Quebec to ramp up inspections of homes for elderly after 31 die in Montreal facility

first_img“[Health officials] didn’t know before Friday night that there were 31 deaths,” Legault told reporters on Monday. “We knew that there were a few deaths, but surely not 31.”Only five deaths are confirmed to have been caused by COVID-19, with the rest under investigation.Legault blamed the situation on “major negligence” over the weekend and said the facility’s management had not cooperated when authorities first tried to probe reports of problems.”I think that what happened in the month of March was that suddenly many of their residents got the COVID-19, many of the employees decided to leave,” he said. The Quebec government on Monday said it was putting the safety and general conditions of the province’s 2,600 long-term care and nursing home facilities under the microscope following the deaths of 31 people in a single home for the elderly since March 13.Police and the coroner’s office are investigating the deaths at the Residence Herron, a 139-unit home in Montreal, which has been put under provincial control.Quebec Premier François Legault said health officials had only been informed that the nursing home had a shortage of staff, but not that dozens of residents had died. Topics :center_img The residence is located on Montreal’s West Island and is owned and operated by Katasa Group, which owns six other retirement homes. The home charges up to C$10,000 a month for each resident, according to the Montreal Gazette.The private nursing home touts itself as having “an enviable reputation in the field of residences for retirees in need of special care,” according to its website. The Katasa Group was not immediately available for comment.Legault said three investigations are underway into the home, with issues previously raised in government reports in 2019 and 2017.He said staff shortages in Quebec’s long-term care facilities had been a problem before the coronavirus crisis, adding that the government planned to deploy more medical staff to help out with long-term care facilities in the province.Quebec has offered temporary bonuses, including 8% raises for workers who are in direct contact with patients, and an increase in hourly wages for private home orderlies.More than half the total deaths from coronavirus in Canada have occurred in Quebec, the second most populous of 10 provinces.About 60% of Quebec deaths have been in either seniors’ homes or long-term care facilities and a quarter of the province’s nursing homes have at least one confirmed case, according to provincial data. last_img read more

ORVC Weekly Report (September 21 – 26)

first_imgORVC Weekly Report Summary (September 21 – 26)Players of the Week.Volleyball:  Kinley Morton Switzerland CountyEllen Frede-Shawe MemorialGirls Cross Country:  Megan Cole-South RipleyWhitney Schirmer-Switzerland CountyBoys Cross Country:  Zach Martini-Rising SunRodney Dobbs-Jac-Cen-DelBoys Soccer:  Edi Tovar-SouthwesternGirls Soccer:  Taylor Cole-SouthwesternORVC Report (September 21-26)Courtesy of ORVC Recorder-Travis Calvert.last_img

Jarvis makes push to play on Sundays

first_imgBut he still maintains hope that there will be an opportunity for him to take to the gridiron on Sundays.“It’s easy to get deterred or discouraged whenever you’re doubted so heavily,” Jarvis said. “(NFL scouts) have said I’m too small and that I’ve suffered too many injuries. And I understand that it’s a business, so I have to keep striving.”After being one of the top players in the WPIAL, Jarvis took his talents to Kent State, where he was an All-Mid American Conference (MAC) performer in two separate seasons.Still, Jarvis has a long list of skeptics that doubt his value to the league.Joe Butler has evaluated high school and college talent, nationally, for the past 35 years. He currently looks at these players for a local NFL agent that he’d like to remain nameless.“I do not think (Jarvis’) name will be called at this year’s draft,” Butler said. “Do I think he has a chance to get to a camp? Yes. And do I think he’s got a shot to impress when he gets there? Absolutely.”Jarvis amassed over 3,700 rushing yards over his four-year collegiate career, which is good for third all-time in Kent State history. That is one spot ahead of current Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Joshua Cribbs and was good for second place amongst all active career rushers in major college football.In addition to his accomplishments on the field, he graduated from the University with a degree in Sports Management.“There were many obstacles that I had to get around to get to this point,” Jarvis mentioned.One of those was before the 2009 regular season when Jarvis suffered a season ending injury when he lacerated a rib against Boston College. Due to that he had to take a medical redshirt, but was granted a 6th year in the 2010-11 season.“Fighting all the injuries was definitely tough both mentally and physically,” he said. “It was really beginning to take a toll on me.”It has been a climb for Jarvis since being named an All-American team honorable mention (which was the same season he earned a spot on the All-MAC conference first team). That season, he rushed for 1,669 yards on 279 attempts.That year, he led the MAC in rushing yards per game with a 139.1 average, which also ranked fifth, nationally.“My sophomore season was amazing,” Jarvis said. “I had a tremendous amount of success executing plays when they were called and my offensive line did the same thing. It was a great time in my career.”After playing runningback his whole career, Jarvis moved on to the pass-happy Canadian Football League where, despite his size, he entered the Montreal Alouette’s camp as a slot receiver; a move that wasn’t unfathomable due to his success in college catching the ball. During that sophomore season, he caught 23 passes and led the team with 309 receiving yards.“They knew what kind of athlete I was,” he said. “And they knew I was going to take the opportunity head on and make the best of it.”He was cut before the beginning of the regular season, but the 175-pound running back is currently preparing for this year’s NFL draft that will take place in New York on Apr 26.“He has shown much resilience to be healthy and ready to cease an opportunity on a pro roster,” said Brandon Westbrook a close friend to Jarvis. “At the end of the day he has proven his worth on the field as a leader and record breaking running back, each and every chance he has had. The next team to take that chance will reap the rewards.”The New York based Westbrook is a Pittsburgh native and is the founder of Westbrook & Company, which is the marketing and management consultancy that will see Jarvis through his pursuit of the NFL. HOPING TO GO PRO—Eugene Jarvis, a four-year letterman at Kent State and former Central Catholic runningback carries the ball during a game. (Photo courtesy of Kent State athletics) by Malik VincentLike so many from the area, former Central Catholic and Kent State running back Eugene Jarvis is making a push to play football, professionally.Sure, he stands at a very compact 5-foot-6. And yes, Jarvis has battled injury all throughout his career as a Golden Flash.last_img read more

