ALP resolute on Cyprus and FYROM

first_imgThe Australian Labor Party took the opportunity to reconfirm its position on the Cyprus situation at last week’s annual party conference. A motion moved by Federal MP Steve Georganas and seconded by Amanda Fazio MLC (NSW) was passed en bloc without debate, confirming that “Labor will work to facilitate a just settlement of the Cyprus problem, based on UN resolutions respecting sovereignty, independence and the territorial integrity of Cyprus, and resulting in the demilitarisation and reunification of the island for the benefit of its entire people.” Following the conference, Steve Georganas told Neos Kosmos that the resolution continued a long-standing tradition of the ALP conference to reaffirm its commitment to resolving the Cyprus issue with the United Nations. “It’s more of the same, but it sends a very strong message, said the Member for Hindmarsh. “It’s been part of the ALP national conference since the 1960s to clearly state the party’s position on resolving the issue under the auspices of the UN.” Mr Georganas confirmed that in relation to FYROM, no draft resolutions were moved, and that to his knowledge, no discussion on the ALP’s position on FYROM took place at the conference. In the week that saw the International Court of Justice ruling against Greece for breaking its obligations under the 1995 Interim Accord with FYROM, Mr Georganas told Neos Kosmos that Foreign Minister Rudd’s comments made last month in Adelaide reinforced the ALP and the Australian Government’s continuing position in regard to the ongoing dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Asked to confirm Australia’s position on the naming issue, Mr Rudd said at the Adelaide Foreign Aid Forum that “the Government’s position is that Australia only recognises the name ‘FYROM’ and added that Australia’s position on the issue “would remain until a naming solution is found and agreeable with FYROM and Greece”. Asked to comment on reports of some Australian state politicians promoting Skopje’s position on FYROM’s dispute with Greece, Mr Georganas said: “Members of state parliaments can do what they want, they can jump up and down, but the reality is, if a decision is made on this issue it will be made by the Federal Government and the Foreign Affairs Minister. “The Labor party’s position on FYROM is the same as the governments position, and is Australia’s consistent position.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more