenacious D to return to Jimmy Kimmel Live! before too long. Just before they stormed off the set, Jimmy noted, “I’ll see you in, like, six weeks.” Watch the amusing cameo below:Tenacious D Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue[Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live]While we wait for Tenacious D’s actual performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you can watch Chapter 1 of Tenacious D’s Post-Apocalypto now below:Tenacious D – Post-Apocalypto – Chapter 1 (Hope)[Video: Tenacious D]This is not the first notable music/comedy cameo Jimmy Kimmel has welcomed this week. On Tuesday night, Kimmel welcomed Snoop Dogg for a new installation of their long-running segment “Plizzanet Earth,” in which Snoop narrated a nature film of a bat squaring off with a scorpion.[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img

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