Animal Fire Theatre Presents Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

first_imgFacebook17Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Animal Fire TheaterAnimal Fire Theatre is proud to announce that our 2013 Shakespeare in the Park production will be Julius Caesar.In a time when politics often become personal and political figures are alternatively traitors or heroes, Julius Caesar remains a relevant exploration of political power and struggle.  This production provides a raw look at the show and reveals how personal revenge and political rhetoric are so frequently intertwined.  We invite you to see this timeless piece of political tragedy staged only footsteps away from our own Capitol Building. “How many ages hence shall this our lofty scene be acted over in states unborn and accents yet unknown!”AFT welcomes guest director Jenny Greenlee and is thrilled to present this powerful take on an ageless story of political and personal power. Performances are scheduled to run for three weekends. The dates are Thursdays through Sundays, July 18-21, 25-28 and August 1-5. All performances will be at 6:30 P.M. This year we will be performing on the Capitol Campus, in the Water Garden on the East side of the campus near the Korean War Memorial. All performances will be free to the public. We recommend that audience members bring a cushion or folding chair for their comfort. Information about how to park for free, how to use Intercity Transit’s Dash Shuttle and our weather policy will be available on our website: Fire Theatre is a fierce, energetic company in it’s forth year of production, whose mission is the staging of classical texts in rough, raw, and modern ways to bring out the true heart of the story. Developed by Austen Anderson and continued by Scott Douglas, Brian Hatcher and Kate Arvin, Animal Fire Theatre explores the breadth of human instinct and impulses in order to deeply explore self and character. To find these impulses AFT members employ a number of non-traditional rehearsal methods to heighten their physical and emotional awareness, including an exercise where each actor embodies, portrays, and interacts with the other actors as an animal in order to connect to their character’s motivations. This wild method of rehearsal often draws curious passerby’s to investigate the source of the strange growls, howls, barks, grunts, and roars emanating from our rehearsals in Olympia’s parks. Yet audience and actor agree, the process creates a powerful energy that makes each AFT production captivating and memorable.For more information or press images, please contact:Kate Arvin, Production ManagerPhone: (360) 296-5714Email: [email protected]last_img read more

Fitness Ablaze: Fat Loss 101

first_imgFacebook40Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Fitness Ablaze Here at Fitness Ablaze the most common goal mentioned is achieving fat loss. People want to lose fat, gain lean muscle, which will ultimately make them look and feel better. We are always excited to help each individual who begins one of our programs. Sometimes the first step is educating individuals about the most effective and efficient methods to achieving fat loss. I will be explaining these methods below. Here is the order people should follow if their goal is fat loss.NutritionSee #1 – it’s that importantTIED: Metabolic Acceleration Resistance Training & Strength TrainingHigh Intensity Anaerobic Interval TrainingHigh Intensity Aerobic TrainingLow Intensity Aerobic TrainingNow the order you should apply each training method based on how much time you have to train (nutrition is a given)If you only have 3-4 hours per week- only use #3If you have 4-6 hours- use #1 and #2If you have 6-8 hours available- add #3If you have more than that available- add #4Strength Training is a method of training for burning fat not because of the calories burned during the actual workout but because of what it does to the body. When we challenge our muscles (active tissue in the body) to work hard in a strength-training program then you will increase your metabolism over a longer period of time. The amount of energy that it takes to recover from these sessions will increase your metabolism over a longer period of time. The amount of energy that it takes to recover from these sessions will spur an increase in caloric expenditure and also give you a hormone response that allows you to handle carbs better and burn fat.This includes heavy lifting and most likely total body two to three days per week to get maximal resultsNow before you freak out realize that heavy lifting is relative. If you are a beginner and just starting then you aren’t expected to break any world records in the squat and deadlift on your first day, but you should be performing some variation of those lifts with weights and in rep ranges that challenge you.Here are two Basic sample days:Day 11A) Plank Variation 2x30s1B) V-ups 2x30secNo rest between exercise and 30s rest after each super set2A) Squat Variation ( Goblet, Front, Back) 4×8-12repetitions2b) Push Up Variation 4×8-12repetitionsMinimal rest between sets and 60s rest between super setsStong(HER) women from Fitness Ablaze Training Center complete deadlifts and chinups during small group training.3A) Single leg movement (split squat, lunge, step up) 3×12-153B) Pulling Exercise (row, pull up, etc) 3×12-15Minimal rest between sets and 60s rest between super setsDay 21A) Side Plank Variation 3x30sNo rest move from side to side until you finish2A) Deadlift Variation ( RDL, KB DL, BB DL, TB DL) 4×8-122B) Rowing Variation (DB row, Band row, inverted row) 4×8-12Minimal rest between sets and 60s rest between super sets3A) Single Leg Variation (Rev Lunge, SL RDL, Skater Squat) 3×12-153B) Push Up Variation 3x 15-203C) Mountain Climber or Bear Crawl 2x30sMinimal rest between sets and 60s between super setsYou can alternate these training sessions for either 2 days per week or 3 days per week taking one day off rest and recovery in between and get great results.  Guys should stick to lower rep ranges for the lifts and the ladies should work towards the higher rep ranges (to begin with). The goal is to challenge yourself during the workout with weights that are heavy enough to cause you to work but never to fail on any lift. You should always feel like you could get 1-2 more reps at the end of your last set.The beauty of this set up is that you can change out exercises every 3-6 weeks to add some variety and constantly challenge your body. However, don’t change them more frequently than that. For 3-6 weeks attempt to lift a heavier weight or more reps each time you do the workout. So if on day 1 you did a 40lbs goblet squatter for 10reps the next time you perform that workout you will want to either do more reps or do more weight for the same number of reps.That is strength training made simple.Metabolic Acceleration Resistance TrainingMetabolic acceleration resistance training is ideally the second program I would prescribe people to incorporate (strength training first) because you must learn the basic technique of the foundational lifts and/or movements (squat, lunge, bend, push , pull, twist, single leg stance) to ensure you are capable of completing the exercises and decrease any chances of injury.  We still focus on strength. The goal isn’t to push lightweights around until you sweat and “feel the burn”. The goal is to use short rest periods and setting up exercises in alternating fashion to create a big time metabolic disturbance. Basically, short rest with big movements= a higher metabolism.There are two simple ways to set this up. The first involves working with basic strength movements and having short rest between your sets or you can work directly off of time.ExamplesDay 11A) KB Swing x15Rest 15-20s1B) Push ups x12Rest 15-20s1C) Alternating Reverse Lunge x8/legRest 15-20s1D) DB Single Arm Row x12 each armRest  15-20s1E) Burpee x10-15Rest 15-20s1F) Plank to Push Up x10-15Rest 60-120sYou would then repeat this 2-3 times (3-4 rounds total)Day 21A) KB or DB Goblet Squat 40sRest 20s1B) TRX Row 40sRest 20s1C) Split Jumps 40sRest 20s1D) DB Push Press 40sRest 20s1E) Mt Climbers 40sRest 60-120s and repeat this 2-3 more times (3-4 rounds total)You can alternate between these two workouts for a month and then change the exercises. Make sure you include rest day between the workouts.High Intensity Anaerobic Interval Training would include such training sequences such as sprints, kb swings, bike sprints, hill sprints, and other high intensity interval training sequences.High Intensity Aerobic Training– higher intensity jogging, biking, etcLow Intensity Aerobic Training– slower paced jogging, walking, biking, etc…I am assuming the majority of people start backwards when their goal is fat loss. They will start with low intensity aerobic training, progress to high intensity aerobic training, then to high intensity anaerobic interval training, and finally incorporate strength training and metabolic resistance training. If you haven’t achieved your fat loss goals give the above methods a try, it may just be what you are missing to take your fitness to the next level.last_img read more